April 8, 2020
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1,2,3 Hello~ Today, I’m going to talk about the advantage of Active in the U.S. Army What are the benefits of the Active? I think there’s a health insurance If you get a health insurance from other company, you have to pay monthly to keep it If you are Active soldier, it’s all free It doesn’t cost things like medication, check-up, and sergery I think it’s important to have a health insurance, because you probably went to see doctor once in your life And it costs a looottt But if you are Active, you will see a doctor or go to hospital anytime you need Also, the health insurance covers dental too. Isn’t it? Yas~ Yas~ Yes, Army health insurance also covers dental too In civilian world, you can get dental insurance too, but it can cost more than just regular health insurance. However, Army covers dental no matter what without any cost I heard you need to use your sick leave when you are sick, but how does it work in the Army? Is it same? The Army has sick-call instead of sick leave So you don’t have to use your sick leave to get check-up or treatment. That’s really good benefit Whenever you are sick, you can ask your supervisor and let him or her know that you need to go to sick-call. Also, what are other benefits? I think another benefit is leave We get paid-leave and the good thing about this is you can put on leave anytime you want if you have nothing important going on in work I heard if you use leave in other civilian company, you get heavy workload when you come back Also you have to walk on eggshells around your supervisor If you are Active in the Army, you don’t have to really care about that much of those stresses Is leave paid-leave? Yes you will get 30 paid-leave every year, which 2.5 days per every month Also, you can save up to 60 days Can you use leave more than 30 days in a row? Yes, of course. You can use 30 days leave at once if you want to So you can travel around the world or get a good amount of rest at home Also, there’s a pass in the Army The good thing about pass is, you can have a day off or two Without using leave right? Yes, you can use pass if you have a certain reason why you need to get a day off. In Korea, it’s called, “reward vacation” Wow it’s really good The Army gets more leaves and passes So where do you guys go for a vacation using leave? I’m going to LA to see my family Sometimes, I go abroad too Where have you been? Hmm… Japan? Yas~ Long time ago! He went to Japan before this (trade war and not a good relationship) happens How about you? I went to Thailand and when I stationed in Korea, I came to U.S. for travel As you travel, you will go to airport often. What are the benefits in the airport for Active Army soldier? Oh yeah. What kind of benefit is there? So the benefit you can get from the airport is Check in for luggage I usually bring 2-3 carriers with me Don’t you pay for those carriers though? No, usually a lot of airlines gives an offer for soldiers to send 2 luggage for free So you can send two big carriers and board a flight without any heavy bags I think that’s really good benefit Also, there’s a placed called, “USO.” Yes, USO is a place for military personnel to get a rest You can get rest, watch TV, get food, and take a shower Also, a lot of people don’t know about this. You can have TSA PRE TSA PRE is for people who are determined as a low-risk level by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) If you don’t have TSA PRE, you have to take off shoes, jacket, and hat. But if you have TSA PRE, you can just pass the security without taking off clothing stuff Also, You don’t need to take out the laptop. Ah yeah To go through the security check, you need to take out all the electronic devices But TSA PRE do not need to do this too Active military personnel can board a flight faster than other people Usually, you line up before boarding the flight Then the airport staff’s going to call Active military personnel to board the flight first Just show your I.D. and you will be able to board the flight first So it’s not too crowded when you put your stuff into the cabinet or find your seat To be continued in the next video I went to Hawaii for AIT It has been 14 years…. Wow… he’s really old.. Bye~!

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