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10+ Surprising Facts About Belgium Army

In my last two videos about Belgium I’ve not only looked at the great things about the country and learned some interesting facts about it But I’ve also looked at how powerful this country is in terms of military and to dive further into understanding the defensive Capabilities of Belgium we look at one of the oldest main Components of the entire Armed Forces and that is the land component known strictly as the army what’s going on guys? Welcome to FTD Facts My name is Dave Walpole and welcome to channel where I look at people cultures and places and yeah Of course military’s from all around the world now. It’s first time here and you like learn about militaries. Boom You want to hit that subscribe button because that’s what I do here on top of that me I’m just I’m really excited to talk about Belgium and its actual army because for me looked at a lot of different armies from Europe and Belgium It’s kind of a new one on the block. They’ve only been around since like 1830 So just cuz they don’t have a lot of history doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing and I’m excited to learn about that So with that in mind guys, let’s break down the facts and let’s get right into talking about these guys So like I said the Belgium army, it’s been around not for a long time officially beginning in October of 1830 Now you may be wondering your subsequent. Whoa, wait Dave, man Why are they why are they so late and some of you guys from Belgium made me go whoa, Dave No, man, that’s not true. They’ve been around for a much longer time before that That is true As a matter of fact, the area of Belgium has had an army and Armed Forces for quite a long time But the actual country itself Belgium didn’t come around till like 1830 and that is when they got their very own Army, now theoretically the army itself has two names which is known as the land component, which is more common in the Dutch tongue But for the French Willona inside, they also call it composit ter, and I’m not gonna lie guys I don’t know if that really screwed up my French I am Canadian and we’re supposed to have french-canadian and that’s how we would say. It called pissant ter. Hopefully, that’s right I don’t know if that’s how they say it in Wallonia But however before 1945 the Belgium army was strictly known as the Belgium army And it wasn’t until after that it got the renamed to land component so for this video I’m gonna dive into some of the history because I’m not just gonna look at what the Army is like today because we’ve got to Understand where they came from to understand what they’re all about today. And with that we’re going boom all the way back to 1830 guys the beginning of Belgium hmm because the first real major land force unit was the Belgian paramilitary unit known as the guards Civic and Unfortunately this unit existed only until about 1914 when it was demobilized from the German invasion of Belgium However, the group itself was officially round until about 1920 when it became Decommissioned that’s partially due to the fact that they were like this unit did not do good against fighting off the Germans now So we’re gonna rename it and do a whole new unit however Truth be told a Belgian Army had actually existed in the country before and these guys were known as the Belgian Legion and as a matter of fact the Belgian Legion has pretty much a history dating back to at least 1782 in which throughout history, it’s served not only for the French but also the Austrian Netherlands governments however By the years of the 19th and 20th century Belgium had become a very neutral country and because of that the army was classified more as a defensive force rather than a giant Offensive army, and however, I should also mention that around the time of 1830 when it first began They say that there was approximately 20,000 troops that were a part of the army itself but however Let’s be perfectly honest that all changed in 1868 when the army was like, but we need to introduce Conscription and this was majorly due to the fact that Belgium had become involved in what is known as the franco-prussian war And also I should mention that there was a rather famous group in the army of Belgium around this time And that was the Corps expedition air belch or the Belgian Expeditionary Force and these guys believe it or not They served in Mexico but only for a really short amount of time because they were around from 1864 to 1867 in which afterwards they returned home and officially the unit was closed down and Interesting enough to know when it comes to the army of Belgium believe it or not They’ve also been involved in Congo and in 1905 they were also in China which to me I thought was really interesting because it showed that you know Belgium at such a young Time, I mean think about it 1830 and it’s 1905 involved in China It’s been a part of international operations from the get-go. That’s pretty awesome However, their involvement in worldwide operations was about to get a lot bigger because World War one was right around the corner By the way guys before I get into the whole world war one thing and continuing to learn more about what happened in the 20th Century I just wanna let you guys know just so you know, a lot of you guys are probably here You may be from Belgium itself That’s usually what happens in our videos and you guys are wanting to know more about military forces in Belgium Well, first of all guys, I got a really awesome Belgian military playlist it’s all about, you know military in Belgium You guys can click it right here, but don’t leave the video just yet also put it at the end and in the description box below if you want to check it out that being said if you just Want to learn more about Belgium on itself. Maybe you’re from that country. We want to know what’s great about it You can also check this playlist here It’s got some cool videos just about Belgium and what’s good about it But it’s talking about World War one now on the eve of World War one It was said that Belgium had approximately 19 infantry units 10 cavalry units and 8 artillery units however in August of 1914 Germany had invaded Belgium, however Unfortunately for Belgium by the end of that year pretty much Germany had overrun the entire country and hey that country was occupied and it was said during the entire Invasion of World War one there was roughly 600,000 to 750,000 German troops against approximately 115 thousand to 220,000 Belgian troops now after of course World War one had ended Belgium had become its own country yet again and Military was still a very important thing because they didn’t want anything to happen again right after World War 1 and with that in mind by the year of 1926 the army itself had a size of 350,000 troops and by the beginning of World War two following the immediate invasion of Poland the Belgian King mobilized the military resulting in it having a size of 550,000 to 600,000 troops Unfortunately in May of 1940 along with many other countries within Europe Germany pretty much invaded Belgium yet again however not let’s be real Belgium did not stop there just because they were invaded did not mean they did not give up the fight as A matter of fact a lot of units managed to flee the country And start their own groups to continue to fight the Germans with the Allied countries Matter of fact it’s been stated that 163 Belgian troops managed to evacuate in the Dunkirk evacuation Alone, and some of these units for example the first Belgian Infantry Brigade and as well the 10 commando unit and the 5th Special Service which was an airborne troop that was under the British SAS Were units that all had Belgians within them or were completely all of Belgian descent now moving a little bit forward We know World War two came to an end Belgium became its own self governed country again The Germans were gone and the Cold War was just around the corner or actually the Cold War was happening and believe it or not during this time the Belgium land component supplied troops for the defense of West Germany and this mission was given to the first Belgian Corps Within it. There was the 1st Infantry Division and the 16th mechanised division as well But of course nowadays things are a little bit different. You don’t have the Cold War anymore So let’s talk about today’s forces, which may be a lot more reduced than they were at the height of the Cold War button Hey, there’s not as much combat for example in today’s world They say the land component, which is the largest arm of the Defense Forces at least in terms of troop numbers They got a lot of soldiers in it has an estimated size of approximately 12,000 military personnel and approximately 2,000 civilian personnel in which all of these are under the commander of Major General Mark this and with that the structure of the army. It is broken up into five different sections for example There is combat command support Services and training and with these five different sections and all these troops the land component also operates out of two major bases one down south in March on femmine which is in the province of Luxembourg not to be confused with the country and that base is Famous for light infantry units and the second which is home to the motorized. Brigade is located in the north in Leopold’s burg I also should mention that the motorized Brigade is a rather new brigade that formed in 2011 however It basically evolved out of the independent Belgian brigade Which has been around since 1943 and within the entire land component It breaks down into five major infantry battalions And it also has a Special Forces Group and an immediate reaction cell known as the IRC in which that group has one parachute and commando battalion Also, did you know that the Belgian Army does not use any tanks as a matter of fact? It’s a rather new thing that got rid of tanks and they wanted more wheeled vehicles And with that their heaviest vehicle is the Parana 3c which is an armored fighting vehicle and they have approximately two hundred and sixty eight of them They also use the pander ones which is an armoured personnel carrier as for handhelds when it comes to machine guns They use the FN is e and the FN p90 for assault rifles. They use the FN NFC and the FN mm and many different versions of scars snipers they use the accuracy international art of warfare and the Bret M107 a one and a scar version of the sniper rifle for light machine guns They also use the FN minimi and the FN m AG and last but not least I should just mention that the Belgium army is going through a major modernization program They’re trying to give new equipment and new body armor to these soldiers in which they estimate that’s gonna be around 2030 Overall the entire land component has approximately 35 units trained and ready for any operation. That is thrown at them But thanks for watching guys. My name’s Dave WAPA And this is all the information that I could gather on the Belgian Armed Forces or the army the land component. It’s so hard I got to remind myself to say land component all the time when I talk about the Armed Forces We’re talking about the land component just the land component. That’s it but however guys hope you like this video also before you get out of here at the end of this video in the description box below if you Guys want to check out more military stuff from Belgium. Boom We got those playlists on we also got just the country itself So feel free to check those out but hate that subscribe button if it’s your first time here and yeah Feel free to leave a comment for a future or a suggestion for a future video and I’ll see you in the next one Okay. Bye. Bye later Alright so guys here are those military playlists that I was telling you about you got boom right here that military playlist That’s a Belgian military playlist. I should say I knew you guys are interested in if you’re listening to me right now and you’ve made it this far because you just want more Military content. There’s also this video just two on Belgium. Feel free to check them out and I’ll see you later

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    Eventually, they retreated accros the Yser river and delayed the Germans persuing them by opening the flood gates from behind german lines and setting a large part under water. This was part of the battle of the Yser in which Belgium suffered 20.000 casualties opposed to 70.000 german losses and succeeded in halting the Germans from taking the entire country. It is at this point that the war evolved into a trench war as the Germans were also halted by the Brittish and French forces on other fronts. Under the command of King Albert I the Belgians held on to the small strip of Belgium that remained from 1914 to 1918 in the trenches.

    There's not that much information about it online but I think most Belgians know tales from this from relatives who were at the front. I have the feeling that the resistance of what they then called 'brave little Belgium' is something to be proud of for many in Belgium. They are often overlooked when it comes to remembering the war were the focus lies on the Germans and the Franco-Brittish forces but the Belgians were also in the trenches for 4 years under the same horrible conditions.

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