April 3, 2020
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Greetings my beautiful lovelies! Hello, it’s Emmy, welcome back to another military ration taste test. Today I’m going to be tasting this. And this is a Food Packet Survival, General Purpose. Yes, this is the entire ration and it comes in a can. So this ration was sent to me by Russell. Russell thank you so much for sending this to me. I have never seen a ration that looks like this before. It was issued in May of 1984 — so this ration is thirty-four years old Happy Birthday Ration. So, Russell tells me that this part of a pilot’s emergency kit. It’s very small, compact. It looks like a can of SPAM and it’s about the same size as well, but it is not a can of meat — it contains some things in it. So it says right on the front of the can, “The food in this packet is especially designed for survival use. The food can be eaten even when water is… limited. If you are exposed to salt water spray or have swallowed salt water, do not use the soup and gravy base.” So, this is probably part of a naval kit as well. It has a key here, and you put it into this tab and you unwind it to open it. Alright, let’s go ahead and open this! So excited to use this key! So, pull this off… So that was just welded on there and it has a little slot. So, we’re gonna lift this up, and then we’ll use this key to open up the can. Just twist it. Ooh! I heard a little vacuum suck, that’s good. And there’s some score lines here, which will open up the can. Opens up really easily, actually. That doesn’t look like any food i’ve ever seen before. Alright, this is a Type 1 cornflake bar. Looks like there’s a couple of them in there. Yep, so two Type 1 cornflake bars. In the bottom of here, there’s a chicken soup and gravy base, flavored. Way down here at the bottom, there’s a packet of sugar. 6 grams. Then here, we have instant coffee…and looks like some more bars. So, this doesn’t cut exactly in half. One side is slightly larger than the other. Here is Type 2. Oh, so Type 1 is a cornflake bar and Type 2 is a rice cornflake bar. Smells slightly coconutty. And then here, is a granola bar. Compressed granola bar. A very minimal ration, basically it consists of just bars. I’m gonna go ahead and make up some coffee here, I’m just going
to Use this bottom part of the tin. There’s a little bit of paper in there, but this is a survival situation after all, so paper is not gonna hurt me. Instant coffee. And this is one third of a canteen cup, which is eight fluid ounces. And it said on here that this is roughly 6 ounces of water. Put the instant coffee in there… And it looks just like typical, freeze-dried coffee crystals. Smells like it too. I’m just gonna add some cold water. It’s not gonna be hot coffee but it’s gonna be coffee. Wow! I’m gonna be super careful trying to drink this out of this tin. It looks really, really sharp. Let’s set that aside and I’ll have that with my bar. I have two cornflake bars. Type 1 ingredients are: cornflake, sugar-coated cornflakes, hydrogenated shortening, dehydrated egg albumin, which is just the egg whites, instant starch and sorbitol. Oh, it says by the Weetabix Company! Cereal manufacturer, this is from Clinton, Massachusetts, which is not too far from where am. And, it sounds like basically a compressed cereal bar, right? It says cornflake bar. So, it doesn’t sound too bad. The plastic is all nice and intact. Pretty firm. And when you crack it, it breaks pretty easily. Has kind of the shape of Weetabix too. Ever had that Weetabix cereal before? Yeah, doesn’t smell so fresh. It smells a little bit musty. Alright, let’s give that a go. Itadakimasu! Hm. It doesn’t taste that great! It’s not bad. It definitely tastes stale. Like, a box of cereal has been open for…you know, 34 years. For being 34 years old, it does still have a good crunch. It’s sweetened but not overly so. It’s kind of like Frosted Flakes, but not as sweet. The texture is completely different, it’s like you crushed all the cornflakes and compressed them into a brick. That’s exactly what this is. It’s pretty dry, it’s not like a power bar or protein bar. It doesn’t have any chew to it, it’s just kind of compressed and… not chalky, but slightly crunchy. Sugary, and not a whole lot of flavor. It just tastes like, you know, cornflakes. But stale. Now let’s give our coffee a sip. It’s in this very sharp tin. Here we go, cheers! Yeah, well. So that tastes like Instant coffee crystals, which always to me taste a bit burnt, and coffee-like. But that’s pretty bad because it’s cold. It’s just cold coffee. It just feels like it’s been sitting out for a long time. But, in terms of flavor it tastes just like your typical coffee crystals. It’s just not hot. But, I would imagine in an emergency situation, a little bit of caffeine or coffee would be a welcome pick-you-up. So, yeah, not bad for what it is. I forgot to add some sugar to my coffee, which might have made it taste a little bit better, but having it with a cornflake bar which was pretty sweet, it’s a pretty good combination. But, an emergency situation you would probably still hang on to this just for the added calories. So, we just had the Type 1 cornflake bar, let’s try Type 2. This is the rice cornflake bar. This also has sugar-coated cornflakes, cornflakes, rice (oven puffed), hydrogenated shortening, egg albumin. So this is basically the same exact thing as the Type 1, but it contains rice cereal as well. Again, made by the Weetabix Company. This one too, is nicely sealed. This only comes with one of these bars. This one actually smells a little bit more stale than the Type 1. Here’s a Type 2, this one has a little bit less of a crunchy snap than the first one. Hm! It actually smells more stale than it tastes. It’s still stale, don’t get me wrong! But, it’s also sweeter than the first one, and the texture is a little bit different. A little bit more crumbly. It does have a crunch like the first one but, a little less so. And, pretty similar in flavor. When I first smelled it, I thought I smelled coconut. It has a kind of oily, vegetal, slightly stale, rancid smell to it. But there’s no coconut in this whatsoever. The flavor is pretty similar to the first one, a little sweeter, a little less corny, and more about a textural difference. This is slightly more crumbly and less crunchy than the first, but pretty similar to the first one. Yeah, again. Emergency situation, emergency food, right? I’m actually pretty impressed, this is 34 years old and the food is still relatively palatable. Nothing’s moldy, nothing’s fermented. That’s good in my book because, we don’t want botulism. No. Alright, now let’s prepare our soup or gravy. And, this is the soup and gravy base. I’m going to make it in the other half of this very sharp tin. And this contains: salt, dextrose, starch, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, chicken fat, powdered chicken flavoring calcium silicate, and turmeric. So, it sounds like a typical bullion, right? This is still soft! Look at that. So, there is the soup base. It looks just like chicken bullion. And, it’s crumbly and dry still. And, I’m gonna pour some water in there. It smells exactly like the soup base that you’d find in those inexpensive ramen noodle packets. Exactly. Having cold coffee and cold soup really makes you appreciate the beauties of having hot food, and what happens to your senses and your taste buds when you consume something warm. It’s just a completely different experience, right? There’s our soup, and now let’s open up the granola bar. This contains: rolled oats, brown sugar, vegetable oil rice, rolled whole wheat, nonfat milk solids, almonds, dried unsweetened coconut, corn syrup, honey, natural flavors. This looks like the vacuum seal isn’t quite as tight as it could be. This is made in Edinburg, Texas. So, this too has the profile of a slice of spam. Doesn’t smell so great. If we snap it, it snaps pretty easily. Hm! I think at one time this might have tasted good, but it doesn’t taste good now. Yeah, it tastes coconutty and is very dry, and has a cereal texture. Very compressed. But it has a very off, milky flavor to it. And, I think that’s probably a testament to the fact that this is 34 years old. It actually reminds me a little bit of like, baby food. Like, something you would give to a baby. Kind of milky and cereal… Not tasty. Alright, now let’s have our cold chicken soup. Oh my goodness! That definitely needs a bit more water. That tastes exactly like chicken bullion that you would find in your instant ramen noodles, or those little packets of Lipton soup that come in a flat pack with like, those funny noodles that are only like a half an inch long and really a thin. That’s exactly what this tastes like. Except it’s cold. It really, really stresses how hot soups are so much better than cold soup. It’s kind of depressing and and sad having cold soup, but you are getting some salt and you are getting some calories in that. So, in a survival situation again, that’s probably really welcome. Because, it actually tastes like food, or tastes like something similar. Alright, so that was a Food Packet Survival, General Purpose Ration. Very, very minimal ration. Very much in the situation of an emergency, and in a situation like this, I think this is actually quite ideal. It’s small, it’s compact, it gives you some calories gives you, some sugar, and hopefully, you have enough water to actually make some of these things. But if you don’t, you could still consume these for some calories. Alrighty, so there you have it. There’s the Food Packet Survival, General Purpose. Big thanks to Russell for sending this to me! Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. If you’re interested in seeing me taste more rations, be sure to check out the military ration playlist where I’ve tasted many, many different packets or rations, including international rations and U.S. ones as well. And yeah, be sure to share this video with your friends. Follow me on social media. Make sure you get yourself a Winston t-shirt if you haven’t gotten yourself a shirt already, and I shall see you in my next video! Toodaloo, take care! Bye!

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