February 17, 2020
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Drinking Cobra Blood – US Marines. US Marines are trained to survive in the tropical
jungles by drinking cobra blood. Yes, you heard me correctly, cobra blood. After being
taught how to kill venomous cobras by Thai Naval military instructors, Marines are encouraged
to experience the local customs of drinking the blood of cobras. As well as cobra blood,
US marines may also be required to eat bugs from bamboo sticks, eat cobra’s tails and may even be able to kill a chicken by biting off its head. Breaking Slabs of Concrete with their Heads
South Korean and Chinese Soldiers. The South Korean president stated that, “the
Country needs a stronger military”. I can now see where this training exercise may have
come from! South Korean and Chinese soldiers are required to break slabs of concrete with
nothing but their heads. Similarly, among many other intense training regimes, Belarus Security
Forces are asked to break piles of burning concrete with their heads in order to wear
the “Red Beret”. “Drownproofing” – US Navy Seals. Pretty much all Navy Seal drills are crazy
but there are some that stand tall above others. Trainees endure what’s known as “Cold
Water Conditioning”, in order to strengthen endurance. This involves Navy Seal recruits
linking arms and laying down on their backs with their heads partially submerged in the
cold ocean. However, one of their craziest military exercises is called “Drownproofing”
training. Navy Seal trainees have their arms and legs bound with rope before jumping into a
pool. Once in the water, they are instructed to bob in the water for five minutes, then
float for five minutes, before swimming for 100 meters. Next, they must bob for two more
minutes before performing a series of front and back flips and then diving to the bottom
of the pool to retrieve an object with nothing but their teeth. The madness, however, doesn’t stop there. The instructor then jumps into the pool and attacks a trainee pool to simulate a combative drowning.
Remind me to never sign up for the Navy Seals! Getting Shot in the Chest – Russian Special
Forces. You shouldn’t look so surprised about this one,
after all, that’s Russia for you. One of the Russian Special Force’s training exercises, however,
includes shooting each other in the chest. The idea behind this exercise is to prepare troops for the moment when they might be shot. The soldier must be able to return
fire quickly and accurately. Trainees involved in the training exercise must push innocent
bystanders away while firing at the ground, shooting targets just inches away from volunteers
playing innocent bystanders in order to show how stress can affect one’s concentration. Playing “Hot Potato” with a Real Grenade
– People’s Liberation Army of China. Military training is a highly intense process that
involves lots of discipline and courage. But the soldiers in the People’s Liberation Army
of China take this to a whole new level. One of their exercises is a life-and-death game
of hot potato with a real life grenade. Chinese troops would gather in a circle and pass a
live grenade from one soldier to the next until the final one would throw it in a
hole. Each soldier deliberately takes the explosive in one hand and twists it slightly
at the torso before handing it to the next. The last soldier has to make sure
the grenade lands on the pond side of the hole which is very difficult given the circumstances.
Imagine if one of the soldier’s dropped the grenade. That would be a completely different
outcome. If you thought that it was bad enough other military exercises they do involve jumping
through rings of fire.

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