April 3, 2020
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The martial tradition,
training and dominating warrior spirit of Gurkhas
means they will do things in a fight that wouldn’t occur to even the most seasoned combat veterans. Gurkhas will fight outnumbered, they will fight outgunned. They hold their positions
against impossible odds, and often come out on top. This particular story of Gurkha heroism stars Rifleman Gurung
during a battle in Burma against the Japanese. The Japanese took Gurung
and his men by surprise and lobbed a few grenades
into their trench. Gurung threw two of the grenades back at the 200 Japanese
soldiers lying in wait, but when he grabbed the third one it blew up in his hand. Gurung lost a few fingers,
most of his right arm, and took shrapnel in his face and leg. Despite being partially
blind and bleeding out, Gurung did what only a Gurkha would do, he pulled out a kukri
knife with his good hand, stabbed it into the ground, and announced to the
Japanese that none of them would make it past his knife. He picked up is bolt-action
Lee-Enfield mark two rifle, chambered a round with one hand, and invited the enemy to come play. Gurung fought for hours
with his friends dead and dying around him. He would lie down until
the Japanese were on top of his position, then kill the
closest at point-blank range, chamber a new round, again, with one hand, then take out the enemy’s battle buddy. He fought throughout the
night and into the next day, killing 31 Japanese soldiers in total. At the end of the battle, he was still shouting, “Come and fight! “Come and fight, I will kill you!” After the battle, Gurung was hospitalized through the end of the war. He lost partial vision in his right eye and the use of his right arm. For his efforts on the
battlefield that night, he was awarded the Victoria Cross, Britain’s highest military honor. Like, share, and comment below, and don’t try to sneak
up on any Gurkhas, okay? It’s really just, really
not, not worth it.

Tony wyaad