April 9, 2020
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Air Force – Plumber

I’m a plumber in
the Air Force. I was actually in the Army
before I joined the Air Force. Plumbing with the Air Force,
it’s more of an individual sort of task, whereas the Army,
you go out as a big, major group. But with the Air Force, it’s
more singular, so you can concentrate on specific
tasks yourself. You actually have to use your
own plumbing knowledge to fulfil some sort of tasks. Also, as a civvie plumber,
you don’t go out on a bit of training. You don’t get to play sport
every second day. But as a Air Force plumber, you
get to do a whole majority of things rather than
just plumbing. Last week I was out on a big
exercise where I drove dump trucks and water trucks,
big water trucks. We actually constructed
an airfield. You’d never get to do that in
civvie street as a plumber. This is a reverse
osmosis machine. It purifies water from
fresh or salt water into drinkable water. We’re transferring potable
water, drinking water, to the water bladders to supply the
shower units with water for the pumping, and systems
like that. Each onion bladder holds
about 7,000 litres. So we’re just going to transfer
half from the truck in there this morning. This is what we commonly call as
a onion tank, because it’s shaped like an onion. This is very quick and
easy to set up. We just throw it on the
ground and put the water in from the top. And it just fills up ’til it
gets to a certain level. Where we go, we go into some
really remote sort of areas where potable drinking water
isn’t available, so we’ve got to make our own. And we can make our own water
out of a pot hole on the side of the road if you
really wanted to. A civilian plumber would
not get to use this sort of equipment. Purely the fact that they
don’t go anywhere. They just work around
their own town. It’s got many applications for
this system, in support with the tradies and that
sort of thing. Going on exercise in Australia,
going overseas. If the guys are going to set up
the ablution box and that sort of thing. We usually have three of them. The toilets, our showers, and
our laundry are set up. It takes actually more than half
of the day to set up the whole setup. We use the water from
the RO machine. The water comes in. It goes into the onion tanks. And then we use that water
for the toilet block. The water then gets pumped via
master routers at the back of the toilets into
a septic tank. Great lifestyle in
the Air Force. You’ve got a lot of spare
time as well. As a civilian plumber, you’re
working seven days a week, as many hours as you can, just
for making a [INAUDIBLE]. In the Air Force, it’s
a very decent wage. You’ve got a lot of time with
your friends and family. Even though you do go away a
little bit, when you come back, you still get a lot
of time off to regroup.

Tony wyaad