November 18, 2019
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Announcing CareStarter’s Intent to Partner with the Military

I’m Gillian Ring, the Product Manager for
CareStarter. CareStarter is a Capital Factory Accelerator
Program, and I’m really excited to share that we are recording from the 8th floor,
which is dedicated to Defense Innovation. This is the perfect setting to announce our
intention to provide our software solution to the US Military. And if you hold on just a second, you will
see a talk from our founder and CEO, Lamarque Polvado. It’s a short, hundred-second video in which
he is going to share what value we can bring to the military. So hang on, and I’ll be back right after. CareStarter helps pediatric-focused organizations,
like Children’s Hospitals and Health Plans, automate and scale care management. Care management teams are currently getting
to less than 1% of their patient interactions, and those same healthcare organizations don’t
have enough dollars to hire enough case managers to get to every single one. The CareStarter technology platform is the
solution to this issue. Our track record in healthcare is helping
our partners get to a hundred percent of their patient population, while delivering 1400%
more resources to families, with a 70% adoption rate. This process brings tremendous economic
and operational efficiency and value to our healthcare partners. Our goal is to adapt this same software
platform for the US Military, serving the Exceptional Family Member Program. A successful pilot with CareStarter would
bring about three very important outcomes. First, compliance with current federal law. Second, standardization and operational
efficiency for EFMP staff, management, as well as data directly to command. And third, and most important, increasing
military readiness by delivering a better experience to families that are enrolled in
the EFMP Program. It is absolutely my honor and privilege, and
CareStarter is very excited to partner with AFWERX, the Air Force, and the
Pentagon to bring this solution to the military and the families you serve. We look forward to serving with you. Welcome back. The CareStarter team is passionate about delivering
this solution to the US Military. If you are an EFMP stakeholder, or if you
have another problem that you think we can help with, press the button below to schedule
a quick call with us. We’re excited to learn more about you and
see how we can help. Thank you.

Tony wyaad