November 18, 2019
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Army – Aerospace Engineer – Aeronautical

I’m Lieutenant Sally Moon, I’m
an aeronautical engineer in the Australian Army, and I look
after the maintenance of the Blackhawk helicopters. I get to do a job where it’s
different every day, challenged all the time. I wanted to be challenged
physically, I wanted to be doing something different. I know the army offered time to
go out in the field, and I did like that. I knew what was involved
in that. The army offered the day to day
challenges that I wanted to take whilst maintaining a
high level of fitness, which is required of you
in the military. So I did three years at ADFA,
and then I went to the Royal Military College, and then
a final year of degree. I just liked being challenged. I didn’t want to have an easy
route into my career. I wanted to do something that
was a bit different. I thought about going to a
civilian university, but I thought I’d be there trying to
juggle three jobs at the one time, whilst also trying to
study, whilst not having much of a life out of that. And I found that the army
offered me a way to study, a way to do something exciting,
and to push myself. I’m building up to becoming a
tech support troop commander, where I’ll be in charge of
a group of maintainers. Behind me is a Blackhawk
helicopter. I’m involved in it on the
maintenance side. What that involves is the
readiness of the aircraft. We need to supply the capability
of the aircraft, so how many helicopters we have
ready, that are serviceable. Of course we want to make sure
that they’re ready to fly, so that the people flying them
feel safe, and can complete their job. In the army, you’re also joining
a personnel management role as well. But there’s definitely
engineering opportunities for those who want to be engineers
as a full time job, and it definitely has never been
an ordinary life for me. I’ve had the challenge at
university of doing something different, constantly challenged
both physically and mentally, which is something
that I wouldn’t have expected to do in a normal university. Australian Defence Force Academy
is linked to the University of New South Wales,
which is also a recognised university. So the qualification carries
on to the civilian world as well, and there’s that
opportunity for me if I ever want to leave the army. To join the army, it’s the
lifestyle, and people are here because they want to be here. That’s the great thing about
turning up to work every day, is that you’re with people that
want to be here, that want to work within the
military, and so it’s quite exciting to be with people that
love turning up to their job every day. The people that I work with at
the same level as me are very supportive. The people below me are quite
helpful to me when I have questions about maintenance,
and everything like that. It’s been really good. There are other females
in there. I have females that are
maintainers as well. Other female officers, and
they’re all through the military now. There’s not many places
that we don’t go. I won’t be in this kind
of job forever. It’s eventually going to
change into different technologies, and the
multi-rotor helicopter that we have at the moment is
quite exciting. It’s very new technology using
a lot of composites, which again, as an engineering
perspective, it’s something that’s interesting. Something that we can move
into in the future. The army’s met a lot
of my expectations. I came in not knowing how a lot
about the military, and willing to learn, willing
to be shown new things. And I was.

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