November 20, 2019
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Army Mule at Hill `n’ Dale

Army Mule had a short but brilliant
career on the racetrack where he won the Carter Handicap in his third start. He
retires undefeated to Hill ‘n’ Dale in 2019 and John Sikura makes a case for the
horse as a sire. I think the horse accomplished phenomenal things in the
short period of time and he went from an easy made to winner to an easy allowance
winner and first time he ever competed in a stake he ran in New York, toughest
racing in America. He won by nearly seven lengths, just
off a track record that had been there I think 20 years. Todd Pletcher has said,
“He’s just the horse of phenomenal talent.” You know, I don’t think it was any
surprise that he could be very good horse. He made 825 as a two-year-old. I talked to Vinnie Viola and I talked to Todd
Pletcher and, you know, Vinnie, he was so excited about his horse as he should be
and Todd Pletcher, as many good horses as he’s had, I thought he might sort of
categorize him as, you know, a nice horse, a fast horse but we’ll see what happens
but he was effusive in his praise and said, “This is as fast as a horse can be,” and he
has unlimited ability, he’ll go as far as you want and just so enthused about the
future of the horse and, you know. It’s unfortunate he chipped a knee, he battled, he,
you know, he trained when he wasn’t a hundred percent off that injury and
testament to his courage and reliability and I really believe that brilliant race
horses make brilliant sires and, you know, anyone that could talk about soundness
or lack of career and all it takes is one misstep, horse gets injured they
usually retire, that horse probably should have been retired but he had so
much courage that he fought on and he won a grade one in very impressive
fashion so I don’t- for me for soundness is not an issue whatsoever with the
horse. I see him a horse without limitation and, you know, we’ve had very
good luck finding these brilliant horses and standing at the stud, MacLean’s Music, Candy Ride, they had abbreviated careers, they’ve had, you know, durable
fantastic offspring and we’re excited about Army Mule. I think Army Mule has all the requirements that a breeder looks for, he had
precocity, he had speed, a great racehorse, was well-received at public auction, maybe
$125,000 as a two year old, I think he’s got a great chance to be a really
important sire. Really beautifully balanced horse, great mover, everything’s in
the right places, he’s correct, he has bone, and a pretty head and eye, just a lovely horse
to look at. All the right names are in his pedigree and we’re very excited and
I said for me, you know, he resembles and has a lot of overlapping qualities
that MacLean’s Music, Candy Ride and other horses of sort of that same ilk
that have come to Hill ‘n’ Dale and been such successful sires and really have
exceeded people’s expectations.

Tony wyaad



  1. Janice Whedbee Posted on January 20, 2019 at 2:49 am

    Hello Army Mule !a sweet introduction that we haven’t met before Army,you are a very handsome young man. Happy to hear you’ve done a good races and so sorry for early retirement due to injury
    but so glad to see your name
    came on you tube 😊🐎🌹.
    Please stay well and healthy
    have a nice family ,enjoy with
    the ladies in the fields.Your name Army was in the movies
    in mid1950’s called Frances
    In the Army but it was a mule
    named Frances with
    Donald O’Carroll (actor).
    Take care sweetheart ❤️

  2. Peggy Papczun Posted on April 24, 2019 at 4:30 pm

    Greetings to you, Army Mule. You are such a beautiful boy. Good luck in your new career!