April 8, 2020
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Army Talent Alignment Process

(whooshing) – [Narrator] If you’re an
officer in the U.S. Army, there’s good news regarding
your future career path. The Army is fundamentally
changing how it selects officers for their next assignments
using a new approach known as The Army Talent Alignment Process. ATAP empowers Commanders to build teams, encourages officers to be
active in their own hiring, and fosters a transparent
and open assignment process. Briefly, here’s how it works. It starts with you defining your talents – that unique intersection of your
knowledge, skills, behaviors, and preferences. Your knowledge is composed
of the facts, information and skills you’ve already acquired through your experience,
education or training. For example, you may hold an MBA, have a professional
engineering certificate and a Spanish language proficiency. Your skills are the ability to apply your knowledge to a task. You might be good at carpentry,
cross cultural fluency and teaching. Your behaviors are the
way you conduct yourself and act towards others – like critical thinking, being innovative and a good listener. Your preferences matter too. What are your interests,
career ambitions, family and personal goals? You can use ATAP to learn who’s looking for the
talent you already have. And commanders can view your resume and contact your references to see if you have the talent they need to fill a specific position. The Army Talent Alignment
Process offers more job choices than ever before. Once you update your resume
to reflect your unique talents and rank order the jobs you prefer, ATAP matches your data to unit data to achieve optimal individual
and unit preference. ATAP is an effective, win-win system because it empowers commanders and units to select the officers
with the talent they need and gives you greater awareness
of what jobs are out there that can help you achieve your goals. It’s smart too, because it is data rich. The ATAP allows you to
convey more information about yourself than ever before. Better information leads
to better decisions about how we acquire, develop, employ and retain our officers. And it’s transparent. With ATAP, commanders have the ability to see all available officers, while you can view all
of the open positions that match your talent and preferences. ATAP, more choices, greater fulfillment. Army Talent Management,
placing the right officer in the right assignment at
the right time over time. (mellow piano music)

Tony wyaad