February 29, 2020
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Army’s premier web-based resource: Digital Training Management System

The Digital Training Management System is the Army’s premier web-based resource to plan, prepare, execute and assess training. Recent improvements have been made, making it even more useful.With the new version of DTMS,
it is easier to develop training exercises and track the training progress of units and
individual Soldiers. Here are just a couple of the enhancements:
A new drag and drop feature facilitates scheduling training events. Another improvement more efficiently tracks Soldiers’ training history from hire to retire. You find these improvements and many more on the DTMS web page. The site links to videos and manuals to assist you at every step of the training process.DTMS will save you time and make your job easier. Most importantly, it will help you prepare your unit to successfully complete any mission. That’s it for TRADOC Now, I’m Sergeant Major Jose Velazquez and victory starts here.

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