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Become Mentally Tough After Narcissistic Abuse/Navy Seals Mental Toughness Training Tips

Many of us need mental toughness. For those of us who
have been abused emotionally psychologically especially if you’ve
suffered narcissistic abuse ooh and you’ve been gaslighted I mean that sucks
so I know that I’ve experienced gaslighting and it is it is so mean and
it’s it’s deplorable to think that someone’s agenda is to set you on
fire and watch you dance and then to point the finger and go look at that
crazy person, look at her dance she’s crazy you know
they’re sticking you with innuendos and they’re insinuating things and they’re
saying things that no one else can hear and then they flash you a look and you
react and he’s pointing a finger at you or she’s pointing a finger at you I
believe that is so psychologically abusive and cruel but we don’t have to
be victim to it anymore so I want to teach you a couple of things that I
learned from studying Navy SEALs and just stick with me Navy SEALs are some
of the toughest sons of bitches on the face of the earth now most of them don’t
make it I think that is like 140 Navy SEALs that are come into the program I
think only 36 make it and so a lot of them can’t can’t get through all these
all these mental hopes that they have to jump through so I think it’s absolutely
brilliant that the Navy comes up with these this these training techniques to
help help those who apply to become a Navy SEAL actually have a better chance
of making it through the program so I want to share with you some of the
things that I’ve learned about Navy SEAL mental toughness training so they call
it the big four and the big four is goal-setting mental rehearsal which is
visualizations and self-talk and arousal control which they control through in a
nutshell breathing if you go through my channel you will see now this is
something that I’m just coming into awareness now but I was amazed because
I’m listening to how these trainers are training these Navy SEALs and I’m like
oh my god that’s what I coach you know visualization go
setting thinking about the moment meditation breathing controlling what
you can’t control in the moment in the moment so there’s was a very cleaned up
version and concise and I wanted to share that with you because I think that
it may benefit some of you who are feeling so pulled around by your history
you’re still reacting so let’s let’s get very basic and let’s get very scientific
okay so Navy SEALs work with neuro scientists and I’ve studied neuroscience
because I wanted to understand my own brain and figure out where my linchpins
were and so that’s what I was fascinated about the amygdala and the hippocampus
so when we’re children we’re very emotional our prefrontal
cortex is not wired yet you have to know that you have to know that if you’re
stuck and you keep reacting and you keep attracting mom or dad or your brother or
sister and your adult life you have to understand that you’re stuck in a
pattern and that when the pattern was created there was very little connection
to the prefrontal cortex dear ones that’s yuge do you know what that means
it’s like you freakin Rika seriously oh my god that means that when we were
wounded our migdal –is which is part of the limbic system press the panic button
so we felt fear felt fear of what fear of being abandoned fear of not being
loved now when the panic button gets hit or
activated we become hypersensitive and hyper aware our memory kicks in amazing
that’s why so many of us say I don’t have any good memories because the brain
is wired for you to recall and remember traumatic events incredible so there’s I
mean I can go just go off on a tangent tangent just on on that fact and how
that’s impact Our Lives you know and but I’m not going
to because I’ll save that for another video so now when we’re little the
prefrontal cortex is not fully wired get this the prefrontal cortex isn’t even
wired completely until we’re about 26 so that means that when we’re little and
we’re very emotional and we don’t have this prefrontal cortex wired yet the
limbic system is very very active so we’re seeking approval and validation
which is all part of the psychological milestones that we must hit when we feel
rejected and abandoned it could be the slightest thing it could be mom turning
away when we’re crying it could be we fell off our bike and mom stayed on her
cell phone and we feel wounded and that one sends a message to the brain that
says this is bad and what the brain does is the brain it doesn’t have the front
prefrontal cortex wired yet the brain doesn’t go hmm mommy’s so self-absorbed
and there she is talking to her boyfriend again and sure
enough she’s gonna ask me to tell my daddy that um she was on the phone and
there she is acting like she’s all into me and taking me to the park she don’t
give it damn we don’t do that one two three we can’t it’d be awesome if we
could but we can’t we’re very limited in our understanding of the world so the
amygdala is highly activated the hypo campus stores the memory and the pattern
that we create to the event very very very important information when we’re
adults now so now we have triggers so now if I have this pattern my mom is
very passive aggressive and very sarcastic and so I’m wired and I’m hyper
vigilant because my brain is trying to do me a favor it’s keeping me on guard
for what I know and I have identified as threatening I’m not crazy because I’m
hyper aware of sarcastic people what I’m not
is doing the right thing Danger Danger Danger what I have to use my prefrontal
cortex down and I have to understand that this danger danger danger is my
focal point it is my point of Attraction I write about with want I write about it
in quantum tools to help you reveal your life now
your emotional setpoint is your attracting point huge dear ones
yeah that I get angry amygdala to understand what I just said you have to
connect to prefrontal cortex that’s what all my videos are about helping you
master and gain control over your mind so that these people that have abused
you no longer have emotional control over you and you get to be free and you
find your purpose your purpose is to fly your purpose is to become loving life
why so that you can become a conduit a pure love energy so that you can
transcend this pain so that you can become a beacon of light for other
people your children will watch you ascend they
might hate you now because they’re stuck in the pattern the suck of the program
that’s okay mommy daddy just keep getting better
because eventually they will see joy in you it will you would be illuminated it
would be impossible impossible for them not to see the joy on your face the
acceptance and the surrender and and and and the love that you that you emit so
you just stay that is your purpose that’s another point we need purpose
alright but I’m going back to the UM the amygdala so understand via ones that the
amygdala stores stores patterns and the amygdala has been hyper aware since for
children and we have not learned we have not learned to think with the prefrontal
cortex but information like this gets the prefrontal cortex activated you know
for the rest of the video if you guys do this awesome awesome awesome tap that
prefrontal cortex you know it’ll help you stay connected
like I got to think here I can’t think here I got to think here blinders this
is where the amygdala is in the temporal lobe act like minders get out of the
amygdala sounds bizarre but you know to me so now
Navy SEAL training that when they were Panero scientists they discovered that
there were four key areas that helped me be seals that increase the odds of Navy
SEALs fulfilling this program so the Navy SEALs think about what a Navy SEAL
has to do a Navy SEAL is under complete total stress but he has to be able or
she has to be able to override the stress response so a typical stress
response is tied to adrenaline cortisol now the brain stem gets highly activated
and the brain wants to either wants to send signals to flee or fight fight or
flee when we’re children we can do neither
so we freeze so there are a lot of people that when this flood of
adrenaline comes in it hinders the ability of the prefrontal cortex to make
decisions so lots of people freeze I’m guilty of that so many times people said
things to me in my life and I just froze because they wounded me and all this
adrenaline shocked in my system and I was just frozen
I didn’t have the skills to react in a way that was really positive and in my
best interest so I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that feeling stuck and
frozen and waiting for the elephant to slide back onto the rug so what they
came up with I repeated its goal-setting okay if you want to be mentally tough
around your family of origin this is gonna help you goal-setting mental
rehearsal which is visualization self-talk and what is this one Oh
arousal control which is we control arousal through breathing so let me
break it down for you goal setting so having short term goals brings order to
chaos so if you’re living with parents who are narcissistic and you know that
you dare abuse it right if you don’t set a goal and it could be as simple as I’m
going to go brush my teeth so what happens is you commandeer the brain
you come you give your brain direction you give order to this chaos
it’s not about long term goals most when you’re in when you’re in a traumatic
situation like now it’s about short-term goals that brings order to the mental
field so I’m going to go brush my teeth you brush your teeth I’m going to clean
out the sink I’m gonna spray out spray down the sink wipe it down I’m going to
clean the floor get he has an easel in the floor I’m going to go change my
clothes you go change your clothes I am going to get in my car I’m going to go
to the grocery store it’s a nursery store don’t you find the first spot I
can find ok go to if you find your spot I’m going to buy my apples and my
bananas and M ciabatta bread butter it up so it literally is taking control and
I say it all the time over your mental field you’re bringing chaos to the
current such are you bringing order to the current situation if you give them
the habit of setting goals eventually you’ll feel calm it’s all about
overriding the panic response if you are panicked you can’t think straight if
you’re panicked you cannot grow the neural associations that you need the
wiring you need to the prefrontal cortex so you’ve got to your goal must be to
calm the mental feel mom’s going apeshit ok calm the mental field your ex-husband
or husband’s going going going laugh it’ll calm your mental field do whatever
you can to calm your mental field great way to do that is goal-setting so and
you don’t want to give up you know when things are going rough you don’t want to
give up cuz the minute things start to calm down you’re going to eat yourself
so don’t make split minute decisions to bail or go back to a narcissist when
things are getting tough stick it out stick it out as soon as you know the
dust settles you’re gonna be so happy you stuck it out so let’s say you bail
in the middle of a tough situation you go back to narcissist you gonna hit
yourself your name you know once the dust settles and no
one is screaming it more you’re gonna eat yourself so stick it out so um the second thing is mental rehearsals
now what the Navy SEALs do which is very interesting is they have the Navy SEALs
rehearse worst-case situations all the time it’s so what happens is it’s not
like that when they’re let’s say the dropped out of an Arab you know a
helicopter and there are terrorists on the ground or on the beach and they’re
coming out of nowhere so a Navy SEAL has practiced this
scenario many times over so there is no panic there’s no element of surprise you
know I got this many seals like I got this you know so so that’s how they use
it I want you to use it a little differently I want you to because I
believe in the law of vibration a lot of attraction so what I want you to do is I
want you to visualize having those conversations with mom and but not
attached to an outcome I want you to become desensitized to hearing the word
know you’re battling your ex-husband in court over child support I want you to
or or alimony I want you to visualize it working out but not attach the outcome
so it sounds like this now I’m testing out them it would be really great if
when I showed up in court today it was just a very easy process it’d be awesome
if you know my ex-husband was you know very amicable it would be great if I
felt heard in court I hope that there’s not a lot of chaos in the courtroom
today I hope that I’m one of the first cases that get heard you know I hope the
kids are okay with my sister today you know I hope that we have nice weather I
hope that this is a patron out process so it’s visualizing the desired outcome
not attached to an outcome not attached to it so it’s all about going general
Esther Hicks says go general because when you attach to an outcome
you create a cinder block so you’re saying it has to be this way and guess
what happens if it shows up any other way you’re going to be pissed off so now
you’re going to know vibration it’s all about paying
attention to your vibration and going from so if you’re down here and you’re
like whoa if you’re down wait a minute if you’re down here with your vibration
and we want you up here what we want to do is we want to find ways to get you to
be able to take take control of your vibration so you can get higher and
higher and higher so go in general help to ascend attaching to it now come drops
you down because if it doesn’t work out that way you’re in a negative situation
okay hope you’re writing this stuff down so this the third thing is self-talk
fascinating piece of information the average human being has 300 – let me
just make sure I get the statistics right I believe it’s anywhere from 300
yet to 1,000 words per minute per minute pass through the mental field 300 to
1,000 words per minute pass through the mental field imagine dear one if you
took responsibility for that now my kidding imagine if you if you took
responsibility for those words that were flashing across your mental field Navy
SEALs do it if they can do it you can do it if they do if they can do it and if
it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for you it’s good enough for me
this personally I think we should be teaching kids you know then in nursery
school how to do this and teach them that they can slow their consciousness I
call it fyf flow you’re a focus so it sounds like this and every time you find
that your mind drops I was just you know I just blew out my hair before and I’m
blowing out my hair it’s something I do all the time and so I find that I don’t
need a whole lot of attention to do it mental clarity to do it and sure enough
when I’m blow-drying my hair doing something mundane my consciousness drops
and these thoughts that aren’t even mine begins to surface because the brain the
brain well the mental field just it’s like it’s like it’s like the sky holds a
cloud the brain holds thoughts and the brain can only play with the clouds that
are in the sky or the brain can only play with the tools that are in the shed
so but you have a choice because conscious evolved human being so you get
to choose what thoughts are in this mental field but imagine dear one
if you said huh three hundred to a thousand words per minute passed through
my conscious field oh my god no wonder I named myself I am constantly talking
about what’s not going to happen you know I know that before I gained control
over my mind I was thinking you know what when he says this that I’m gonna do
that when she does this I’m gonna do that oh yeah I know what she’s thinking
she said this that she meant that I was driving myself crazy and I was actually
using visualization to my disadvantage to my disadvantage
I felt critical of myself because everyone was critical of me I thought
people were talking about me because I they did because I grew up with people
talking about me and making me feel less than so I wasn’t crazy for thinking that
other people were talking about me that was a fact that was a fact I didn’t know
at the time that I had control over whether or not I made that an important
aspect of my life so when I accepted that people were talking about me and
when I accepted that was evidence of their loss than their low level of
self-awareness it was easier to let it go so we need positive self-talk so
what’s that sound like so that sounds like I tell them I tell all my clients
and those that that you that um that take part in my teleclasses and group
coaching classes we experiment it’s positive self-talk so we’re driving in
the car and it’s now I do this that’s a beautiful tree I love this music that
little girl so beautiful oh my god I love the color of that
balloon wow that’s a great pair of shoes wow that’s a great car I would love to
own that crown one day Wow look at that house man I wonder what that what the 48
of that house looks like I love her hair I wish my hair was that color Danny
awesome oh that’s a nice-looking couple they look so happy
I deliberately do that because I want to a maintain my vibration and and keep it
higher and I also want to send information to my brain that tells it
what I want to experience in my life the brain needs a target that’s how the
subconscious mind works you give your brain a target and it goes
to work for you the universe conspires to meet you and you will start to
manifest differently so take control over yourself talk
so when Navy SEALs are in the jungle they’re not saying I can’t do this if
they hear themselves saying I can’t they go to yes I can’t I can do I can do I
can do I can get to that next mile I can get to breakfast I can get to this next
drill I can again short term goals go up short term goals
I can swim to that buoy I can get my partner over that Ridge I can make it to
that tree I can now make it to the next tree I can now so it’s I can do verses I
can’t do imagine if you took responsibility for that imagine it would
be amazing so remember you’re downloading consciousness downloads the
brain and gives it direction so the fourth thing that the Navy SEALs do and
their elite training is arousal control so what they teach their SEALs is to
control their breathing very long expirations that helps control the panic
button in the body that helps to override the impulses of the amygdala
which is panic and fear they use all of these techniques to help Navy SEALs
especially pass their water training so what the what they do what the coaches
do is they they put these Navy SEALs in pools of water and then they then the
coach comes down and undoes their oxygen hose and the Navy SEALs gotta stay calm
so very slow breathing I can do this I’ve got this all I’ve got to do is undo
this wire undo this hose then put the mask back on again very short goals
that’s what helps these seals get through this train
so imagine if you set incremental goals every day every day small goals every
day imagine if you were teaching your mind to come forward that creates
forward moving momentum dear ones I don’t care how many and the goal is just
set a bowl and achieve it and it will grow it will it will it’s like that song
you know just put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking out
the door so imagine if you set small goals every
day and that was your purpose every day imagine if you instead of rehearsing and
beating the drum of situations you don’t want to happen like I know my boss is
gonna say no I know I’m not gonna get that job I know not qualified for that
job so so is so much more qualified for the job I know she was being a bitch
when she wrote that wrote me up I knew she did I know she did it on
purpose I know she’s talking about it behind my back
imagine if your your visualization shifted – I know she’s talking about me
about me behind my back but that’s okay I can’t control comes out of other
people’s mouths it would be really nice if she started picking up something else
you know or it would be really nice if she got transferred that would be
awesome it would really be nice if I was completely unaffected by how she felt
about me it would really be nice if her attitude changed that would be awesome
it would really be nice if I got a raise at work without having to ask for it so
that’s you playing that’s part – that’s your taking care of your mental
visualizations part three is the positive self-talk imagine if you took
control that’s like I think I think I’ve heard somewhere that that was like 270
oh actually those are impulses impulses travel through nerve impulses once your
amygdala Mikula senses fear nerve impulses travel through your body at 270
miles per hour that’s incredible that’s insane so that’s why we have to
be mentally tough when we’re in these situations with others because we are
pattern to react we have to get out of that state of
reactivity and these tools will help you so number one is the goal setting number
two is the mental reversal number three is self-talk remember you’re speaking
three not three hundred to a thousand words per minute to yourself take
control over that and the foreign thing is aroused arousal control which is what
I coach my clients on is that’s why I think meditation is so important you
must slow down the mental field so if I’m to live I’ve come out of a
meditation and I’m very zen you know I’m you Shin I’m very calm and I stubbed my
toe my reaction to stubbing my toe is going to be a lot more controlled and a
lot less ah dammit and we’ll do that because I will have taken myself back
and now I’m in control over my reaction so I really hope dear ones that this
information inspires you to do your own work I keep all my information in in
binders just like this like this I find something that’s fascinating about the
brain I write it down it’s your responsibility to take care of your
vehicle which is your body and it’s your responsibility to take control over your
brain or your mind it’s your responsibility to take care of your soul
you don’t worry about other people you have a specific purpose if you’ve been
led to this information know that I am a manifestation of what’s resonating in
you or this information is a manifestation of what’s resonating in
you if you are hearing the message you’re meant to hear it now will you act
on it it depends that saul up to you so dear
ones i hope this has inspired you my purpose is to bring information to you
as i receive it why because it brings more love and light to my planet and i
believe in sowing karmic seeds now all I can why because I will not be here one
day physically and my children will and my grandchildren will and my
great-grandchildren will and so I believe in investing in myself
becoming as much love and light as possible and helping you become as much
love and as much light as possible so that we can keep the planetary
vibrations high and know this also children that are being born now are
being born enlightened they’re coming in now the more of us in my opinion the
more and this is something that’s just I believe the more of us who awaken the
more of us who stay turned on and enlightened the more children that are
going to be born enlightened because children coming in will match the
vibrations of the souls that are here so it is that was your purpose in one I
don’t care how bad your life is right now you have a purpose your life matters
even if nobody in your experience ever tells you that your life matters
dear one it is my honor to be your breakthrough life coach I look forward
to your emails they keep me inspired for those of you who are interested in
taking part in my next teleclass you can reach me at healing self-esteem calm my
loving the self affirmations to hat is published I don’t know when it’s gonna
be available on Kindle and Amazon but an iPad and the Nook but as soon as it’s
available I will send you a shout out on Google+ if you’re not on my Google+
community please look me up Google+ adult children of alcoholics for
dependence and impacts stuck in the past no more namaste

Tony wyaad



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    I am the fortunate recipient of EMDR/CBT therapies, 2 years prior to my leaving the toxic relationship, and 1 1/2 years after having left the relationship. (I sought out therapeutic assistance and found an excellent trauma therapist.)

    The new neural pathways I developed during these sessions shortened the time I needed to deal with the toxic partner/people in my life. I was able to use grey rock during conversations, and to become an “observer”, instead of always being in the middle of reactive CHAOS.

    As for the short-term goals and the measured breathing, they are pivotal to us “wounded warriors”.

    Even when I’m not in toxic situations, I often will have a “goal” to take me elsewhere – from a talkative friend on the phone, a long-winded coffee with someone, etc. Setting time limits in these situations is important. In so doing, we say “YES!” to ourselves, instead of being our learned doormat – ish self. When my self-talk gets to me, I talk gently and breathe more slowly, more measured breaths.

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    When people constantly compare with someone or the other they do 2 things 1. Overestimate themselves (high egoism – narcissist) 2. Some underestimate themselves (feeling of unworthy thoughts – codependent)

    Apart from coaching my team on task and performance, i sit to listen and understand them so that i can get them to balance their minds between work and personal life… i do not want to go in detail… have written in some notes somewhere of this method…

    But i do teach them to compare not like the rest of the world…
    1. When i have achieved something: i tell them instead of comparing those below you, you compare with those above you… here u destroy your ego and focus on your goals instead… you push yourself harder.- staying grounded… when u are on race track, the moment u then back to see your opponents or competitors you lost… the key is to look at the destiny more than the people before u…

    2. When people look down upon themselves unworthy because of traumatic events like bad parents or molestation…. i tell them to compare their lives with less fortunate than themselves… bad parenting? What about those orphans on road, are u still not blessed?? Molested? What about prostitute who have to sell themselves unwilling to earn their bread, are u not blessed you are still better than that situation… this may sound harsh but i have seen my team look into their problems from different angles and tackle situations better to boost their self confident…

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    Any advice from you or anyone is appreciated
    Thank you
    from my heart

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