November 18, 2019
  • 6:51 am U.S. Air Force Commissioned Officer Training / Phase 01: Orientation
  • 6:51 am Just the Job – Air Force Officer
  • 2:50 pm The Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden and The Lone Survivor Give advice on BUD/S – Vigilance Elite
  • 1:52 pm Those Who Serve: Investigation Into Medical Negligence In The Military | NBC Nightly News
  • 1:52 pm Remains of Ohio soldier who died in Korean War buried in Ross Co.

Is this Bone Soldier? The teasers have led up to this. Wasn’t Bone Soldier a heavyweight? Yes, the last Bone Soldier was.
Why would he come out now? Why after a Junior match? Who’s that coming? Tama Tonga? It’s Tama Tonga from the Bullet Club. Right. We saw that Bone Soldier is part of
the Bullet Club in the teaser. Which means? Tama Tonga is slowly making his way here. Up until now, we’ve only seen him in teasers. He wants the mic. Will he let us know? Why now? It’s curious. Tama Tonga has the mic. Awesome. In Japanese, huh? Yes, Ospreay is amazing.
We all know that. おい… Wait! Who’s that? Who’s that? It’s the mask of the Bone Soldier. 振り返ってみろよ、バカ野郎。 As soon as he turned around… The crowd was shocked, as well. What does this mean? He’s a Junior, isn’t he? His body is ripped. オスプレイ、これまでは随分と挑戦者に恵まれていたな… KUSHIDAもスカルも破ったかもしれないが、
それもこれで終わりだ。 新しいメンバーを入れる計画をずっとしてた。 この男が金よりも美しく輝くダイヤモンドとなる。 紹介しよう。彼こそがそのダイヤモンドだ。 新BONE SOLDIERを紹介させてくれ。 タイジ・イシモリだ! Bone Soldier is going to be
the new force for the Bullet Club. おい… これを見ろよ! 見ろ! Look at his physique. Awesome! That’s Taiji Ishimori, right? この美しい男が新BONE SOLDIERだ。 タイジ・イシモリ… Yes, that’s him, for sure. Wolfpack Wasn’t he in America?
So now he joins the Bullet Club? He’s made it clear that he’s
after Ospreay’s title. He left NOAH and freelanced in America, right? Maybe they met up in America? He’s appeared in New Japan’s
tag tournaments before. He’s tagged with ACH. He was trained by Ultimo Dragon.
He shined in New Japan, too. What a force. Who would have predicted it would be him? His physique is impressive.

Tony wyaad