April 8, 2020
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war one well there’s a couple of stories here
that i i want to share with you because i find
them disturbing and quite honestly i didn’t believe either one of them right away and so i set it up to the newsroom uh… yesterday to have the blaze do
research on and to find out these kids they both are um… let’s start first with the uh… department of defense the department of defense has just
issued a a new list of uh… extremists that
should be watched and on that in fact number one don’t pass the muslim brotherhood and passed tomas hezbollah member one evangelical christians evangelical christians uh… and uh… uh… mormons catholics island catholics catholics coming in ad number eight along with the plan uh… and uh… and muslim extremists now i don’t i have but i missed all of those stories
on those really bad uh… catholic bombings here in america of i’ve missed all of the fertilizer l d
s bonds i’ve missed all of those i haven’t seen the big evangelical cross burnings uh… that have been happening so maybe i’d just been asleep at the switch now what the department on the defense
is saying is well locate this was just put together by one guy who is just giving some nelson talks
there at the pentagon and he just was the on t_v_ news is
doing his own thing how many times does that happen with our military all the time they are just not you know they’re just not really into
the chain of command thing at the pentagon if that is true which i believe it to be
if that is true that shows our military is in danger because it obviously is losing control of itself now the tip off on this stupid thing is uh… eunice spells a couple of things right
in this bill’s al-qaeda but uh… al-qaeda is like uh… also some of it a lot in when i don’t
really know how dispel echoes a keeps telling it like six hundred different
ways it’s like the pronunciation of of uh… got her it used to be uh… qatar but are with carter for one of the carter added uh… but there’s a couple of other spelling
errors in this is an air you know when you found yet uh… the
mormons is fairly warm and form a gag s that’s kind of mermaids uh… the more
manson uh… varied it dead leader the latter casings early dvd-rw on the
that’s from another one visit here mail that story number two no you heard the excuse from the uh… department of defense let’s ask the colorado state patrol what
they are excuses this one on came back and i not believe it by we called for a verification and uh… you up we give you the article when it comes to freedom things are
changing fast and for the worse in america and it’s happening in accelerated speed
here in colorado not only our laws being written it mach
speed to regulate taxon restrict individual freedoms but ideas are changing a month’s the
colorado citizens local law enforcement in particular are
bring put and a new crossroads and are being positioned to make some
tough decisions about their duties they will very soon be choosing between
enforcing constitutional rule of law in new laws which contradict our
constitutional principles in which make criminals out of innocence april fifteenth two thousand thirteen blogger steven ale a phil easy received empty mail from power counties
down from power county colorado under sheriff ron trowbridge this is what the post read i’ve recently received a letter from one
of the law enforcement’s finalists he had attended a seminar in which he was told
to be on the lookout for christians the letter was written by an attendee
wrong trowbridge under sheriff powers county colorado i’d like to thank the sheriff and the
letter and the twenty five years he has been
protecting the public in his county fears of reprisals from either the
colorado state police and homeland security fail to stop this patriot from exposing
what our law officers are being subjected to because of his bravery were able to get
inside look on how much various forces within our
government or attempting to indoctrinate our law officers this letter proves our officers cannot
be intimidated nor can they be turned on uh… it nor
can they be turned on the people they serve the people of powers coming are lucky to have this man here’s the letter unedited completed its
original form i read that night nyways easter on april first two thousand thirteen i was attending training uh… training hosted by the colorado state patrol the training was from twelve in the
afternoon to four p m recovered two topics sovereign citizens and outlaw motorcycle gangs i was pretty familiar with motorcycle
gangs but since we often deal with the so-called sovereign citizens rupert i was interested to see what they had to
say the group consisted of twenty photos are of police officers
deputies and c_ s_p_ troopers they were twenty people in attendance trooper mike losin’ ski taught a two hour section on the
sovereign citizens he spent most of the two hours focusing
on how in his view and apparently the view of homeland security people turned to the sovereign citizen
milled mint wasn’t skiing started off by saying that there are probably since arbonne
citizens in this room and gave a generalized list of those groups that
have sovereign citizen views among the groups isn’t ski had listed where those who believe america was
founded on godly principles i would be main christians who take the bible literally that would be me and fundamentalists don’t know what that means exactly but i think that might be you and me who’s in speed did not explain that what
he meant by fundamentalist but from the context it was clear that
he was referring again to those who took the bible literally or quote too seriously well clues insti emphasize that
sovereign citizens have a right to their believes he was clearly teaching that the group’s
he had listed should be watched by law enforcement and should be treated with caution
because of their potential assault the law enforcement wasn’t ski explained that why you
believe these groups were dangerous as saying they were angry over the election
of a black president and part time but not all together when someone in the group suggested the
failing economy was probably much more to blame uh… losin’ ski said those who are not
going along with the changes in america will need to be controlled the by-law
enforcement even later he was questioned uh… by some of the troopers present and he question back and asked if they
were willing and prepared to confiscate illegal weapons if they were ordered to
do so his assignment with the colorado state
police was as an analyst for the colorado
information analysis center it is funded by homeland security and
run by the colorado state police wasn’t ski says he gets his information
from the department of homeland security he said he was leaving the c_s_ be at
the end of that week begin his new career with the department of homeland security under sheriff powers downey sheriff’s office as i said i set it up stairs to the newsroom when i got it and i i think my life subject line was this can’t be true dismiss or verify yesterday afternoon we verified that that is true this is not something new and if you believe it to be accidental you were foolish in missouri he was just and accident these groups were listed ron paul he party members people who had thus make lang i was just a mistake that was in missouri state police we’ve seen it over and over again we’ve seen members of this government referred to people as terrorists who are tea party members we have seen celebrities say that christians are as dangerous if not more dangerous than al qaeda we’ve now seen it in the department of
defense but that was just one nine that was an an accident he was just flying solo on that and now the colorado state police from a guy who’s leaving to go to the
department of homeland security i ask you if you’re a police officer i ask you if you are a i ask you if you are a service to make your decisions now because it will be a slippery slope have you ever listened tutsi party people if you really listen to the have you listen to what they’re saying have you ever interacted with them if you’re a police officer i can
guarantee you that if they’ve ever had a rally in
yorktown you’ve not had a problem with them i can guarantee you if you’re on this even if you disagree with him
politically you have seen a group of people just
exercising their first amendment right to assemble and to speak their mind and they most likely have treated you with lumber respect and they’ve treated your town they’ve treated it’s parks and they’ve treated our country and our
history with respect and you compare that to occupy wall
street and you compare that to what happened by the labor unions in wisconsin you make your decision are christians who believe in the bible or they extremists are christians who believe that this country was founded on godly principles the extremists you can disagree with it but to believe that they were an
extremist makes you extremist because you’re
disagreeing with his toric documents here disagreeing with the writings of
the founders their own words so you may disagree with them on why the founded the country but you would be that the extremist if you’re doing knowing reality carrots police officers your best friends have always been the law abiding citizen and

Tony wyaad