November 18, 2019
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C47 military DC3 flown by 95 year old veteran

Are you ready?
Ready. here we go,
I’ll help you with the throttles I’ll put my hand there. Yeah, put your hands up,
and you can push them on up a little bit Come on up with them… Keep coming. I’ll tell you when to quit. …bottom of the pedals on your feet,
there you go Push… there you go… push it on up…
looking good… 38 inches … 40 inches
power looks good 75 knots…and you’re good to rotate… looking good Okay, we got… we’re climbing good so I’m
going to get the gear. Gear up. Gear is coming up So I’d read Don King’s diary.
He said this airplane looked like a sieve and had four holes big enough to put your head through.
What do you remember about this airplane and Don’s story? I remember about the one that came in under the radio operator’s seat and lodged in Don’s parachute and burned it so he didn’t have a parachute to jump out.
Okay. The other thing I remember – We both felt nobody but
us made it through It was that bad? You felt like you were the only ones? That’s amazing! We had eight separate bullet penetrations and each engine had one and didn’t bother the engines And we we stayed at 500 feet they went down to the deck and I think we were better off. They were doing more shooting at the low ones than they were at us You were prepping for the D-day invasion… How much…you as a 21-22 year-old kid You didn’t get your orders real far in
advance How much did you all know about what was the what was coming? Did you know did you have a pretty good inkling of you guys were going to
invade France? We were briefed on the mission A day ahead of time. Well, the big thing they
stressed was timing because of the volume of aircraft flying into the areas trying to avoid mid air collisions …did a pretty good job on that. Is there any radio communication or is it silent? We always had complete radio silence …complete silence? So you didn’t know really if anybody
else got hit unless you saw them in front of you did you? Well, I did see the McClintock go
down and only three ‘chutes But they all four survived and were
taken prisoners. They were about 25 miles short of the drop area okay when they got shot down and it was on fire when it went down so it must’ve had a fuel tank hit. So when you launched for that mission, how many aircraft in your squadron did you launch together in that formation? Each squadron had 18 airplanes Four squadrons, so we had 72 airplanes So you got a lot of airplanes up pretty quick? Yeah, in 4 minutes and… 4 minutes, you launched on 72 aircraft? 4 minutes, 22 … 26 seconds was our record. Well I tell you what,
I sure have enjoyed talking to you and this old bird’s flying good isn’t it? Yeah, it’s really nice and smooth. Yeah it’s up here on top of these
clouds, it is absolutely just beautiful Well how about let’s go see if we can
land this puppy? All right. That sound like a plan? Okay the runway is right through there We’re a good little ways out, but I’m going to go ahead and
get your gear down, how about it? okay Gear’s coming down boost pumps coming off and mixtures going to auto-rich Good job… yep that’s the runway. That it way down there? Yep you can start your turn to final…
looking good You need a little bit of
trim? Or you doing okay? Doing ok. I’m going to give you flaps: one-quarter. Okay Probably should take a half when we get a little closer… You want a half now? No Okay
You just call them, I’ll give them to you It’s amazing how little you’ve forgotten.

Tony wyaad



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