February 29, 2020
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  • 10:50 pm Navy Racks – Boot Camp
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  • 7:50 pm Amir gets a hold of Alex’s phone | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)
Call of Duty 2 : Mission 1 – Red Army Training

19:39 the armies of Nazi Germany begin their
progress to Europe first of all is Poland then Denmark norway france belgium luxembourg and the
netherlands now the year is nineteen forty one with
an army over 7 million strong the Nazi war machine turns to the east and begins
the invasion of the Soviet Union using blitzkrieg tactics they advance quickly smashing relentlessly through the Soviet
defenses and arrive at the capital city of Moscow in under four months
desperately short of reinforcements the Soviet defense of moscow now falls
to thousands of raw recruits who must hold out against the well trained German
forces in the freezing cold of the Russian winter welcome to basic training comrades if you wish to survive you will
do exactly as I say now walk over to that table and pick up
those weapons you will have to move faster than that comrade you will need a real weapon if you wish
to kill the fascist look at your compass the star on the compass shows the
location of your current objective now go to the store and get a pistol and
a rifle move the weapons are on that table comrade
good now go back and report to the commissar veeerry good comrade always remember to use to start on your
compass to reach our current objective ok Vasily let us see how good your aim
is and one of those two teddy bears good a fire at the other one p stones and submachine guns might be
good for short-range comment but for long-range targets are rifle is better
step up to the shooting range for any comrades shoot those bottles and plates imagine that they are the enemy your
site you will be much more accurate that way not bad not bad good that’s another singing now let’s see how
well you can do under pressure you have 15 seconds to shoot the helmets
ready God yeah yeah good job come over here and bash this mannequin
with your rifle that Shin of complex come over here and pick up a grenade
beautiful day to discover , said why are we using potatoes instead of using it
because the real blood mage are valuable in fact they are worth a lot more that
you are no of course ,ninety percent – state now throw a potato into each other most marked target areas not bad not bad good throw not bad not bad , so we’ve
got a prisoner come take a look I see come with me yeah yeah I hope 30 hours God’s image next to the talking so let me said he says the enemy is
millions extra behind their lines to the south east of lincoln and they are
supported by half tracks and he understood more by like today doesn’t
journal attack for me to the southeast it looks serious collision coverage
there is an armory to the east in the basement of a house go there and load up
on ammunition and supplies I will stay and take care of our guests
remember what you have learned good luck yeah with you so machine and make sure you always make sure you have a full
magazine before you go so much on the line I don’t know the ceiling 30 it’s all right mark yeah now yeah got it the website we need to find a way around
this game going on in ok ok yeah I know fish again right yeah like I said you were in training there
is no better training comrade than fighting to survive

Tony wyaad



  1. Advitiay Anand Posted on June 21, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    Disable Steam Overlay popups during recording.. GJ bro 😀

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