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Captain America Civil War Official Trailer Breakdown

Hey Youtubers, it’s Charlie! so we got the full Captain America Civil War
teaser trailer let’s break it down it is gonna be so awesome biggest thing right away first
look at Black Panther in his Vibranium weave suit he’s gonna be so bad ass and I know it
seems like he’s fighting bucky in this but he might be one of those characters that switches
allegiance could is kind of a third-party in this is not from the United States and
I was a war machine here always going to side with Iron Man no matter what always going
to side with Tony is a military man through and through it looks like he is a new suit
to not enough to keep him from getting his ass kicked my other favorite moment from the
trailer is Captain Bucky double teaming Iron Man take take from that what you will enter
tumbles gonna have fun with that but don’t be surprised there’s no Spiderman in the trailer
they’re keeping that such a special thing that we probably won’t see him until the actual
movie maybe at the earliest that will be like a vision thing and they save it for the third
trailer that you like three big trailers after the teaser we also see Gen. thunderbolt Ross
not expecting Red Hulk anytime soon maybe the next time we get a solo Hulk film depending
on how the rights work out in Mark Ruffalo by the way was actually supposed to be Captain
America Civil War but they just stuffed it was so many characters that they felt like
there wasn’t room for him so they pushed in the Thor Ragnarok scarlet which also wearing
her new costume vision is in the movie to hopefully will see some conflict between those
two characters are really the big villain early on is gonna be crossbones obviously
Daniel Bruel is rumored to be Berendt’s email so he be a much bigger villain hopefully he’ll
surfaced later in the movie over the most part the heroes will be their own villains
that’s the biggest conflict of the movie if you have read marvels comic book Civil War
this movie actually used to not look anything like it but he got closer and closer and when
they got Spiderman a kind of pushed over the edge so you can think of this as being almost
exactly like comic book Civil War minus the few characters that they don’t own the things
you guys should be really losing your mind about though our Captain Bucky double teaming
Iron Man that she can have another new suit Is wearing his scale armor it looks kind of
like a cross between his Age of Ultron armor in his steel armor from the comics just a
little bit more bad ass the new avengers team were actually inside the avengers facility
here at the new facility we saw at the end of age of all trot Antman doesn’t show up
right away he doesn’t show up till after this scene here remember this appeared during the
Post credit scene and ant Man if you didn’t know Martin Freeman is also in the movie Sherlock
is all over the marble first now because Doctor strange Benedick Cumberbatch but he is playing
a government character was kind of a liaison to superheroes so I’m really curious to see
like what the political situation is with Wakonda coming into the universe and their
vibrating resources because Black Panther is actually one of the richest people on the
planet because by brainy and is so precious and adding that into the next Tony Stark’s
experience with vision is probably going to put vibrating him on his radar to what would
you do with by brainy and if you are Tony Stark probably built a lot of new suits because
this is Civil War though it is definitely not going to end well so I don’t think that
everyone is going to be shaking hands so I don’t know Tony Stark is gonna get a vibrating
suit are not in Black Panther seems like he’s going to be team For most of the movie so
I don’t think he be inclined to give it up either most you’re probably asking though
like what sets this soft why is everyone after Bucky will probably because information gets
out about all the shady stuff that he did when he was part of Hydra he was an assassin
for a long time he goes all the way back to Kennedy so with the US government go after
the person that they found that killed one of their US presidents but here’s a really
big Easter egg Bucky in the comics killed Iron Man’s parents so I don’t know if they’re
going to do that in the movie verse but if you like to be one more reason for Captain
America to fight with Iron Man to save his friend like you killed my parents all that’s
it you are done for is a part of the conversation is in humans because they’re developing them
on agents of shield but in say like the daredevil Netflix universe they been referring to them
as gifted people so I’m not expecting them to use the word in humans and Captain America
Civil War I think I’ll call them gifted or people with powers just like the Jessica Jones
series did but for the most part if the government being afraid of people with powers in general
whether good or bad in humans or they got their powers and some Stan Lee type of accident
so that’s what brings Gen. thunderbolt Ross into the mix and he’s kind of the figurehead
for the government in this movie not a big fan to superheroes let me know in the comments
below what you guys favorite moment from this trailer in I’m actually I’m and I’m going
to do a giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment on
this video it will be IMAX movie gift certificates for two people that ends up being like a $50
value all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment on this video
i’ll do a Q&A video in a day or two and i’ll announce the winners when I post that so just
for reference I think they’re going to be posting another trailer in a month or so like
when we get closer the Star Wars they’ll post a longer version of the trailer that will
give you a better idea of who’s on what team I’ve already done a video about the teams
there’s been a lot of rumors about that so put a link for that in the description everybody
proceed to freak out it is gonna be so awesome this December they’re so much stuff coming
we’ve already got Batman v Superman a Deadpool trailer coming there’s X-Men apocalypse and
of and of course Star Wars is coming out so while you guys wait for everything to post
you can click here for all my Captain America Civil War videos and you can click here for
all the Star Wars trailer videos I’ve been posting and don’t forget daredevil season
two is gonna drop just before Captain America Civil War is coming so find punisher T-shirts
it’s gonna be so awesome thank you so much for watching, everybody let’s high five and
I’ll see you guys tonight!

Tony wyaad



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