February 29, 2020
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Like anyone, the stars of the MCU mess up
sometimes, and the cast of Captain Marvel was no exception. Despite seasoned actors and Oscar winners
filling the movie’s roster, lines were forgotten, blocking was totally bungled, and goofiness
got the best of the stars more often than you might think. Brie Larson carried the weight of Captain
Marvel on her shoulders, and spent months preparing to play the high-flying heroine
as best as she possibly could. She devoted hours of her days to working out
in the gym, stuck to a strict diet, and even visited the U.S. Air Force Academy for some
up-close-and-personal priming. But when Larson acquired all that newfound
strength, knowledge, and know-how, she apparently lost an important basic skill. Multiple times during filming, Larson got
mixed up on the direction she was supposed to go and what she was meant to do with her
body. “Where’s my other hand supposed to go? I don’t know!” Larson again gets directionally confused while
filming a fight scene with Talos actor Ben Mendelsohn, who also could have used a helping
hand in the blocking department. The two rehearsed their tussle one way, but
when they got in front of the cameras, everything was backwards. “Other side! Get on the other side! I know we rehearsed it this way, but it’s
this way now!” Because the best things come in threes, Larson
tops these shenanigans off by barreling down a hallway…before realizing that she’s running
in the wrong direction. “I forgot I gotta go the other way!” Rarely do actors nail a scene in one take. Their performance may be spot-on, but the
lighting might be totally wonky. Maybe the set design is impeccable and the
mood exactly right, but the line delivery isn’t seamless. Like we said before: no one in the movie industry
is immune to mistakes. For the Captain Marvel crew, though, one scene
didn’t have just a single hiccup, it went wrong in almost every way imaginable. The sequence in question is the one in which
Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, and
Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau escape from the Kree warriors and the Starforce squad
in pursuit of Mar-Vell’s hidden laboratory that served as a refuge center for displaced
Skrulls. On-screen, the scene was flawless, but one
take turned hilariously disastrous. We’re talking rogue kitten, lighting mishap,
whole-cast-breaking-character disastrous. Look at this unbridled mess: “This is the worst take of anything that’s
ever happened.” Worst? Maybe. Most hilarious? Oh, you bet! If you thought the blooper featuring a real
cat playing Goose was rib-tickling, there are plenty of silly outtakes that find the
cast interacting with a fake feline, too. One take shows Samuel L. Jackson looking half-sad,
half-bemused to find out he’s shooting with a stand-in cat, especially since he keeps
getting fur on his nose. In another, Lashana Lynch can’t keep it together
while Jackson holds a faux Goose and keeps talking to it as if it was the real deal. “Good kitty!” That’s not all the feline fun the actors had
on set. In a third outtake, Brie Larson’s Carol throws
a prop cat at Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos, who is deathly afraid of Goose since the cuddly
creature is actually a shapeshifting, pocket-dimension-holding alien known as a Flerken. When she tosses the kitty at Talos, well…see
for yourselves: “That’s a no!” Remember that scene in the film where Phil
Coulson and Nick Fury team up to find out what the heck is going on after Carol Danvers
crash-lands on Earth? Y’know, after she destroys a Blockbuster,
and brings a pack of Skrulls trailing behind her? You’ll recall that the dynamic duo was attacked
by Skrulls, and it’s soon revealed that the Coulson sitting in the passenger seat of Fury’s
car isn’t the S.H.I.E.L.D. rookie at all. He’s really a Skrull who shapeshifted into
Coulson. The two fight for control of the steering
wheel, with Fury ultimately winning when he deliberately crashes the car and kills the
Skrull. That scene might’ve been wild to watch, but
the process of filming must’ve given the cast and crew a heaping helping of headaches, if
this version of the same scene is any indication, of course: “Hold on!” “S—.” “It’s okay.” “No, it’s not!” We aren’t privy to their medical histories,
but judging by the Captain Marvel gag reel, it looks like both Brie Larson and Ben Mendelsohn
might have a serious case of sweaty palms. Larson and Mendelsohn continuously dropped
things during shooting, ruining takes, but showing that, beneath all those flashy prosthetics
and CGI effects, they’re just as human as their fans. The outtake reel finds clumsiness getting
the best of Larson while filming the scene in which Carol Danvers retrieves the Tesseract from Mar-Vell’s laboratory orbiting Earth. “Aww, you broke it!” Slippery fingers plagued Mendelsohn when he
was trying to perform a cool trick with Talos’ scepter. He can be seen tossing it up in the air ever-so-slightly,
but having trouble grabbing hold of the darn thing when it comes back down. Each time he attempts the move, Mendelsohn
fumbles and the staff falls to the ground. After bleating repeatedly… …and dropping his props over and over again
on the Captain Marvel set, Ben Mendelsohn brought his silly streak to an end with a
rousing rendition of the 1960s tune “Release Me,” apparently because he was worn-out from
filming and just wanted to wrap for the day, peel off his facial prosthetics, scrub away
all his green Skrull makeup, and relax. After he ends a take, Mendelsohn declares
in a dramatic tone… “Thank you very much, goodnight!” When no one answers back, he starts singing
the opening lines of the 1966 track popularized by Engelbert Humperdinck, because…why not? “Please release me!” “No.” “Let me go!” “Nope. Nope. Not happening!” Despite that “Not happening,” this round of
shooting inevitably ended with Mendelsohn’s wish finally being granted, and he was, indeed,
released. We’re just happy that on this particular day,
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