March 30, 2020
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China’s grain squad was caught up by the enemy!Arrow soldier 39

Report, sir Ruts on the road It felt like they went to Mogu Mountain Well, those Eighth Army men seem to be badly frightened persons they betrayed their obvious weaknesses Such a bunch of assholes they dared to make a surprise attack on us while the head was out of the town what if I run away just in time I almost died Come on, go after them along those ruts Roger that, come on go Forward, double-march Come on, go now Deputy Liu Deputy Liu Deputy Liu Jian Hao Deputy Liu, I got something What gives Hou Qi, who took those bandits as well as hundreds of puppet armies, to us Around five miles far from us How about this, Jian Hao You, Zhuo Jiu, and Xiao Fei you three take a truck to scatter grain along the way to attract their attention to that fork and the rest of us, go with me Come on, go now Go now Time to go Come on, go Well, Xiao Fei Well, stop, stop Well, why are there two ways here To which direction Well What the hell is this Glutinous millet Well I got it We go along this line, made by glutinous millet, that’s ok Hang on What do you mean You dared to make a fool out of me They want to play tricks on us, crying in one direction but attack another What Guys, we need to go this way Are you sure, let’s go Follow me Come on Hou Qi I left you a slim chance of survival, but you chose to leave it alone you dared to walk right into the trap Li Jian, I’m waiting for you a long time Wise up, and put all your guns down maybe I’ll leave you another slim chance of survival or, I’ll shoot you guys down Stand by for the coming battle Or, we have to leave those provisions alone While there is life, there is hope Brother, shall I go to have a look Maybe I can get Hou Qi convinced to leave us alone Zhan Kui, it’s not so simpler than what you thought What if he chooses to show respect for our feelings he’ll let us go now He’s determined to win this time Well, I have to go to have a look All right, go ahead Buddy, be careful Hou Qi, I’m Huang Zhankui I have some words to tell with you Well, because of you who does me grea harm You go-ahead Well, are you gonna surrender to me or anything else Hou Qi, I used to save your life if you can leave us alone today All debts between us have been written off. Huang Zhankui what if it were years ago Maybe I would show respect for your feelings But it changed Now, I’m a guy working for the government Well, how could it be possible for me to let you guys go off
just for much bullshit just for much bullshit Who do you think you are May Heaven bless us, bringing you guys to me Well, you’re my present given to the officer To get you alive that’s so good for me to take credit and seek rewards from the head Hou Qi, you’re over the top There will be a day of retribution Well, hang on Captain Li, I knew those Eighth Route Army men well They won’t choose to surrender even they’re gonna die And you need to take time to get them alive and I’ll seek rewards for you from the head Well, I came here not for this What I want is to take revenge on those guys So, you talked too much, fire Fire Guys, stay down Tao Hua, watching out Fire Fucking guys Deputy Liu It’s going to be bad for us what if we keep old habits I’m telling you those fucking guys will come to us soon Then, we’re going to be caught between a rock and a hard place Well, give up those provisions if we have to Keep firing, more fire Yu Hai, time to go now you guys go into the mountain from Laoyu Mountain, and I’ll cover you guys Hurry up Guys, time to go Deputy Liu Li and Huzi are still there I can’t leave them alone Tao Hua, you guys go now It’s an emergency, and you need to stick to the big picture Come on, go now Don’t move Stop moving Another attack launched by Japanese troops on Wuhan begins Chinese troops take advantage of steep terrain in Dabie Mountian to check the invading troops delicately terminating countless Japanese troops As for Japanese troops, who terribly suffered Meanwhile, those puppet armies stationed in Dabie Mountain who wanna terminate those Eighth Army men in Jinshan Town they deployed countless troops to launch a heavy attack on Jinshan Town Great disparity in strength in order to retain our strength those advance troops of the Eighth Route Army offered to give up Jinshan Town to seize the opportunity to fight back Buddies, come on Those Eighth Route Army can’t hold up any more, come on, go after them Hang on Hou Qi, what do you mean Captain Li There’s a saying we do not pursue a hard-pressed enemy Those guys are always cunning and the terrian here is so complex what if they want to play tricks on us I thought both you and I can take the blame Well, we gained a lot today We need to reserve our strength, am I right Well, you’re brillant All right, withdraw troops and take their provisions Buddies, we won a resounding victory so I’ll seek rewards for you guys Good, fantastic

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