January 18, 2020
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Chinese army uses mortars to counter enemy! Great soldier 01

Stand by, come on Get up Come on, get up All men, wake up enemies are coming we need to get up to stand by Wake up, all men, wake up Enemies are coming How far They’ll arrive in 10 minutes Buglers, blow the bugle all men, stand by Buglers, blow the bugle we need to stand by Stand by Come on All men, stand by Come on Come on, be in your position Hurry up Zhen Chang, enemies are coming again Yep They’re almost here in 10 minutes We lost many guys yesterday but they make a comeback How many do they have as you predicted More than a battalion of troops Gosh, so many They have more guys than that of they had yesterday We need to get all men on the blockade back It seems they wanna terminate us all Zhen Chang how about this you take two company’s of troops to bypass from the back of the hill to take the opportunity which they got few on the blockade to tear it apart attacking their attention in order to release the pressure here All right, go now What do you mean You want me to go there They came with so many guys Do you think that I wanna leave you here alone Zhen Chang, you have to follow me Come on Hua Zi Here Take our cannons to the second defense work Yes sir All men here Stand by Yes sir You’re so stubborn Don’t dare to let me go alone as long as you come across some difficulties Mum tole me that God bless me Someone who chooses to stay with me can survive Stand by, aim at those convoys and follow my instructions Fire Stop, stop What Something is very wrong here It’s our turn Fire Stay down, stay down Such a bunch of assholes we can’t beat them down for a week they still have their patience Zhen Chang you’re right their goal is to terminate us all do you know that they came with good preparations so either they have their patience or they got sufficient bullets How long can we keep stayed here in terms of amounts of bullets in storage If we do like this at least 5 days left us Give me the telescope All right, fight against them as the way we did now getting guys from Battalion 27 covered All men, go back to the defense work, now Come on Go back to the defense work Come on Stay down As long as you hear the noise you need to rush to the second defense work Prepare the ladder Yes sir How’s going Cannons have been all settled down How about the work we done Perfect Well, that’s enough here is all on you with your cannons to teach those Communists a lesson The angle of No.1 cannon is 18 and No.2 is 25 No.3 is 43 Make a running fire for armored bullets follow my instructions Fire We need to step back now Fire Come on Come on Go back Come on, follow me Come on Didn’t you get hurt I’m fine How’s going Their gunfire is so heavy they changed another kind of shells which teared the first defense work apart No matter what we did, we have to keep here safe Political commissar it’s too hard, with so many casualties you need to take your people away I’ll play the game with them for a little while I’ll go back Negative My life itself matters, doesn’t your matter When I ordered you go, but didn’t you still choose not to stay In my opinion enemies are coming soon you have to do some assignments for the coming battle All right I’ll go to get some situation Be careful We go back Sir. Li Sir. Huang Are you serious about your coming, that’s too long if we didn’t run out of our bullets you guys would not come here We came here without delay You’re enough Now those Communists are all running away to the front It’s your turn to drive them out You’ll wait and see Guys after those guys from Battalion 22 drive Communists out we’re gonna terminate them all no one would be left Yes sir All men, stand by We need to lean on the defense work to stay down Come on Follow my instructions Stand by Fire Fire Come on Get covered We’ve been surrounded Get the political commissar covered, go back now Step back Go back, now Good We hit all targets A good job Scouts Here You go to get some information about their casualties Come on Yes sir Cannons, stand by settle cannons down How dare they make a comeback You got mountain cannons but we had cannons How’s going Heading to the southeast, for the angle of 30 Southeast, the angle is 30 Got it Southeast, the angle is 30 Southeast, the angle is 38 Open a fire until we run out of our shells The distance is 1500 Open a fire until we run out of our shells Fire Heading to the east sightly Come on, head to the east for the angle of 5 Fire What the hell is going on Well done Keep going Step back Go back for 500 meters Come on, go back for 500 meters Come on Go to the first defense work, now All right Signal corps Sir Wire to the head office, to ask for help Yes sir Sir the head office wired back there’re no reinforcements here and propose that all men should be under the control of leader of Battalion 3 to be a reinforced class getting enemies surrounded Step back Yes sir Sir we got a telegraph from those Communists they said they wanna take Cui Shiren, their political commissar to the peaceful place There’s a saying that a wise man knows when to retreat our mission is to get the hill sealed to trap those Communists We have to step back now We step back for 500 meters What you said makes sense Buddies step back for 500 meters Yes sir Go now

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