February 20, 2020
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  • 7:51 am Chinese soldiers assassinate Japanese experts to seize classified information!Jagged soldier 12
Chinese arrow soldier skillfully defeated the enemy and rescued the beauty!Arrow soldier 28

Can we do it now We can’t So many enemies are there, but fewer of ours we need to work on it Captain, I got it What’s that We will do something there to attrack thier attention and you bypass from here to get Kobayashi alive Well, pretty cool, must do a reappraisal of you now Do as you said, go now Let’s go Who the hell are you We’re both in a single line So hot weather Well, having a swim here that’s so nice Be serious Come on, get on Come here, swimming is to have fun Come on What the hell are you going to do Let me go now Zhuo Jiu, I’ve taken the guy you wanted here well, it’s on you Well, the ending you had that’s beyond your imagination Who the hell are you and what are you gonna do Who am I that doesn’t matter Have you recalled that you’ve been in Huangjia Town and have you recollected that what you’ve done there Of course I did I was on my mission to collect military rations, terminating guerrilla forces Well, to rape pretty girls that’s the part of your mission I’ll kill you today on my own and I wanna take revenge for Chun Xiang What the hell are you gonna do Well, you’re scared, and you don’t dare to do it you don’t dare to kill me I wanna tell you what if you dare to do me the slightest harm We people, the main Japanese force, will get you and kill you we wanna kill you all Even he’s our captive, he’s indeed a demon who has punished, that’s what he deserved Well, I promise you can survive Now, time to take you to the hell You dare to do that Pin him on the shutters taking him to Zhaojiayuzi let them know that evil is rewarded with evil All right Sir, you did a hard job You, go to have a look at it Roger that Captain Li, something is very wrong here It’s Kobayashi, who’s dead What Who did this, come on, turn up Come on, go back first Long Fang you must be alive The fifth uncle How’s he going well, you have to say something come on, say something I’m so worrying about him The fifth uncle, how’s Long Fang going Well, not good He got terribly hurt who has a continuous high fever while getting infected I’m afraid he can get through tonight Long Fang, who has both luck and fortune experiencing great upheavals and changes Well, it’s impossible for him to fall through The fifth uncle, you need to tell me he’s all right, isn’t he The fifth uncle, tell me he’s all right Long Fang, who’s bold enough doing a good job he’ll be posthumously awarded a Special-Class Merit Citation What’s that He’s gone, what’s that Special-Class Merit Citation for The fifth uncle, anything else can get him better Well, I tried my best for all drugs what comes next is all on him What if he has both luck and fortune he’ll be all right after he gets through tonight Well, Long Fang who has both luck and fortune he can be all right Boss What the hell is going on where did he get him Outside the gate of the town He came here on the carriage, and we got nobody there Boss, Ms Zhang is here Asshole Ms May, relax that’s all because something happened in Huangjia Village For my money, those Eighth Route Army men didn’t do it shall Huang Zhankui and his people do it Well, it’s impossible We defeated them in Langya Mountain it’s not time for them to take revenge for us Those Eighth Army men should be responsible for this Well, what should we do Boss you need to take some clergies here to save the souls of him from hell You take it easy, Ms May I’ll do as you said Pangzi, take this carriage away All right Take it, let’s go Asshole come with me we need to drenched Huangjia Village in a bloodbath, and no one would be allowed to get alive Hang on We must take revenge for him but it’s not now Reprisal for a wrong should be directed at the perpetrator so slaughtering the masses is not the best policy what if we infuriate those Chinese people those Chinese troops will go against us We suffered a failure just now we can’t afford to complicate the problem so we need to take our time with this Ms May, I regret that I cannot comply with your wishes What if we choose to do nothing for his death well those guys will stop at nothing to kill our people that also brings us negative impacts on our morale So those fucking guys must take the blame, no matter what the cost Sir, I deeply understood what you thought that may be possible But now you can’t leave here to stop those Eighth Route Army men from ambushing us We need to do a thing until the situation goes well Remember, to do nothing or to terminate them all letting those Chinese troops know we’re quite something so they won’t dare to go against us

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