February 20, 2020
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hurry, go move on, hurry go, fast Hurry up, keep up, hurry up hidden yingzi You take the brothers from another way Brother, I stay here, you go. listen to me The captain is waiting for the bullet that you brought back, go go hurry It’s him, the last time he was, catching the living, chasing Fast, grab him, don’t let him run, chase! go, hurry Fast, grab him, don’t let him run, chase! chase! stop chase stop, go, go he is there, go go, hurry wuying Wuying, come back, great. where is bai My brother is surrounded by enemies. He is now surrounded by enemies We have to hurry to save him, I put the bullet box here. ok, miss miao theis way, you take people stay here you, go with me, hurry go, put the bullet box there go, hurry We returned to the position, yes stop stop there, go boss bai, bro how are you, bro come here , go, take care bro, are you ok? why are you so late, i am almost die Brother, I thought we would never see you again. Go back quickly, ok, go, Pick up the gun shaozuo, you know it well The New Fourth Army is really waiting for the rescue The new Fourth Army, who went out to report the last time, has been forced by us. He is jumping off the cliff. The current town of Xianghe is like a petrol barrel. Flies can’t fly out prepare the car we are going to the xianghe town ok, i can’t wait to fight the new forth army shaozuo, don’t you Nurture your hurt then fight? no This is the three-box bomb that Baisan exchanged for life. Also our only three-box bomb comrades The support of the superior will take three days to arrive. The situation is very serious now. The enemy may attack at any time We must be prepared Look, if the enemy wants to attack the town of Xianghe Must attack from the trails and roads in the east wuying, caibiao You two defend the road in the east Construction work, more soldiers are guarded by mobile soldiers. Once there are enemies, you will immediately fire a warning to us. yes sir youwei liuchan, liufei, xianger You follow me and guard the gates to the east. what about me? Your injury is very serious, let’s rest at home. This is nothing. Now is a very important moment, I have to participate Brother, look, don’t talk nonsense. OK, baisan, don’t make a noise In this way, you and wuying, caibiao, defend the path in the east, be careful, ok? Comrades, now we have very few bullets. You have to remember to save bullets when fighting. you, take people from here look at here The emperor came chiban sir, it’s so late why are you here Commander niu, I command you You are sending people right now, to cooperate with the special team to attack the town of Xianghe. attack now? It’s already dark, it’s going to rain, you can’t see it. Stupid pig, is it not warring when it rains? shiyuan sir, can you be polite or you can quarrel with the new forth army don’t quarrl with me ok, stop Execute immediately, commander niu Collect, attack xianghe town yes sir It’s too late, why is it war? that’s it, we can’t sleep now listen, it’s raining outside It’s unfortunate that this weather is going to fight. just let us to die It is useless to blame The commander needs to listen to the Japanese command what are you waiting for? hurry up yes sir gather 5 min later. yes sir hurry up, fast chief of staff You have always been against the reckless forcible attack. and now The Japanese forced our brothers to die in heavy rain. these are all brothers together with us for many years Such sacrifices will one day lose the family of the commander. i have no way Commander gongben has given the command to chibanlongyi he order us must fight toughly we have to listen to them But force the brothers to die. This is easy to cause the military change, you think about it. If someone ran away, what should we do If this happens really we can just kill them chief of staff These are the brothers who have been fighting with us for many years. Do you think I am willing? I do not want to! if i don’t do like this Maybe the commander will die too

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