February 16, 2020
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  • 7:51 am Chinese soldiers assassinate Japanese experts to seize classified information!Jagged soldier 12
Chinese hunter army cleverly disguised and killed the Japanese army!Hunter soldier 27

But the problem is, we were chased after by Jap suckers. They are pushing so hard that we are running out of time. Otherwise, we could go separately. Okay, I am with them as a group, you go alone yourself. Well,I never said it. My lord. My lord. I’m honored you’re here. What are you doing here? We’re just passing by, delivering goods. Oh,My lord. You are getting in. Hurry up. Wake up, you guys! Get in. Go. You said you delivered the goods. What about the goods? My lord, all the goods have been delivered. These are workers. Passing by, we were too tired, so we rest here for the moment. Take in. Get out, get out. Move. What are you doing? What are you doing? No, no, no. No, no, no. Don’t shoot. Lord, we’ve been hurried on the road for days. No foods, no drinks. We are too tired to move. Gentlemen, gentlemen. We, we… haven’t eaten for days. Gentlemen, please let us take a break. They are tell the truth, gentlemen. We’re really tired! Yeah, yeah, just take a break before we go. Gentlemen, please let us take a break. I don’t care whatever you do. There is an order, once we spot someone suspicious, take in custody immediately. Hurry up! Stand up. You Jap sucker. You asshole. Several of you, go and bury these corpes. Dazui, go back with me to pick things up。 Hurry up. Go, go, go. Commander, Hasegawa takes ordered and return to the army. Good. How’s the matter going today? It’s all arranged at your command. I have notified several counties nearby to pay close attention to all routes leading to the Eighth Route Army base area, to set up cards at important crossings, to increase patrols, and take in suspicious persons immediately. Any news from Kasahara? Colonel Kasahara has been on the Mount Tsing Lung. As if he had been stationed there. The specific situation is still unclear. I was expected to send someone over there, but I never had a chance. It seems that his is not aimed at County Qingtian, but Mount Tsing Lung. In this case, it turns out that we helped him. Mount Tsing Lung. He’s holding down the hunters in Mount Tsing Lung, so that we don’t have to worry about the safety of Qingtian County for the time being. But will this weaken…? Don’t worry. As long as we get the intelligence from the woman, not to mention the small Qingtian County, the whole provincial city, or even the whole Southeast Asian war, will change for it. It will be a feat in the annals of the Great Japanese Empire. We need to hurry up. We’ll catch up very soon. It’s so hot. Look, who’s over there? I’m talking to you. Gentleman. What are you doing here? I am collecting herbs. Collecting herbs. Where are you from? Poplar Beach. I’m just going to Poplar Beach. It’s autumn harvest. I’m just thinking about collecting food. You, lead the way. Go. Go, go, go, go. Take the basket, go. Come on, go, go, go, go. Catch the boy. Little jerk. He just freaked me out. This little jerk. Shit. Please, don’t… Stop it, don’t run. little fucker, Let me go, right now! Otherwise, you’ll wait and see how I take away your house. Little bastard. How dare you to offend the Imperial Army. That’s punishable by death. Brother, please let us go. Brother, please just let us go. I’m not your brother. You fucking traitor. Brother, we are Chinese. We’re just scraping our living. If you don’t say, I’ve forgotten, We are all Chinese people. Traitors are not Japanese. Yes! Yes. We were just taking orders. Please, let us go. If I let them go, they’ll certainly report to Jap suckers. Little Stone. What are you waiting for? The pass. Brother Shunzi. You really got this working, I’m impressed. How did you get the carriage? I hired one. So that we can move faster. Good. Take it, Little Stone. Get on the dress quickly. Cuilan. You keep it. Where’s the pass. Did you get it? Here it is. Terrific. Since we got it, it’s much more convenient. Let’s get on the carriage. Seen from the marks, it was hacked by a sharp axe. Without question, It’s the hunters. It is estimated that they should be passing by at dawn. Why they left this mark? Referring to intelligence, They also take diverse route and go in batches. But no trace of Kongmei. Commander, Are you suspicious that, we’re meeting with deceptive forces all the way along? we’re confronted with deceptive forces all the way along? Kongmei is not necessarily on these routes. No way, they don’t have the pass. They can’t take the road in the daylight. They fled from Mount Tsing Lung. This routine is the fastest routine they can only take to the Eighth Route Army Base. Kongmei must be in this area. Copy that. I am going to arrange that, search this area thoroughly. Report commander, soldiers of the Royal Confederation Army said that they have something important to report to you.

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