February 16, 2020
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  • 7:51 am Chinese soldiers assassinate Japanese experts to seize classified information!Jagged soldier 12
Chinese Hunter vs Japanese Soldier!Hunter soldier 02

Stop Shun Zi And what’s your plan Nothing, do something as usual Besides hunting Is that Is he the guy who took my water bottle Let’s go Stop, stop Da Niu You guys come to save them, and I’ll go to attract Japanese troops All right You need to be careful Go now Stop Don’t move, do you wanna die You Give me some water Wake up, wake up Come on, wake up Take him back Let’s go Why didn’t you tell me I’ve called the head office They told me you were in the military meeting you couldn’t answer the call Are you sure is what we ‘re looking for Not yet, we’re waiting for you for further steps But when we got him yesterday he heavily fought back One of them who’s highly skilled in using a spear killed so many of us He’s been finally shot down by me, dropping down the cliff Send people to find his body, or get him alive of he survived Come on, go now Grandma, there’re Japanese troops here Where’re they Over there Come on Grandma, go now Come on, go Grandma Is that guy our villages’ Shi Tou, you need to go back to the village now to send the message to Shun Zi and his people you said our people has been taken by Japanese troops Send people here to save them Grandma, what about you I need to stay here You could run fast, so you need to be back to send the message Come on, go I’m so curious about why are you, such a pretty girl so crucial, that there’re so many people dead in order to protect you What kind of secrets did you have I’m so hoping that the conversation between us is on the move n a cordial and friendly atmosphere But if you wouldn’t fully join us you could have a try you know there’s no secret by torture You’re wrong When a person is over the limit of suffering then the awareness of self-protection would be initialized A person who processed a strong will would choose to close his sensory nerve that enables him to be in a slack condition If it goes worse you would get nothing from him but a body Come on ,go now Go Captain, come on, go Gou Bang Kong Mei You woke up What’re you talking about after you’ve been went after by those Japanese troops Who’re you calling, just to be honest Who the hell are you Never try to tell me you’re that bodyguard Do you think we’re all idiots Thank you for saving me I have many things todo, so I need to go now Take it easy, sit down, you didn’t finish your talking You need to tell us why did those Japanese troops go after you Go ahead, if you don’t wanna tell us the truth you would never go out Buddy, your wound has been redressed nothing serious, you can go now Shun Zi I owed you guys a big thank-you Thanks, you take care See you Shun ZI, Shun Zi My grandma chose to go to block those Japanese troops off What the hell Dad, do you think is that woman we’re looking for Not yet, I’m not sure about it But she should have history In my sight, she needs punishment then we would get what we want Dad shall we report to the head office Negative Officers from the higher level issued the order to take her without knowing what’s going on I’ll question her tomorrow I just wanna see what’s the secret we can get from her She’s so calm and bold when she faced me she should have history We’ve always lived a peaceful life here those Japanese troops have always stayed in the town never choose to go up the hill Why did they choose to come here I heard someone from the town said that they might take some Eighth Route Army men Shun Zi, her wound is narrow but slender It can only be done by the Japanese bayonets so it’s done by those Japanese troops Grandma, we must take revenge for you

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    Up phim long tieng xem ban oi

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    Alah lemah pasukan jepang

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    I love the hunters very much they attacks the enemy with skills

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    cho xin têm phim với ad

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