April 3, 2020
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Chinese hunters rescued the Chinese Army from the Japanese army!Hunter soldier 08

Where’re you going Go to the hill What’s in there Various household needs I wanna take them to the hill for exchanging Have you seen the notice Nobody would be allowed to go in and out of the hill You have to go back Sir, please What do you mean Sir, please All right, you go ahead, but you need to be hurry up Thank you so much Thanks You need to slow down Slow down, come on Slow down Shun Zi You have a look, is it lovely Look They should be Guo Bang and his fellows So the way we’re on is all right Da Niu, let’s go Stop Sir Who the hell are you We’re hunters on the hill The path has been closed, go back Sir Honey, you need to be down first Sir, please My wife, who’s terribly ill The doctor on the hill can’t get her cured he advised us to go down the hill, going to the town for treatments Negative, we got the message from the head the path has been closed, nobody would be allowed to go in and out you need to go back Sir Please, give us a hand Well, you’re brilliant, go ahead Thank you sir Thanks, come on, honey Our head is coming Sir The path has been closed Get out of here Sir Let’s go Stop Sir Turn around I said you need to turn around Come on How’re you going, are you ok I’m fine Let’s go Kong Mei what if we can’t get out of here you need to give all things on your body and I would destroy them Even we’re dead we can’t afford to get alive on those bad guys’ hands They would got nothing from us You mean All right I’m the secret Why didn’t I get to the root You two If I can’t come to you guys you would wanna stay on the hill all along Shun Zi, you came to us in time I thought we’re gonna die here If you wanna die here, that’s ok you never wanna die on Qinglong Mountain, let’s go Come on, go Lady, what’s wrong with you Lady What happened to her Cui Lan, give me the knife It’s snake venom What the hell are you gonna do Cui Lan, calm down, it’s the matter of life and death What I did can only get the time the poison taking effect delayed If I wanna get her cured we need to find out a kind of characterized herbal medicine on Qinglong Mountain We have to go Da Niu and Guo Bang, let’s go Lady, come on Go now It’s too high There’s nobody going up there do you wanna die Shun Zi, it’s my turn Well, you’re enough You’re an expert on attending a battle but it’s not on you Cui Lan we people on Qinglong Mountain is it possible for us to make no efforts to save them whose life is endangered I can’t do it You need to talk to her, don’t let her have a sleep Kong Mei Da Niu, you need to wake up Shall I go She’s gonna die if you’re waiting for me Give me the knife Be careful, slow down Kong Mei Kong Mei, you need to wake up Kong Mei, hold on Shun Zi Cui Lan, he can be all right you’re yelling at him that made him scared Are you annoying Shun Zi Shun Zi, you’re all right to come back If something goes wrong I would kill you Well, I see We need to save her, is that ok Yep, she’s almost dead Kong Mei, do you feel better Yep, I’m fine Less painful than I felt just now All right, you’re recovering your strength I’ll take some water here Thanks Shun Zi, who almost fell out of the mountain in order to take the herbal medicine for you and he Cui Lan, you’re enough Shun Zi, I wanna thank you Everything is ok if you’re all right Come on Stop Go after them Sir we’d better send the message to our head They got injured so they couldn’t run far aways from her If you choose to go back for sending the message we would miss the opportunity, come on, go after them Go now Hurry up

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