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Where are they heading They’re heading to Shimendong Get them surrounded from both sides to terminate them all Something is fvery wrong here Great What’s that Gou Bang’s troops were coming when I heard the noises Well, Guo Bang would have a battle with Japanese troops Guo Bang should be here with his Eighth Route Army men We need to come to give them a hand Little stone you need to take the older king and other people to the base first Got it Hei Zi and Cui Lan, you need to take some of your people to go now King, we’d better leave here now All right, go It felt like those Japanese troops knew us in advance Yep, they’re so many people coming, keep firing It felt like they’re not hunters Fujiwara, you need to take several detchments to move forward, 50 meters ahead of us, outflanking them from the right Got it, you guys, go with me Captain, those Japanese troops are on the move now They wanna outflank us from the right we can’t leave them any chances to do that and we can’t afford to be trapped, come on, go Go after them SIr, sir We step back now Let’s move Guo Bang, it’s me, Guo Bang You’re coming, Guo Bang Why are you here with fewer people Would he come here with more than 100 people We took all of our people here they’re all here now, they’re falling in at the bottom of this hill And we guys came to explore the way The priority is to find you guys Well, it’s useless to take fewer people here Why did you have a battle with those Japanese troops We saw so many Japanese troops who’re on their beat on our way here we didn’t confrnt them But they knew us We have no choices but to have a battle with them And it’s great to meet you Well, where’s Da Niu He’s dead, staying in Qinglong Mountain forever Well, let’s go back to our base first Buddies, come on, go now All right, just put them here Guo Bang We’re back Well, you guys in the Eighth Route Army who always keep your promise you can come back to give us a hand even you’re in such a difficult situation To resist Japanese aggression and save the nation And we have other things to deal with after coming back it’s more than to help you to take Shimendong back to you guys we must take a fortress which’s established by those Japanse troops Well, we’re all out of fashion We stayed here too long we’re unaware of what happened to Qinglong Mountain after it was ravaged I heard from LIttle Stone So many bunches of Japanese troops relieve a garrison As for Sugawara and Matsui who have been terminated by us Now, troops who took Shimendong over whose head is called Wushilan We stand them for such a long time It’s time for us to turn the situation around The King, I’m coming and I took you guys much game Shitou, look I had two jars of fine wine Well, all men are here it’s time for partying here Sir, you called me here We confronted those Eighth Route Army men Where Here, on Qinglong Mountain These days I ordered you to safeguard the gate of the hill I can’t imagine they exploited some loopholes Of course that’s not the reason why I took you here On our way there I got a cave for hiding The cave Sir, look That’s the black gunpowder That means the cave where’s not for the warehouse only and given lines of footprints there there used to be thousands of people hiding there Fujiwara, who analysed things got there found that women and children were hiding there without any combat effectiveness For this encounter they should not be their main forces they should be their advance troops Takada please, you need to hold on to deploy troops to safeguard there Even we chose to let those Eighth Route Army men in the priority is to watch them about their movements Got it We met those Japanese troops so they’ll stay vigilant As the keeper in the battlefield Wushilan and his troos are so hoping we can open a fire right now that means we’ll turn ourselves up Before they finishe their fortress for all Japanese troops on Qinglong Mountain who are all in Shimendong So we need to take this opportunity before finishing their position to meet them to drive them into Shimendong getting them trapped After terminating their effective strength then it’s time for pressing forward to the enemy headquarters Well, Kong Mei have you found that Shun Zi, who has a sensitive feeling towards seizing the opportunity for combat Well, you’re right we have to buck the trend for moving forward and we can’t be trapped by our enemies So, we need to seize the opportunity that our enemies are flustered to launch a surprise attack on Shimendong so those enemies won’t depoly more troops thoughtlessly When would we launch that attack Send the message to all men that we should act with caution and we would step back right now as soon as enemies know us These places are those where are getting closer to the fortress and this’s the key part of the whole fortress on Qinglong Mountain Nothing can go wrong with this We need to deploy major parts of our troops to some places nearby as a bite to attract those Eighth Route Army men’s attention terminating them all by concentrating the fire But as soon as we choose go separate ways as for the place nearby Shimendong that’s gonna be our weak point Those Eighth Route Army men’s goal is to tear our fortress into pieces and for those hunters, who want to take their place over I’ve told to Fujiwara to settle some mines down through the night in odrer to keep us from their surprise attacks As for this mine position, which’s the first defence line then I’ve sent our people dig a trench somewhere’s ahead of Shimendong, around 300 meters that’s prepared for all eventualities

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