April 8, 2020
  • 11:33 am US Navy Must Do This to Defeat Chinese in War
  • 11:32 am Dragunov Variations: Military SVD, Izhmash Tiger, Chinese NDM-86
  • 11:32 am Autonomous weapons could change battlefields of the future [Advertiser content from ICRC]
  • 11:32 am US Nimitz Class vs Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier – Military / Navy Comparison

Dr Fujiwara, what happened to your hand? The things inside the case are very important. Can’t leave my side for a moment. Dr Fujiwara is so dedicated, really let me admire This is what I should do. Please sit down and talk Yes, yes, please. Dr Fujiwara, there is no water left I will go and get some. OK. How is your master, Lord Yokota? He is very well. Originally, the master is going to pick you up by himself But, the master is closing himself these days He is going to fight with a Chinese Ace Lord Yokota still like battling with other You, as their apprentices, should not only learn his martial arts, but also study his spirit. You’re right. I heard that Lord yokota’s martial arts have improved a lot. We’ve heard that in the domestic. Yes, the master is closing himself recently. He is practicing the highest level of Tian Shui Liu very hard. It’s just not reaching there yet. So today, he can’t pick you up by himself. I am sorry about that. Sr, your dishes have been wellcooked Come in! Please! Please! You had a hard journey. Let’s have meal together. OK. You shouldn’t do this! What are you doing? what is happening over there? Let’s go and check. OK. Don’t touch me! This is ridiculous Are you still human after doing such a thing How dare you bully our Chinese girls? Are you still under the law? You can’t leave today. What’s going on here It is unable to let he leave. There you are, big brother. Come and see, Kawashima is fighting with the people Dr Fujiwara, you eat first. I’ll go and check. Must be careful. OK. You watch at the door Don’t let anyone disturb Dr. Fujiwara OK. Ozawa, you come with me. OK. Sr, Your dishes have been complicated. Please enjoy. You three have worked so hard Sit down and eat together Thank you, Dr Fujiwara, Come here. Dr, my stomach doesn’t feel good. I am going to use the toilet. It’s OK. You bully the Chinese in public. Are you still human? You are shameless I’m going to be rude. What are you want to do? Bullying Chinese girls in public. Are you still human? How could that be? Don’t be noisy! Don’t you want to live? Doing this in public. Look, there’s something going on. Look at the person over there. Does he come from Yokota dojo? The Yokota dojo in Chao Yang city? Has anything to do with the Japanese expert? What a coincidence! It is better to believe in something than to believe in nothing. They came over there. Let’s go and check. there is no necessary to look, it must be this inn. What a coincidence we’re here. There are Japanese gatekeepers The person who we are finding must be inside. OK. Let’s go and check. Biao Zi, keep watching. Xiang Er, follow me. OK. He is already dead. How could it be? They all died. There’s a man with his hand cut off These people have all died strangely Their faces look black They must have been poisoned. Ignore this thing. Find what we want as quickly as possible. I will search in this room. You can search in the guest room. OK. You are in public… Shut up! Bully our Chinese girls. The imperial army is coming. Get the hell out of here The devil is coming. Everybody run Run! Run! Get out of the way! Move fast! Lord Sakata, what are you doing here? It’s really good! Lord Matsui, why are you also here? I’m on the orders of my master, Yokota, coming to pick up his old friend Dr Fujiwara. What a coincidence! You are here to pick up Dr Fujiwara, too. Where is he? Take me to him. OK. Follow me. Please. Move fast. Xiang Er, did you find that? No, how about you? I have searched every room. Didn’t find what we were looking for Someone did it before us. Are they also for these materials? Oh, no, here comes the devil. Where did the devil come from? I don’t know. And a lot of them is coming Should we get out of here? Wait a minute. Use the back door. OK. Go. What is going on? Something’s wrong. Liao Qi, bring some people in You guys come with me. OK. What has happened? Dr Fujiwara? Dr Fujiwara? He’s dead. He had just been killed. Who did this? He was fine just a moment ago. Where is the material with him? Find it out. Look at this, Lord The case which is used to hold the material, was handcuffed to the doctor’s hands Now his hands have been cut off. The material must have been stolen. It must be someone from the new fourth army who did this. Jinbiao Wang! Here. Take some people to chase them. Must take Dr Fujiwara’s material back to me. OK. Let’s go. Lord, this one’s still alive. He is Dr Fujiwara’s assistant, Wl Koji. Come on. Immediately take him back to Chao Yang city hospital. Yes. Hurry up. OK. Tycoon! Tycoon! Tycoon! How’s that?Did you catch the killer? There’s no clue to the killer. But it is no doubt that This must be the work of the new fourth army. They were so cruel. Lord Sakata, what are you thinking about? Is there anything wrong? There is indeed something wrong. This is not like the new fourth army This is not their style. They wouldn’t use such cruel methods. Besides, the shopkeeper was killed with a knife. If it was the new fourth army, what they want is just the material. They will never kill an innocent citizen. The murder must be someone else. So what are we gonna do next? Jinbiao Wang Here! Get me the warden of Xinqiao right away. Besides, Bring all those who are not dead, in the Da San Yuan inn. OK. Move! Follow me. Move fast.

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