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Chinese soldiers robbed enemy tanks to defeat the enemy!Chinese soldier 01

Let’s move Have they known us Take it easy, rush to the armoured car then we’re gonna make a shortie Where’re you gonna go To leave Nanjing My car is over there, I can give you a ride Well I don’t know where’re you gonna go To Wuhan or Chongqing You need to do after hearing from me, are you clear Sir we have to go now Come on, go now Move Stay down Come on, go now Hurry up Move fast Shit All men, get on to go after them come on, go after them Hurry up, after them Come on, go after them Go now Go after them Follow me, come on, got it Come on, follow me Go after them, follow me They’re almost here, what should we do Take it easy There’s one of our cars, which broke down ahead of us we can take ours as the shield for gettin them covered Take it easy, Captain Yuan I’m here, staying with you everything is gonna be all right Come on, hurry up Move fast There’s the station of those Japanese troops inside well, we need to leave something as the gift for them Xiao Hanqian wire to Japansese artilleries Yes sir You go to have a look Yes sir, guys, come with me Got it, yes sir Forward Take this car away from here Got it Get the car out of here Yes sir Hunters the subject confirmed, where’s No.3 area within No.081 garrison area 10-F C-4 Three shots, full speed Come on Come on Why there’s nobody coming here Asshole, those sons of bitches who didn’t send anyone else here How could it be possible Well, what should we do now What if we can’t go across the river then we need to make a shortie as the route scheduled before to find our main troops Sounds good Negative the place where’s been taken over by those Japanese troops where’s not safe Come on Move fast, come on Hurry up look We have to go now How about this place, where’s in a poor condition I wanna tell you, here’s gonna be absolutely safe Guys, we need to have some rest now Well, are you sure about that No one can have a good sleep at this critical moment Buddy, you need to take it easy just speak a little bit slightly there’re Japanese troops outside what if they know us we’re gonna die here Well, just bring them here none of us can escape We’re gonna die here, shit We need to work on it You guys, just take it easy we can indeed figure it out to go across the river Where’re you gonna go Get some fresh air You need to have some rest here Please sit down We thought too much but it’s us who made a mistake Have you thought about it Nothing about the mistake you mentioned you mean there’s a spy inside So that makes sense that there’s always the coincidence those Japanese troops should get the information earlier than we imagined It felt like it’s not safe for us staying here There’s no time to be lost, we need to leave here as soon as possible Now it’s curfew there’re Japanese troops everywhere in the street well, we cannot afford to stay here if it were We need to turn to Huayuanxiang The communication station has not been restored and there’re many kids there so we can’t go to Huayuanxiang Heading to the northern street The northern street where many Japanese troops did searching that’s what makes there safer Hankou The urgent telegraph from Nanjing communication station Read it The operation failed, and we failed to join forces together with people evacuated Have a try for the frequency used by Shi Yongkai Got it Their station is offline Deputy Yang, what’re you doing now Wire Nanjing staton to find those people evacuated by going to this place Got it I can’t make it clear who the hell are these guys are they Communists We failed because of you, who underestimated the enemy you need to be responsible for that Mr. Shen It’s you, who made me missed the opportunity you also need to be responsible for it No need for you to worry about that they can’t escape, who’re still in Nanjing you’ll have the opportunity to get them alive All exits for coming in and out of Nanjing hav been locked down so those guys would never take the opportunity to leave Nanjing Nagano before calling to account by the commander you need to rush getting them alive Report Come in Shu Nv wired us All men, go now, come on Yes sir, hang on We’re gonna get our enemies alerted You always talk of old habits I’ve been tricked by what you told me, getting enemies alerted No matter what the cost today I’ll take those goddamn guys alive or the commander would blame us it’s gonna be troublesome You knew nothing about it We need to go now Yes sir

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    Pas en FRANÇAIS ni sous-titres !? C DÉCEVANT quand on n'y comprends rien aux dialogues, pourtant je suis passionné de films de guerre et ACTION ,donc je ne m'abonnerai PAS !

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    Scary Japanese leader with evil eye gets unraveled.

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    Как называеться этот филь ?

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    kak tolong suaraya kata indoneai yang bayak orang indonesi
    yang cinta indonesi kita doakkan paratentara indonesi bisa didekat allah swt yang setuju lik disini👎

  13. Aizat Junaidi Posted on December 7, 2019 at 5:30 am

    japanese soldier are so dumb and stupid and get trick with chinese soldier

  14. abc64pan Posted on December 8, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    Damn Japanese imitators! They stole the Star Wars Imperial officer uniform designs! Shame on them!

  15. Alan Moore Posted on December 9, 2019 at 5:31 pm

    Chinese soldiers steal tank. Where, I did not see a single tank in this clip.