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Chinese traitors were killed by the Japanese army!Hunter soldier 23

Here is Rosefinch Gorge. According to Chinese custom, rosefinch refers to the south. Here is the Mount Tsing Lung. This is the southernmost gorge. Report Commander, We were ordered to ambush here and did not see anyone passing by. It seems that these hunters didn’t go through this at all. We must be set up. No, sir, it’s not us who are conned, but him. What’s your name? Quan Xiuyi. I’m about to implement a long-simmering battle plan I’ll take advantage of their autumn hunting in Mount Tsing Lung, to catch all hunters in one draft. According to intelligence, troops that can be moved around the county town are already in action. are already in action. I can only say that there are my people on the mountain. After the hunting signal was sent out, there was no more hunter appeared. I doubt that these hunters have already transferred to other place. It seems, someone is manipulating us into it. It’s more like the leader of the hunters. Is there any woman like this in the mountain? Absolutely true. You’re sure to be loyal, right? Yes. Shunzi brought the traitor here two days ago. What did I say? He’s not a traitor. A traitor doesn’t look like him at all. He’s not a traitor. A traitor doesn’t look like him at all. No, no. Heizi, There’s still time we can walk away here. Let’s move right now. Wait, wait. I’m worried that Jap suckers will figure out what’s going on . Let’s stall them for another round. It will earn some time for Shunzi. -Commander. -I think you’ll give a reasonable explanation of what happened today. No, it’s not my fault. Commander, please trust me. You have my royalty, and I am also royal to Imperial Army. Colonel, In fact, I just want to go home. I just wanna go back home. Oh, look at him, his pitiful look. Far more than that, he’s just a shameless stray dog. Well, that’s enough jokes of him. We’re almost like him. Now it’s not just the bereaved dog, but also the slave of the subjugated nation. Wait! Go ahead. Enough. I just wonder who told you all that thing. The Eighth Route Army must go to Rosefinch Gorge. At the commander’s behest, I ordered the Eighth Route Army go through the Rosefinch Gorge under the guise of their superior. So that to go to their base area, Kongmei has to go through Rosefinch Gorge. I’ve told them. They agreed and shows no signs of doubt. The only purpose of this arrangement is to avoid the hunters. The two Eighth Route Armies will be captured at one fell swoop in this place. Are you sure this is the Rosefinch Gorge? Yes, it is. It’ s Shunzi who told me. He is the king of the hunters. Well, did you report it to the Commander? Yes, I’ve been keep in touch with the Commander. We have met many times in Shanshen Temple. We exchanged information with each other. Exchange of information, exchanged for so long. Well, I think let me try him. Well. You tell me, where have all the hunters gone? How am I supposed to know? The terrain of this mountain is very complicated. it’s possible they could hide everywhere. Kongmei. Where’s Kongmei? We were agreed that I’d leave first and wait for her here. But who knows? It’s really heartless. to chat with this guy, totally a waste of time. A shoot would end these all. Quan. You brought the Royal Army to such a situation. I think you should take all the blame. No,no,no. Commander. You know me well. I just want to go home. I just really want to go home. Well, since you want it so much, I can help you with that. I can make your pair of eyes see your hometown again. see your hometown again. Commander. You know me well, Commander. I just want to go home, Commander. Let’s go, to the Rosefinch Gorge. Ichiro, takes a company of soldiers. Move to the southern area, which is the truly Rosefinch Gorge. Those hunters should have walked that way. Remember, if you meet with them on the way, no need to fight. Just know the situation and get the lay of the land. And report to me in time. Move. Hurry up. Commander, what happened today… You can rest assured. I’ll take all the blame. It better be. Brother. You didn’t shoot just now. It’s not like you. Whether I fired or not, he couldn’t live anyway. This guy is not worth living. He should be shot down. You get point, he deserves that. And he have betrayed us. A bastard traitor. If one day, Mount Tsing Lung was taken by Jap suckers. we, I, Changjiao, would rather die than to be a traitor. Jap suckers are still outside. Master Sanye, thanks a lot your men. You helped us many times, and once revenged for us. It’s my duty to repay you. It’s courteous of you to say that. We all scrape a living on the Mount Tsing Lung. No such help thing between us. I’m not being courteous and polite. Give kindness for kindness, hatred for hatred. Let’s count it as a favor return to you. We’ve squared up and do not owe each other a penny. Later events we’ll talk about them later on. Master, master! The Jap suckers are coming here. Brothers. Last time, our hometown was almost taken by the Jap suckers. I’ve been smarting from our defeat . It’s the burning shame. Today, we get the chance fight against the enemy. granted that a revenge for your departed brothers. Revenge! Revenge! Listen up! Once they come here, we beat them to death. we beat them to death. -Sure! -Sure! -Sure! Brother Heizi and Daniu, See you around. Come on, you guys. Come with me. Go, go, go! If we don’t leave now, we won’t have time to go. We have to meet Shunzi. Daniu, I’ve made a decision. I‘m not leaving. The Mount Tsing Lung is the life of our brothers. We can’t give up the mountain to the Jap suckers.

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