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Chris Brown Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

What’s up everybody Joe from complex were
back at extra butter down town new York city with the man Chris Brown Who just release his sixth new album X were
going to browse the shelves and see what he’s into and hopefully pick up some sneaker today Looking at your Instagram and you being out
at award shows and stuff like that you kind of have a broad base. What are you feeling
now for sneakers It all depends for me you know mostly I like
casual stuff so street ware so Jordan is always the number one shoe that I wear chuck Taylors
you know. keep them on A lot of sneaker heads kind of stick a rotation
of five pairs for months. would you say that you change almost every day and that’s what
you’re most comfortable with? Kind of sometime I go on time where I’m like
a whole week I’ll wear the retro Jordans three the white the white and grey And sometimes for a week straight then sometimes
I switch it up because being that I’m always on camera on screen. I got to look the part Totally The thing I’m rocking the most right now is
I got the red and white of these and the original the killer whales so I stay with those.. These right here I’m starting to get onto
a lot more because some of the sweat pants the drop crotch sweat pants they’re wearing
now it looks fly with these. I seen a couple of my Asian homies wearing these and I was
like oh man I got to get on y’all steez real quick. Yeah right Like most sneaker heads Jordans are kind of
like your favorite your most comfortable with them but are you only Jordan or like would
you look New Balances or Reebok and stuff like that Absolutely I switch it up you know I wear
Adidas the classics I love the classics these ones right here these The gazelle Yeah these are sick you can always throw them
on with some high socks You like Sacconey I remember I was like in
middle school and we would try to get every color the lime green the red everything it
was sick. You know I like to bring old shoes back there’s
not a lot of people wear sometimes. they’re saying like you got them on? yeah I got them
on Nice Even if you don’t like them I like them you
know what I’m saying? Of course So Chris obviously spending a lot of time
in Cali it gets hot Vans are perfect for like the basic eras do you wear those a lot of Absolutely I think Vans are so multicultural
and generational. everybody can wear them you know a lot of my street artist Then they paint when they they wear vans a
lot of my skate board homies when they skate they wear vans a lot of the hood homies they
wear vans. Right right These Fila uh kindergarten Kindergarten I was begging my momma please for these I
was like I don’t care I was like I don’t care if it’s only one pair of shoes just let me
get these Which ones are you feeling right now obviously
the grand hills for nostalgia purposes But what anything else you see that’s like
kind of different and you’re married to I’m actually feeling these Star Wars these
Vans these Star Wars Vans are kind of hot so I’m a kind of a nerdy guy. When it comes to my art I paint all different
kinds of character including star wars characters so These right here these old Makim Luaja ones
these are sick See like those are like a sleeper you walk
in the store and you go right past them but I would have to put the old school basketball
shorts that come up to here on The old john Stockton’s Yeah definitely you get on the court with
some goggles or something yeah right right Alright so Chris we browsed seems like you’re
into these maybe let’s try them on and see how they fit Alright Man you got these in size eleven Size eleven They fit uh uh uh I’m a get these I can do these Nice big bag Thank you You’re welcome Receipt for taxes please I’m play Chris thanks for coming through we appreciate
it everyone go pick up his album X as you can see he copped A pair of Vans and copped a pair of Nikes
and that’s a wrap from Extra Butter. Peace.

Tony wyaad



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