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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – Maori Empire Part 3 – War & World Congress – Full Game Lets Play

and welcome back to some more
Civilization six the Maori and Maori people man they can be vicious they can
be real vicious we are we are still at war with the Congo however however we do
have one of their cities under our control now but I think it’s about time
however but we actually address the next thing and that is their capital they
want to war with us but we’re gonna finish it at least I hope so with that
being said I hopefully you guys enjoy the video if you do do not forget to hit
that like button and if you’re new to the channel and you want some more
civilization in your life hit that subscribe button now let’s go see if we
can topple an empire I still can’t believe I’ll be taking them out wow
they’re pushing hard on him up here superior to opulence yeah yeah cool we
got the great generals declare war declare war I’m already at war up naval
tactics is already partially done ok so now we have the option increased the city garrison combat
strength by plus five established in returns
honestly I might need to do something like this genius
defensive logistics embrace city gains an additional range strike that’s
awesome air defenses of as for future increased
the science culture general Road city I’m not gonna be having that much plus
three gold per turn within each for okay but no a new tile who seems fast as I
plus three honestly um if I’d do that right here
this should grow faster I think I want him don’t I yeah point them to them
right now sent invoice I want to establish my dominance with with them
all right should I do this or keep I can keep that as a backup honestly now we’ll
just do it now cuz there I mean this is gonna be a long long fight I know there we go just keep on doing damage actually might not be as long as I
thought it would be oh and they already went that’s right
unit I’ve got one more turn left with them let’s create a farm
oh no no then they’ll go defensive the amenities will be taken care of in the
next turn which that’s nice oh he’s pushing out wow that did a lot
of damage to me is it a lot of damage it’s okay though see the Congo heavy
chariots – may I suggest that we construct a government building to
memorialize and strengthen our current government I already did that thank you
though what is this occupied loyalty yes Arina okay my amenities are good now
let’s make another archer because I feel like it
might might go down in all honesty do some damage here if I do this it won’t
kill him and then if I do that it will definitely kill him okay he might come
rushing at me though so I’ll keel up just in case this gives them a little
bit extra time unfortunately I don’t not gonna be building none of that excuse me
we need to go monument for sure though and then Harbormaster I’m not doing
harbors agricultural will promote this one see improvement buildings and
districts cannot be damaged by environment oh hell yeah I’ll go with
that that’s kind of cool and then he’ll build a farm
I’ll get another another Archer out which honestly I think and my since I got the governor in there
I could probably push him out and actually get him up here and potentially
like last-second go in swipe it and steal their city which is great actually
oh I might not even be able to make it they might just do it now oh man they did so much damage okay then
I’m gonna get I need to get him down here again all right claim your great person
what is this classical here what is this what do I need a campus okay good right
there go miss you do your thing
boosted alright now we’re back here do I want to promote landing is nuts yet now he’s at 35 38 defense oh man
what’s a feather game unit I can’t do anything why not alright well we do that
for now choose production down here throw into a holy site Harbor plus two
gold oh no I don’t want to I don’t want to destroy that that’s for sure
that’ll go around don’t want to destroy that cuz it’s a coral reef yeah
we’ll do that over there fortifying he’ll next turn I’ll see I
might not even need this Archer now in all honesty no somos Felipe raise
espanol por tu on em pero por encima de todos somos feliz de votos de la única I
Belle de they are really few nice okay it’s an honor to meet you could serve
exchange information on capitals the great ideas should be help us promote
for trade where are you did he trade me it oh no he’s over here
okay cool next turn honestly I hope they don’t destroy that City but I think they
might yep it’s gone damn I wasn’t fast enough I should have moved close I
should have done it sooner okay that’s okay I’m gonna put him back
down there he’s going out man he’s going out of
business for sure why can’t I attack yes yeah I’m gonna lose too much help with
that so I’m not doing it keep fortified why can’t I attack why
that doesn’t make sense all right I’m gonna go around see if something else
happened or whatever requires population of 10 Wow this one down here is ten already no
it’s not but all this material up here we got stone stone stone marble crabs
will do a settler see if that works
um they want me to give up for a diplomatic favor refuse the deal
that’s a shade yeah it is a shame how’s my boy doing over here we’re we’re
in perfect harmony Thanks there’s nothing okay
mathematics we’re fine okay my boy we are insufficient amenities okay so
entertainment or is the least it’s for I don’t want to let’s that’s a lot it’s a
farm I’ll use that one
I’m okay with that this is gonna be a slow process but we
will do it we will wreck this guy see okay go in I guess that’s probably a bad idea yeah that was
a bad idea Oh barbarian what are you doing here
what are you doing here they’ll take care of you they’ll take care of you
whoa whoa yeah the Maui barbarian oh dude he’s coming down here wreaking
havoc as well awesome okay next turn I’m gonna put a settler up here basically
right word those road right worth that low road is right there it’d be great
that way it’s the roads already pre-built and everything for me really
he tried you really tried such a shame the world enters the medieval era dude I
am I am way behind right now a good Navy is not a provocation to war it is a
surest guarantee of peace okay nice okay we are I think in the Dark Ages now
which sucks I think game plus one you just know
inspiration that’s is that again okay what do we get next uh military
feudalism put on the tree real quick build six farms see I don’t know if
that’s the meantime soon build to campus districts under religion we can get some monarchy going alliances
let’s plus three to faith plus one population in all current cities ooh
that’s nice plus to culture to all rainforests nice faith in relics and
temple holy sites okay I think I think that one in the long run it’ll be better
oh the art B those are fun to have yeah well do that
that way it builds up for me sugar Yuriko horseback riding a moment recruit
a giant or a general and then a merchant okay we’re looking there over there
and they’re up north I’m already at five let’s get them doing that damage Boise on up motion fantastic take him down warrior
man City get rid of the scout that’ll be done in three turns that’ll be done next
turn I’ve done seven this one we probably should focus on that for right
now no growth six turns into a complete that just dropped it three and then we’re gonna fortify then I gotta start making some money I
don’t know how he’s maintaining all these troops what is this you have been invited to
join the World Congress on this international stage you will decide
important topics that must be addressed by the world at large voting on the
result resolution and agreement between world leaders okay the World Congress is
now in session each world leader must vote on the
proposal currently on the floor once everyone votes on our submitted winning
proposals are enacted until the next meeting okay cool this is interesting
okay select an outcome but okay new district buildings by the players act as
plus one culture bombs what oh dude I’m for that hell yeah
such a target okay this player borders will not grow via culture no no no
culture bombs hell yeah that is cool world religion plus ten I don’t have all
players must condemn units of a chosen religion and do so grants whoa plus ten religion combat strength
for all units of the no no no down both that
let’s go with that one choose a target Eastern Orthodox Oh no kids can I cancel that it’s a shoot
are there any religions over here now Catholicism okay resume Congress okay Hawaii can I cancel this I don’t want to use
that I only use it okay oh that’s why I have to choose one of the other okay
okay okay a new district building by this player acts as a culture proper
two’s a Koopa oh yeah and then since that’s the closest thing near me we’ll
go in and 30 points in boom let’s see what
happens a and B okay submit I would love to be able to culture bomb World
Congress is over they’ll meet again soon but in the meantime take advantage of
the new game rules in effect you can view them by going to the diplomatic by
the diplomacy and clicking on the topmost icon on the left oh it was
passed I can culture bomb hell yeah return the game cool oh yeah okay
settler we are settler yeah we want to go here let’s see I don’t want to aqueducts plus
2 n plays when building a wonder honestly this will filter and then we’re
just gonna gradually like peg away at this guy it’s all his fault I mean I’m
not gonna lie he started this he started this war the only difference is I have
no problem finishing it he picked on me when I was weak and I will take him out
for it there you go barbarians are now gone in the area plus 3 the arrow score
awesome now like if I want to do stuff over here I can put something here
culture bomb out Oh chariots I need to heal him up all right cool cool cool um we will
honestly just take him out a little at a time and just little add a more
promotion available okay not yet not yet keep on healing man will promote him okay you’re good we’re good we’re good
yes Vincent van Gogh’s do Quesada Catania Duchess Reina consults defense
attorney Tara is court of France nice and England interesting it’s an honor to
meet you we would love to simple your hospitalities yes okay so so so so so so Congo is almost
out of the game he does not like me I die live through some terrible things in
my life some of which actually happened did something which actually happened
okay um a sticky back cheese production maincity we just built a builder project
campus of grants provides science every turn and great science oh okay okay
bread and circuses city projects will increase the blood to you okay that’s
kind of cool um I guess it’s time for wonders oh the Great Library oh I gotta
destroy the farm do I I can always build another farm yeah
okay this one wants to be a faith thing as 13 turns before I do that but a
little lighthouse governor tile Harbormaster our massive deploy agent
adjacent bonuses with commercial hubs and harbor cities okay or agriculture
now we’re gonna go we’re gonna promote this one let’s see can construct the
city park improvements in the city plus one culture and plus two to appeal plus
one amenities if adjacent to water city park provides plus two plus new culture
yeah we’re doing that back and unit needs orders exercise zone of control
combat when defending versus city attacks what is a suppression we’re almost done I’m gonna keep on keep
on pegging away and then I’ll promote because honestly I don’t want them to
get health back I’m not gonna pillage no I’m not making peace what are you
doing there you needs help okay I can finally build that awesome and there’s
rice over there okay the Congo is probably the leader over there and
probably thinking I messed up I messed up so bad I shouldn’t have picked on him he was just
a seafaring person and now we’re gone the last the last sphere been nothing
but a glorified barbarian yeah and worthless and ruthless dude you’re the
one that fought me there cog will not stand the test of time I’m sorry I’m
sorry Congo is done all right I need to build okay no I don’t I just need to do
that okay yeah keep city we’re keeping the city all right I’m gonna have him
explore okay I can’t do anything man hell yeah we took them
the island is ours many disputes the actual start of the medieval era but you
know it when was the Maori discovered military tactics requires thought yeah
where we whacked them we wrecked them go machinery now they give it needs help or
help ok combat versus land units yeah we’ll do that I’m not gonna upgrade yet
from defending in woods jungle as possible in the movie planet to do that
upgrade time land units honestly I’ll put him up here promote him excessive
control I’m moving back there eventually get everybody work in a unit needed help
okay yeah create that plantation for me thank you good sir appreciate it next
turn Oh because of your deeds promoting only darkness and deceit I will stand
opposed to you what you have inflicted penises on others and stay for left her
in love okay well he decided to fight me that’s his fault that’s not mine so I
mean that’s all on him we’re gonna defend my borders there go
to pikemen do that all right a monastery okay recommended for improvements of
monastery all right granary sent an boys what do we have trained a cruiser where
are you at you’re way over there they’re no help to me if anything let’s go with
them dude that like that city-state he really
helped me out he saved my mitosis now we’re gonna
build that there as well we’re start off with we want to go granary actually no
we need to go monument then granary to call you thought his cur insult to Kurs
oh you are another Judas come to betray the Lord I denounce you man you guys
just need a chill relax this was this is my Continental issue my war it had
nothing to do with you guys all right let’s put the granary next see this is
what he should have done in the first place
look those walls up that was his fault his mistake his issues okay four to five
down there as well you’re gonna fourth buy that one and
then I’m gonna get the you want me to pay you gold one gold for 30 tons no you are
absolutely insane not gonna happen my city my city-states
got my back eventually I’m gonna get them on my back we’re gonna fortify that
we got a harbor my men is a plus one right now honestly I need to start
focusing on other things like sciences and campus growth so plus one there yeah
I don’t mind destroying that’s okay that’s a good I think a good stopping
point what we won so there we go my city is pretty dope so
far this is the only thing remember I gotta be worried about rake down to not
just machinery okay yeah people do break down as well I know I know
uh what is that a damn plus Oh sweets I can build a dam yeah we’re gonna but
we’re gonna work on that next but yeah I’m gonna stop it here for now okay so
save definitely save that all right it’s actually been I’m going to click save as
well execute desktop

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