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How long does it take to train two Armies? Not that long, Chief! Not that long! Manage all Troops in one place, While creating and saving your favorite Army combos! To open the Army Training window, Tap the Army Training icon at the left side of your screen. Here, you can manage all Troops And Spells in one place! The “Train Troops” tab is where you can train all Troops, Including Dark Elixir Troops, Once you’ve built the Dark Barracks. Tap through the Troops You’d like to use in your next attack. Drag Troops into the training queue by tapping, Holding and moving them up and down the line. This helps prioritize any units you want trained first. You will always have enough training capacity To prepare two Armies at a time. Red highlights will help differentiate the
second Army. Highlighted Troops will wait until your Army Camps Have enough free space before moving in. You can use gems to boost training speed for a while, And to instantly train your next Army. A green check mark will indicate when Troops in your second Army are ready to move in. The next tab is all magic. Here you can brew Elixir and Dark Elixir Spells. Like Troop training, you can drag and arrange Spells, While cooking up an extra set for a second Army! Boost or finish brewing instantly with gems. Now, let’s look at the “Army” tab. It shows the Troops and Spells That are ready to be used for your next attack. You can also heal Heroes here Request reinforcements from Clan mates And, edit your current Army. The last and most powerful tab is “Quick Train”. Here, you can create plans for up to 3 different Armies! And quickly train your previous Army with one tap! To make an Army plan, tap “Create”. Here, you can put together your favorite Army combination. Once you’re done, tap “Save”! And why not name the Army?! You can always go back and “Edit” Or “Trash” the Army plan. After using “Quick Train”, keep track of, And speed up training, in the other tabs. Barracks upgrades are important for unlocking New Troops, and speeding up their training time. Here’s an example: All of my Barracks are at level 8. When I upgrade one Barracks to level 9, It will unlock the mighty Dragon. Dragon training time starts at 12 minutes. Now, look what happens When I upgrade a second barracks to level 9. Dragon training time has been reduced to 6 minutes! Upgrading the rest of the barracks will reduce it even more. Keep in mind that Barracks will have to finish upgrading Before they can help you train Troops. Want to learn more? Visit clashofclans.com Clash on, Chief!

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