November 18, 2019
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CSM Dailey Talks NCO 2020 Vision

I think the most important thing about
NCO 2020 is making sure that we’re not blindsided about what we’re doing
right now. It’s been able to take a look at
what we need in the future for our non-commissioned officers, in order to maintain the competitive
nature that we have to be successful as the dominant force of the world We don’t know the answers to that are, but
we should not limit ourselves by what we do now or capabilities that we have now as we move
forward with our analysis and our research. I think we need to design
products that enhance the performance of non-commissioned officers for the future
and meet the needs of the Army as outlined by the Chief of Staff of the Army for the
future. I think that one of the major changes we’re gonna see is how well, really there’s a lot of changes, the who, what, when, where, why, and how So who are we training, we know
who our audience is, we have a good idea, but what we really want to do is– how do
we train them, when do we train them, with regards to when they’re trained in
their careers. Where do we train them? So is that in an institutional environment,
do we train them better in the organization or do we train them better through
self-development domains or is it a compilation of all three and critical
balance of all three and then how do train them. How do we deliver that training
to our maximum capability to each one of those levels, through each domain. I would say that
I believe it’s critical that that we make this apart of the NCO Corps NCO 2020 is not just a trade-up
program, it’s an Army program. It’s an Army initiative, that supports the
Army profession and the future of the Army as we move forward in
our outline years it’s critical that every component of the
Army is representative, the National Guard, the Reserve and the active duty as Wellness Forces Command and AMC and the ASSE’s, so I think that this entire program that gets better
at a larger professional development system that enhances the performance for non-commissioned officers for the future. Even though the survey has–we’ve
terminated the survey, there had to be a deadline so we can
start compilation of the data, but non-commissioned officers can still use
their chain command, the TRADOC website or the NCO corner, which is posted on the
CAC website and links are there from the Army
website as well as AKO to provide input on what they think they need for non-commissioned officer professional development in the future. So the time’s not up just because the surveys over, actually its ongoing, we expect it to be,
we intend to do surveys in the future–just like this to
continue to enhance and find and find what we need to do to enhance
performance for our NCOs but if a non-commissioned officer didn’t have the chance to take the survey now, their voice can still be heard through
multiple means.

Tony wyaad