November 18, 2019
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  • 1:52 pm Remains of Ohio soldier who died in Korean War buried in Ross Co.
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  • 12:52 pm U.S. Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) at work
Dare Devil Indian Army Mysore Dasara Bike Stunts Mysore tourism Karnataka Tourism MysureDasara 2019

we dare where even the Devil’s Dont it is our tradition to break a record every year Snack time with our Indian Army now our Indian Army Dare Devils will now perform stunts on their enfield bikes they are practicing the stunts for the Torchlight parade at Bannimantapa you can see, behind me, they are getting ready come let us see how the practice will be Sir your name? Captain Dishant Kataria what is your team called? motor cycle rider display team also known as Dare Devils part of Indian Army yes we are part of Indian Army under the corp of Signals we are stationed in Jabalpur under Headquarter HTC its an advance signal training center what kind of stunts will you be performing over here? we are performing single events with two members and more eight members also and two three jumps Dare Devils signature jump fire jump suicidal crossing normal crossing According the events will you be customizing we always customize out stunts as per the events such as this is Dasara so Dasara being religious event we will try to introduce the main event ok what kind of religious stunts? not exactly religious stunt, we will depict our formation of team members on the bike depicting the religious event How many members are there? as of now the team is strength of 1 officer and 34 Jawans as of now in Mysore we are having 31 team members 31 members will be performing on the final day what safety measures have been taken? as the team already depicts dare devils we dare where even devils dont on the main day and in the practice as well we dont have any safety gears because we perform in different formations so safety gears will not be that much fruitful duration of the stunts

Tony wyaad