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Disturbing Experiments On US Soldiers

The date is March 1946, and deep in the Nevada
desert all is quiet and still. The peace of the desert calm is only broken
by the distant drone of an aircraft’s engine, as a lonely B-17 superfortress cruises along
at extreme altitude. Suddenly the bomb bays on the belly of the
aircraft swing open, and a single, very large bomb is ejected. The aircraft immediately dives and turns,
desperate to pick up air speed and put as much distance between itself and the plummeting
bomb. On the desert floor below a single sharp wailing
tone warns two platoons of American infantrymen to don their protective goggles, which they
do as they hunker down in trenches cut into the desert floor. Forty five seconds later, an altimeter inside
the bomb sends an electrical signal to a firing pin, which immediately detonates conventional
explosives to slam a stack of uranium rings at supersonic speed into a uranium core. A nanosecond later a second sun is born two
thousand meters above the Nevada desert, and the troops brace themselves for the impact
of a shockwave that reaches out for miles. As this new sun dims and dies, an order is
barked out over their radios, commanding the men to rise up and march directly into ground
zero. Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics Show- today we’re taking a look at what happened when the US government deliberately
exposed its soldiers to radiation. When nuclear bombs were first developed the
effect of radiation on the human body was poorly understood. Marie Curie had introduced the world at large
to radioactivity in the early 20th century by coining the term, yet even she had no idea
of the ill effects radiation has on the human body. She would often carry around radioactive materials
in her pocket, and handled radioactive ores with her bare hands. Sadly, she would go on to die on July 4th
1934 from leukemia, and yet even at the time of her passing the effects of radiation were
still poorly understood. When the nuclear bomb was first theorized,
and then when its reality began to become a certainty, several scientists involved with
the Manhattan project feared that the bomb would burn with such intensity that it would
scorch the atmosphere around the test area. Others feared that the fission event which
produced the atomic blast would incinerate the entire world. While nobody considered it a serious probability,
it’s important to note that the best project head Robert Oppenheimer could do to reassure
President Truman was that the incineration of earth’s atmosphere was, “very unlikely”. Physicist Enrico Fermi even took wagers with
the troops present at the first atomic test, betting whether the bomb would blow up the
entire world or only New Mexico. He was ordered to stop when the troops began
to get seriously scared of the possibility. Yet of all the fears of what the bomb might
or might not do to the atmosphere, nobody gave much thought to the radioactivity. It was known that they generated extreme amounts
of radioactivity, and that in very high doses such radioactivity could be fatal to life,
but how much was truly harmful, and how much could the average soldier- or citizen- absorb
in the case of nuclear war? Only after the first bombs were dropped in
Hiroshima and Nagasaki did serious tests on the subject of toxic radioactivity begin,
and up until then the bomb was seen as nothing more than another tool in the US war fighting
arsenal. Had Japan not surrendered when it did in World
War II, General Douglas McArthur had proposed softening up the beachheads with nuclear bombs,
and then marching American troops in immediately after the bombardments. At the time, nobody had any serious objections
to this plan other than the expense of creating further nuclear bombs. Even when the effects of radioactivity on
the human body had begun to be understood though, McArthur would double down on the
free use of nuclear weapons, proposing just a decade later that he would have won the
Korean war in 10 days by using 50 tactical nuclear bombs to destroy North Korean and
Chinese air fields, and then by creating a strip of radioactive cobalt across North Korea
that would reach from the Sea of Japan to the Yellow Sea. The cobalt would be dispensed via wagons,
carts, trucks, and planes, and would have made a radioactive border between korea and
china that would have prevented any land invasion for up to one hundred and twenty years. In essence, General Douglas McArthur was what
most modern psychologists have come to refer to as “bat-shit crazy”. Luckily for China and Korea, President Truman
agreed and the General was eventually fired. It quickly became clear that troops marching
under the cover of radioactive atomic bombs was not very feasible, but just how harmful
was radiation to the human body, and in what doses? The American and Russian governments both
needed to find out, and with the likelihood of a conflict between communism and capitalism
growing by the day, it would be vital to understand how soldiers would be affected fighting on
nuclear battlefields. For its part, the US began a program where
it marched soldiers directly through ground zero after atomic tests. During maneuvers code named Desert Rock VII
and Desert Rock VIII, 18,000 soldiers were marched directly into the radioactive hot
zone following a nuclear test. These bombs though were primarily air blasts,
or detonations where the nuclear device explodes two thousand meters or higher over a target. This is the preferred way of deploying nuclear
weapons against a target, as a ground blast will have its explosive force dampened by
the rise and dips of terrain. From above though, the force of the nuclear
blast would be unaffected by the terrain, and as an added bonus, the majority of the
radiation was ejected directly upwards into the upper atmosphere and into space. However, a 1980 survey of affected troops
found that everyone exposed had developed double the lifetime risk of leukemia and other
cancers. As the US and Russia both developed long-range
bombers capable of striking deep into each other’s countries, it became clear that nuclear
war would affect the homeland. The US government thus desperately needed
to know just how such a war would affect the civilian population, and what could be done
to treat, or alleviate, symptoms if possible. With a nuclear blast over a population center
putting trillions of tons of dust and debris from buildings into the atmosphere, the effects
of nuclear fallout became imperative to understand. Thus the US government began one of the most
immoral series of tests in history, and in 1957 launched Operation Plumbbob. The tests took place deep in the American
west, but were designed to specifically launch a great amount of radioactive debris into
the air. The plumes of fallout would then travel downrange
into communities and military positions that came to be known as “Downwinders”. The results of the experiments were difficult
to ascertain, given the extremely long time needed for the results of such dispersed amounts
of radioactive fallout to make itself medically known. However it was determined that of the communities
affected, there was a marked increase in thyroid cancers and leukemia, which is estimated to
have killed between 1,000 and 20,000 people who would not have otherwise developed cancer. Yet a nuclear detonation directly over an
american city would result in huge quantities of radioactive fallout being ingested by the
surviving population, so more, and higher intensity studies were needed. Believing they were acting for the greater
good- certainly a muddled point- scientists began a new study involving patients who had
been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. As the patients were going to die anyways,
they were seen as the perfect guinea pigs for testing the effects of radiation inside
the human body. Thus plutonium was administered directly into
their bodies via an IV drip, and then urine and stool samples were analyzed for signs
of radioactivity. Scientists wanted to know just how much of
the radioactive material was absorbed by the body. As the patients were already dying, the plan
seemed harmless enough- yet when 58 year old Albert Stevens was misdiagnosed with a terminal
cancer, he was given the largest dose of plutonium any human has ever received- just under one
microgram. But Mr. Stevens did not have cancer, and instead
only suffered from a severe gastric ulcer. For twenty one years Mr. Stevens’ health deteriorated,
with the highly radioactive plutonium in his body weakening the bones of his spinal column,
fogging his eyes with cataracts, and destroying his immune system. At the time of his death on January 9th, 1966,
Mr Stevens had absorbed more radiation than any other human being; 6400 rem- or 60 times
the government’s maximum safe lifetime exposure. The man who oversaw early experiments on unwitting
human subjects was a medical researcher named Joseph Hamilton. Hamilton had become a world-class expert on
radiation’s effects on living tissue, even by experimenting on himself. He would often rub his skin with radioactive
samples or drink radioactive water in order to garner data. However as the Manhattan Project became the
Atomic Energy Commission, Hamilton became more of a consultant, and in 1950 he wrote
an infamous memo where he urged an end to the radiation experiments, saying that they
had “a little of the Buchenwald touch”. Buchenwald was a reference to the infamous
nazi concentration camp where hundreds of torturous medical experiments were carried
out on the prisoners. His advice was ultimately ignored though,
and the human tests went on. Hamilton, by the way, would go on to die from
leukemia at age 49. This time the experiments moved to Cincinnati,
where Dr. Eugen Saenger took over human testing. In Cincinnati Dr. Saenger selected test subjects
from mostly non-white, poor cancer patients, and then would expose them to high doses of
whole-body radiation. This was despite the fact that it was well
known that the cancers the individuals suffered from were not treatable via whole-body radiation. Some patients were nonetheless left on tables
and exposed with radiation for an entire hour, receiving the equivalent of 20,000 chest X-rays. About one in four of the patients would die
directly from the effects of the testing, and the rest suffered through all the misery
of radiation sickness: nausea, vomiting, severe mental confusion and other neurological effects,
hair loss, loose teeth, and mouth ulcers. Despite the fact that these immoral experiments,
and Dr. Saenger’s part in them, were publicly revealed in 1999, he still received glowing
praise in his obituaries in the Los Angeles Times and the Cincinnati Enquirer when he
died in 2007. Over the next few decades the United States
government would go on to test the effects of radiation on not just its own soldiers
or the poor, but on everything from pregnant women who were given pills with radioactive
iron, and special needs children who were lured into a series of radioactive experiments
under the guise of joining a “science club”. The pregnant women had themselves and their
babies monitored for the effects of radiation, which only reached between five and fifteen
rads- or the same as if you lived for one year living in a high-altitude city such as
Denver. Yet back then the experiments were conducted
with absolutely no knowledge of how even such a low dose could affect a developing fetus,
making them particularly morally reprehensible. The special needs children who formed the
MIT and Harvard sponsored “science club” were taken on fun trips to Fenway park and
museums, and when hungry were fed oatmeal and milk laced with radioactive calcium and
iron. Later their stool was checked to see how much
of the radioactive calcium and iron had been absorbed by the body. If you think this story can’t get any worse,
of course it does. The experiments it turns out where not sponsored
by the US government to study the effects of radiation on a population suffering through
nuclear war- a goal which while morally murky at best, at least does serve some purpose
and has some benefit to public welfare. Instead the special needs children were irradiated
on behalf of the Quaker Oats company, who wanted to figure out how much iron and calcium
from their cereals was absorbed in the human body so that they could craft an ad campaign
that touted the health benefits of oatmeal. Remember that next time you go grocery shopping-
Quaker Oats by the way is owned by PepsiCo. Just saying. Over the course of thousands of tests and
exposures to unwitting human subjects, a fearful US government slowly came to the opinion that
all-out nuclear war was simply an unwinnable conflict. Similar tests in the Soviet Union would lead
the Soviets to the same results. Troops could not fight in a nuclear environment,
and any life that survived the initial blasts was sure to die later from the effects of
radiation. While there can be little forgiveness for
the men and women who oversaw these highly immoral studies and tests, at least the knowledge
they gleamed helped to avoid nuclear catastrophe in a world where for years the bomb was seen
as nothing more than just another tool to use as needed. Do you think the knowledge gained in these
tests was worth the price? Let us know in the comments! And if you liked this video, make sure you
watch our other video, Why These Countries Are Almost Impossible To Visit! See you next time!

Tony wyaad



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