April 2, 2020
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EUTM Mali Military Training

They are groups of soldiers, of which someone occasionally takes
command to carry out a mission. This clearly isn’t adequate and is not an effective way
of running an army. It is also an army
that is very under-equipped, or very poorly equipped
with lots of materiel that was supplied during 20 years of bilateral cooperation
with numerous different countries. Its collection of materiel,
vehicles and other means of transport is motley and miscellaneous and
needs to be taken out of service because it is very difficult to maintain and is often not suitable for
training the Mali army and for use in the desert
by the Mali army. There’s a very important cultural factor
as it is very multinational. A number of European countries are
represented in some teams of trainers. Behind me is an infantry company
put together by Scandinavian countries and composed of Swedes,
Finns and Estonians. There are different nationalities
in the same team. The aim of all this training is
for people to learn to work together, to have common procedures
and learn basic French. Perhaps it is too much. Our task is to ensure medical care is
provided for the EU training mission. It is better to take too much
than to not have enough. That’s our guideline, that we are able
to ensure the provision of medical care. We have to take a bit extra with us for
the first offensive as we don’t know when we will receive
the next lot of supplies. Our soldiers are prepared for that.
It’s part of the training. What is training? It doesn’t
take place in the lap of luxury. Suppose these soldiers were to think we lead a life of luxury in the army,
then they will be very put out when they are on Tigharghar,
in the mountains, on the Adrar des Ifoghas,
and see it’s very different. We are military men, we are soldiers,
we are supermen, we opted for this,
we wanted to save the world.

Tony wyaad