November 13, 2019
  • 10:51 am Jake Schroeder, Avs Anthem Singer, Reveals Motivation – His Father’s Military Service
  • 12:50 am Air Force Report: Dropping Bombs
  • 11:50 pm Coca-Cola Small World Machines – Bringing India & Pakistan Together
  • 1:53 pm The most emotional military homecomings compilation | Militarykind
  • 1:52 pm US Army Considers Boston For Site Of New Command Headquartesr

greet the fighter and you have already seen the fighter on me left to the middle listen to me attentively respect each other, fight honestly shake your hands to the corners are you ready? fight 89 kilo vs 120 kilo stop, rise don’t hit the poll have a rest a little attentively are you ok? are you ready? fight support the fighters stop again the same if it happens again you will be unqualified it’s not scuffle, we have rules we take care of health we don’t detriment attentively are you ready? are you ready? more actively stop lookers, don’t come into the ring during the duel come here attention faster, rise go on are you ready? fight stop, rise come here go on go on? fight stop the cable to the corners are you ready? fight stop, rise come to me go on? to the corners are you ready? fight stop attentively to the middle who will fight with Fat Pitbul? Mikhail came here with his friend, where is he? come here it’s Mikhail, the first fighter in Strelka rtarted fighting here 7 years ago 2 months ago he fought on Flite arena but he lost and he wanted to take a part here in the best tournament in this sity so. who wants to fight with him? what weight? come here 80. and you? 106 kilo your weight? 67 he is a freshman discus it there attention are you ready? fight stop, rise come here, take care of yout health you fought hard it’s stand off thanks to my opponent, it was a great duel we were training our lungs how much time did we fight? good evening, Kolpino thanks to everyone who came thanks to my coach Vova thanks to the sponsors, it’s not my last time here see you we hope

Tony wyaad