February 20, 2020
  • 2:51 pm BREAKING Obama Training Army & DHS To Kill Christians!
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  • 10:51 am Who Can Keep The Soldier Alive The Longest? (PROS Vs. AMATEURS Ghost Recon)
  • 8:51 am Military Kids Get a Christmas Surprise While Dad is Away
  • 7:51 am Chinese soldiers assassinate Japanese experts to seize classified information!Jagged soldier 12

In one, two, three. Yijun, we should do this when your mom isn’t home. Here we go. In one, two, three! (He slides to celebrate his wife’s departure.) Try it. Jump. (I am so excited.) (Yijun is excited,) (and Gunhyung is even more excited.) (He wriggles in joy.) (Kicking) (He besieged his dad’s face.) Yijun, let’s dive. We will jump from a higher place. I will get you up. Aren’t you scared? Jump on the count of three. In one, two, three. (He succeeded in diving.) (His good reaction makes Gunhyung happy.) (Laughing) Yijun, this is good. Attention. Salute. At ease. You shouldn’t put your hand down before I do. Let’s try again. Attention. (He was famous for his style.) Gunhyung served in the military as an honor guard. (Perfect) I lived 15 years with style. You shouldn’t put your hand down before I do. Let’s try again. Attention. Salute. There you go. (Yijun has style.) Are you ready? Yes. Spread your arms. In one, two, three. (His jump is perfect.) (He is brave and cute.) Yijun, bring me a diaper. – I will get one. / – Okay. It’s up here. Get me one. Get me one. (He climbs the built-in drawers.) Hey. Yijun, all right. I will get it. All right. (Yijun doesn’t give up.) You are incredible. (He closes the drawer.) – You are cool. / – Am I cool? You are cool. (He takes a break to change the diaper.) Lift your legs. Do you want to take a nap? Do you want to take a nap? Do you want to take a nap? Let’s take a short nap. Let’s sleep like this. (Will he fall asleep right away?) Are you done sleeping? (Play with me Dad.) Yijun still has lots of energy. Yijun, let’s take a nap. Go to sleep. No. Yijun. (You feel sleepy right now) (Don’t fool yourself) (He uses an abdominal breathing technique) (to sing a theme song of a cartoon.) (The musical singer) (serenades his son into sleep.) (Act 1, A Day with Yijun) (Gunhyung becomes sentimental.) (The boy who used to avoid his father) (now runs to him on his own will) (and even smiles at him.) (It took so much energy to get him to do all that.) Are you sleeping? (Will Yijun continue to sleep?) (My goodness) The sensor on his back must’ve turned on. (Let’s go back to sleep.) This isn’t what I had in mind. (He tries to lay him down again.) (Crying) Let’s get back up again. I’m sorry. (Sighing) I’m sorry. (With a sigh, the musical continues.) (Act 2: Will You Please Fall Asleep?) (He brings out all his emotions.) (Let’s go past the jungle) (Will you be asleep once we pass the jungle?) (This will even make the crocodile fall asleep.) (The musical for Yijun has ended.) (He’s sweating all over.) (He fans Yijun to help him cool off.) He carefully tries to lay him down again. This time, he succeeds. I was worried if Gunhyung would be able to take care of Yijun by himself at first. But he seems to be doing a good job without his wife. (He finally comes out after fixing Yijun’s pillow.) It’s not even 12 p.m. yet. When did Yijun start walking? When he was ten months old. – 10 months? / – He started hanging at 9 months old. – He hung. / – What are you talking about? He would hang from anything he could find. Do you think I’m lying? I taught him how to ride a swing today. He figured it out after two attempts. – Hey. / – He can ride a swing, too. – He can ride a swing? Alone? / – Yes. – Yes, alone. / – Today, he also went… Today, he also went skydiving. – Hey. / – I’m serious. – He went skydiving? / – Yes. William knows how to scuba dive. – Yijun did that a long time ago. / – My gosh. (What a load of nonsense.) Your mom is… He just called him “William”. He said, “William”. – Didn’t he say “Mom”? / – He said “William”. – “Mom”. / – No. He said “William”. (That makes no sense.) Yijun, what’s this? Hair. – “Hair”. / – What? He said “Hair”. He just said it too quickly. – He said “Hair”. / – Did he shorten the word? – Like this? Hair? / – Yes. (What is going on?)

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