April 9, 2020
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Final battle!Chinese Army vs Japanese Army丨WW2丨Guerrilla soldier 34

Go after them Come on Sir Japanese guys are coming soon Fire Sir we have no bullets now It’s gonna be our ending Buddies forward to fight against them Fighting Fix bayonets Stop shooting Unloading Asshole Fix bayonets Guys To fight against them Fighting All men, stop Let’s go Forward Sun Ming why were you here Sir I can’t imagine that we can have a meet here while I’m still alive Li we terminated those Japanese guys all we have to leave here now Let’s go We’re talking later Go now Be careful Are you so excited to meet with Wu Xichun again Sir I’m gonna act like a real man this time to show her what I’m gonna be I’m looking forward to your performance You can’t afford to make me disappointed Yes sir It’s a sure thing As you said those guys can take on the car, but they won’t do so and why did they choose to go with us I wanna tell you what’s your problem to get into their minds Am I right You’re enough Come on, go They’re coming Throw them some anti-tank grenades Sir Fire Xi Chun such a heavy gunfire they got their main force should be down the hill we can’t afford to confront them and what’s your plan I’ll take some people to get them surrounded Commander. Hei it’s up to you this time Sir you take it easy Guys, come with me Come on Such an asshole, this Black Wolf Xi Chun those bandits are all on me All right Buddies Let’s go Follow me Xiao Lv Wu Xichun and Li Changpeng are all on the hill we’re all on you Sir such a heavy battle we’re attending Too fierce I What are you scared about I’ll get you fully supported in your back Go now Let’s go buddies Follow me Zheng Xiaolv I’ll kill you today of my own accord Be careful Get her covered You’re such an asshole you guys killed many of ours you’re such a traitor I’ve been forced because of you How Because you guys still choose to go agates those Japanese guys to be on those guerrilla forces’ side caring about nothing But if they choose to terminate us they’ll blow our village off with only one shot What should I do in this case You can ask our buddies for who want to go to die I wanna tell you something more I’m now the commander of garrison headquarters who’s the leader of regular army Something I did is to take our people to forsake darkness and cross over to brightness Do you understand You bullshit Black Wolf do you think what you did is good for our people you’re taking our people to be traitors being guys who betrayed their beliefs To be traitors everything I did is all for our people More fire Fire Muto Here have you recalled the reason why did we let them go of last time It’s on me you can’t afford to be failed for the same reason you take a detachment of troops to launch a sunrise attack on them, bypassing from the back side of the hill Yes sir Go now Detachment 1, go with me Come on Brother

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  5. KickAss Me Posted on September 3, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    Land invading. You all must protect his land.

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    Glory to the Japanese empire 🇯🇵👍

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    😮😮😮 aaaaaa….. cool.
    A from indonesia

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    Is this in ww2

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