February 23, 2020
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We’re looking for somebody who can think
critically, process a problem, and then make a good decision based off of that. A
Combat Controller is generally sent out as a one-man attachment to a Special
Operations team. The role of a Combat Controller is to be the air-to-ground
liaison. You could be helping blow up IEDs, you could be manning artillery
pieces the next day, or a high altitude high opening jump trip. We’re not just a
weapon specialist or just a comm specialist or just a demo specialist;
we’re all of those things combined. There’s so many qualifications that we
have that you are constantly in a state of training. The Combat Control pipeline
is a two-year long pipeline. The first school that you go to is Combat Control
selection course, followed by Air Traffic Control school, SERE school, Airborne
school, and then Combat Control school. From there you’ll move to advanced
skills training. The most challenging part for me was stress inoculation week.
Stress inoculation is non-stop training back to back to back, very little sleep.
My advice to recruits coming in: prepare yourself physically. If you’re not
prepared physically, you’re not even going to graduate the first school to go
to the second. The Combat Control motto is “First There.” We’re the only Special
Operations force that has the air traffic control capability. We’re one of
the first people into Afghanistan to set up the airfield. As a Combat Controller,
you’re not always fighting the enemy. Combat Controllers deployed to Haiti
after the earthquake and they controlled hundreds of flights in and out of the
area. They were able to medevac wounded people out, fly in supplies, so we have
the qualification to fly or jump into an island to start working humanitarian aid.
That’s something that I love about this career field.

Tony wyaad