April 9, 2020
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  • 11:32 am US Nimitz Class vs Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier – Military / Navy Comparison

first World War Tech zeppelin’s when a german aristocrat brigadier general Ferdinand zeppelin retired from the army in 1891 He devoted himself to the study of aeronautics His proposals to the government for a lighter than air flying machine were rejected in 1894 But nevertheless he would invest all his money into a company producing airships by 1898 zeppelin had constructed his first airship the Foundation of the Airship were in its hydrogen-filled gas bags Carried inside a steel skeleton it weighed 12 tons and contained 400,000 cubic feet of Hydrogen and was driven by propellers connected to a pair of 15 horsepower Daimler engines when the zeppelin Lz made its flight on july 2nd 1900 the German government decided to fund the project in March 1909 The German Army purchased the zeppelin [Z1] these zeppelin’s could reach a maximum speed of a hundred and 36 Km/h And reach a height of four thousand 250 [Metres] they were armed with five machineguns and can carry 2,000 kilograms or 4,400 pounds of bombs at the start of the War zeppelin’s were used in bombing Raids a Zeppelin was used to bomb leash in Belgium on 6th August 1914 But had to make an emergency landing after encountering Elgyn artillery fire over the next few weeks Three more zeppelin’s were destroyed by ground forces while the zeppelin’s were an easy target to hit the Germans Continued to use them for attacks on France in January 1915 two zeppelin Naval Airships flew over the English coast bombing great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn Zeppelin would commence a bombing raid on London on may 31st 1915 killing 28 people and injuring 60 more zeppelin’s were used at the battle of verdun in 1916 with four being brought [down] by ground fire Bringing an end to their use on the western front they continued to be used to attack the british [homefront] But British fighter pilots and anti-aircraft [gunners] became efficient at taking them down 115 Zeppelin’s were used by the German military with 77 destroyed or damaged Beyond repair after the war zeppelin’s were used for Civilian Transport Watch our other videos [to] learn more get your copy of simple history world war one available on Amazon now you

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