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Force enemy to retreat with enemy artifacts!Cheetah soldier 29

Stop! You move one more step, I’ll shoot you, Don’t shoot. We’re the soldiers of the Great Empire Japan. We’re not here for fighting with you guys. Please tell your leader, We want a talk with him. There’s nothing good talking with you flunky Japs. I told you, One more step, I’ll shoot. Hold on, we’ll see what else he can say. Japanese, all you listen up. I’m one who takes the charge of the Ghost Valley Mountain. You wanna talk, now fucking speak it out. You’re the bandit who sacks the antiques. Oh, jackass, it’s you. You’re lucky to get away last time. Oh, what? You’re ready to die today? Since you’re admitted you took the antiques. Please give it to us now. I assure you, with the honor of the imperial soldiers, that I will not kill you. The battle’s continuing, you never know you would get killed! I told you, the antiques belongs to our Chinese! If you want to get it, you have to give up your life. I warn you, again. You only got a single chance to keep your lives. I’m here to negotiate. I advise you to be more reasonable, hand over the antiques and surrender now! Dare you go ahead and take it from us? You don’t know we have hostages of your man. Don’t be scaremongering! What hostage! -Take him out! -Go ahead! Go, go, go. Lieutenant Ishihara!Lieutenant Yano! It’s me! Wang Jinbiao!Well… How’s it? Hold your fire. Or I would get killed! Did you see it clear? You know this guy, right? What’re you laughing? Who’s it? We don’t know him. You took a useless one as hostage. Isn’t it funny? You…you…you jerk! You really don’t care about his life? Now You can kill him. Well… You hear that? The flunky Japs didn’t give a shit about your life. Look at you. Pity you. Nobody cares about you’re survive or not. You stinky beggar! I…. Ishihara!Yano! We risk our lives for you! And you even laugh at me and fold your hands to see me die! You bastards! I’ll come after you even after I die to be a ghost. What’re you waiting? Now kill him, go ahead. Errrrrr… Madam, madam, please be mercy! Don’t listen to them, please. I’m the captain of Huangxie Army, Niu Decai call me father-in-law. Madam, please don’t kill me! You shut up. Take him back. Go, go. Please, please, mercy! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! It’s proved, you got nothing to threaten the Empire Army. I advise you to be more reasonable, hand over the antiques and surrender now! Not yet. Too early for you to celebrate. Stop! What’re you doing! You! All you listen up! We people of the Ghost Valley Hill, would better to die in glory than live in dishonor. If you Japs get on my nerve, I’d smash all the antiques, and take all of you to die with me! I told you, You’ll never get anything belonging to Chinese from us. Ishihara, don’t haste! We can’t let her destroy all the antiques. Just let it go like that? We’d better go back and report to Major Atasaka. He must have tactics to deal with her. Withdraw! Go! Daughter, I was against your idea to sack these antiques at the beginning. But you said, you’d deal with it properly and nobody would even notice it. But it turns out that New Fourth Army, puppet army and Japanese, they all know! These antiques invaluable but very difficult to handle. Tell me, what’re you gonna do? Dad, what’re you worrying about? I’ve just driven them off. Yeah, you’ve driven them off for today. But they won’t give up on it. They’ll attack us once again. I’m afraid we will find no safe haven. We need a plan. Dad, worrying is not helping. Dad, or we can take Captain Bai’s advise, handle these antiques to the New Fourth Army. Well…it won’t work. It will. After we give it to New Fourth Army, we can also join them. Even if we don’t leave here, we can form an alliance with the New Fourth Army and fight Japanese together. You’re blindfold. Daughter, you’re naive. He wants to deceive cultural relics from you, so he told you to form an alliance. He runs away after he got them. What do you think of our consequence? Why you think of Captain Bai like that? I don’t think he’s someone who betrays his faith. OK, even if he keeps his promise. But all of us villagers are used to a free life. There so many rules in the New Fourth Army, can we stand it? Then we can ally with the New Fourth Army and not leave here. Here? You know who controls this town? Still the Japanese. You tell me, what’s the benefit of our alliance with the New Fourth Army. Have they defeated the Japanese? By that time, if they all run away quickly, and we are the unlucky one to suffer. Daughter, this world is chaotic. Didn’t Chiang Kai-shek also say he wanted to cooperate with the Communist Party? But he changed his mind last year, aimed his gun at the New Fourth Army and wanna destroy them. Things happened, my daughter. It’s no use counting on anyone these years, we have to rely on ourselves. Speaking of the New Fourth Army and the Communist Party, how long can they last, who knows! Then let’s leave here and get away to a faraway place A faraway place. What place? Even if you run away to a remote place, they would come after you. All these methods are not working, what exactly shall we do? A wise man knows when it’s time to retreat. Let’s return these antiques No, these antiques belong to us Chinese. Why should we hand over them to the Japanese! I would rather smashed all of them than give them to the Japanese! Daughter, when did you become a patriot? Whatever belong to Chinese or Japanese, all we got is our own life. Who’re we? We’re the bandits who control the area of the mountain. We can only take care of the small patch of land we own. Just leave alone overall national interest. I never regards us as bandits, we’re heroes in the forest. We did steal property, but we never bully the common people, and we do right by own conscience! OK, I’ve had enough of your crap. These cultural relics are invaluable Sell all these antiques to the New Fourth Army for nothing. I would never let it happen. Now I’d like to make it clear. These antiques belong to our country. And I’ll never let you give them to the Japanese. What? Is it your way to talk with your dad? I…

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