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Future Human Upgrades . The coming cybernetic soldiers

Stepping away from the run on UFO encrypted themed videos for just a moment and I periodically cover technology and societal changes Especially when these changes may see us morph into a new type of species One of these developments has just come to light with the publishing of a planned military program to create cybernetic soldiers This really is an idea that is being pushed down our throats of late a real push by Science-fiction books TV and film which you could almost see as some kind of marketing campaign Upgrade today make all your problems go away However, it never works out well for the characters in these stories. So what makes the United States Army think they can do better Let’s take a look Welcome to if videos on history mystery and the strange Hit the subscribe button and ring the bell so you never miss a video again The BBC recently published a story on their Asian news network about America’s plan to create super soldiers far from using some magic potion like we see in the comics with Captain America these Advanced warriors will be built using the latest in technology They will be the world’s first cyborg soldiers the combat capability development CCDC headquarters of the United States Army says that they are currently in Development of technology that will enhance the vision hearing and muscle performance of American troops They envision the completion of this plan sometime around 2050 as a rule of thumb we can see that on average a military research program is Normally 25 years ahead of what they allow the public to know. This would give us a much sooner date of 2025 for the coming of the cybernetic soldiers the CCDC published a report which was titled cyborg soldiers 21 combining humans and machines US Department of Defense has identified four areas of Biotechnology that has been evaluated which should be available to human soldiers within the next thirty years these include the enhancement of eyes ears and Muscles they are going to give these men and women abilities that until now have been firmly in the realms of fiction like Steve Austin the Six Million Dollar Man These people will be built and this raises all sorts of ethical questions The team researching this technology stated that the creation of a cyborg warrior with superhuman abilities Especially the direct enhancement of the nervous system in the brain will lead to a strategic revolution implementing a truly modern battle plan creating networked people working as a single super unit and Possessing abilities far beyond any natural man or woman have they not considered what will happen to these cyborgs? after their service How will they integrate back into regular society with the super abilities gifted to them by the military? It is already difficult enough for servicemen and women to build in life after the military Also what threat do they see coming or what do they have planned for that to be such a need to create? super cybernetic troops Surely if we are advancing to such capabilities would it not be better to build superhumans that could survive the rigors of space? that way we could set out and find another planet and more resources a Benefit to all not just those that want to fight after all most conflicts are over resources So the abundant opportunities found in the Stars could help bring an end to fighting here on earth What if these troops decide that they no longer want to take orders? Will they turn on us or is there an off switch that those in charge can flick if there is a switch? Then we are into another set of ethical questions This is shaky ground at best But I think it’s something that will become prevalent the future may just be a mirror of what is seen in elite battle angel They may not be creating the hulking cybernetic assassins of that comic book a movie But they are definitely starting down that path the first stage is the creation of Devices that will improve senses as always the case is that this technology is being marketed as an aid to those with disabilities Cyborg is have already been designed and built They not only help change the lives of hundreds of thousands of hearing-impaired people but also helps change the way people can hear if you were to choose you could have your hearing augmented the Designers have now turned their attention to the human eye google Recently released images of a device which can be worn like a contact lens and gives the wearer Bionic vision the eyes of the cyborg warrior will be able to see and Create enlarged images clearly this improves vigilance and awareness of the surrounding situation a must for a soldier the ears of the cyborg help with communication and detection systems hearing being boosted to be so effective a whisper can become a shout these mechanical systems will be combined with Genetics the techniques of optical genetics opto genetics use genetic engineering to allow light-sensitive Molecules to control the activities within the cell wall This could give a person the ability to have natural night vision or see in different light spectrums The program will also improve on the body’s Capabilities the muscles of the cyborg warrior will be made stronger and quicker First through the wearing of a bodysuit an exosuit with enhanced strength and reactions This will kick off a new arms race and we are seeing the first tit for tat developments of this new technology Russia has been busy building its own Ironman For military use and as we mentioned the ironclad warrior of Marvel Thane something else that these new suits will have in common With the comic book hero is that they will enable the soldier to communicate and share Data directly to machines. They will also have the ability through these upgrades that will allow direct brain-to-brain communication Between humans and humans, how could this possibly go wrong? Not only will the cyborgs fear formidable physical presence. They will also be silent communicating through a single neural grid do we really want to unleash such a formidable foe these cyborg soldiers will also communicate directly with unmanned vehicles and directly control various Automated weapon systems this the developers say will make command and combat operations much more efficient So we may not only be facing these advanced cyborgs We may also have to deal with their robot backup aside from military technology The report also points out that cyborg applications will also be widespread in civil society Over the next thirty years it singles out the use of cybernetics in health facilities the economic value of cyborg technology in Civil society and how it will continue to increase and be a driving force for the development of a new society all this Originating with these military cyborgs. They really do want to post human future The report is not all happiness and digital sunshine. It concludes with its concerns for the future outlining how cyber technology and creating human enhancement is gaining in popularity among the general public this could result in an imbalance and Social inequality which in turn could lead to legal security and more ethical issues a final Startling line in the report says that robots will replace 20 million factory workers by the year 2030 so maybe the biggest weapon they have to wipe out the non cybernetic will be Economics. So what do you think of this cybernetic future? Will you be willing to take I can upgrade but will you stand against this technological evolution of the human species? Let me know in the comments below Before I go I would like to give a shout out to the venoms Fringe check out their channel for some interesting podcasts and to hear channel supporter and friend Ryan trembley’s take on such topics as Bigfoot dog man and other cryptids As always if you like what I do here on the channel hit that red button like and share You can catch the latest by searching. We are if thanks so much for watching Merry Christmas, I’ll see you next time

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  9. Mick Niteowl Posted on December 17, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    Interesting subject, I can see 2 sides to using cybernetics, Using it to help disabled people seems a good thing, but using it to weaponize people I find unethical.
    I find it preferable, to use a exoskeleton, that can be removed, then replacing mussels with hydraulics, if it being used to enhance someone rather that treat disabilities.
    On a more controversial level, I have concerns with the brain / machine interphase . According to some people, when you put a microchip in the brain, you lose part of your soul, and some people refer to it as the mark of the beast. However I don't know how you come to that conclusion, as we don't really know what consciousness is anyway. Another thing of some concern, is what Cory Good as said about a evil AI, taking over the universe. I don't know if he's referring to what the Gnostic's call the Demiurge, which may be described as the embodiment of evil. Weather there is anything in those concerns I am not sure, but lots of SciFi authors have warned us about AI.

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    I'm afraid I will be one of the many undesireables that can't afford an upgrade whether I want one or not. That is the real ethical issue.