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Future Weapons of Chinese Armed Forces | Military Update

In this video I will show you the future weapons
of China.. So lets begin The JARI is a Chinese unmanned surface vehicle,
currently undergoing sea trials It is expected to have a top speed of 42 knots
and the range of 500 miles It is packed with various advanced equipment
such as phased array radar, vertical launch missiles and torpedoes. It will be used for air defense anti ships
and anti-submarine missions China has tested three types of hypersonic
aircraft D-18 1-S
D-18 2 S and D-18 3 S it should be capable of traveling faster than
five times the speed of sound, It can carry nuclear payloads and very hard to detected
by any existing anti-missile defense systems. The status of this model development is unknown The WZ8 is an air launched high-speed high-altitude
unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. That is recoverable through a runway, it is
intended to fly at extreme speeds and altitudes over enemy territory to provide general intelligence
and targeting data on enemy positions China
is planning and developing a list of future aircraft carriers for its Navy. china plans to have all these aircraft carriers
in service by 2030 Type 001-A is completed and undergoing sea
trials Type 0 0 2 and type 0 0 3 are still under
construction The type 075
is Chinese and Phoebus assault ship under construction. It has a hanger and can carry nearly 30 helicopters
It would give the Chinese Navy the ability to launch various types of helicopters to
attack naval vessels,enemy ground forces, or submarines
It will also be able to deploy landing craft and troops. The type 096 is the third generation ballistic
missile submarine currently under development It is expected to begin construction in the
early 2020s, and be armed with the JL-3 SLBM It will carry up to 24 submarine-launched
ballistic missile, Compared to the 12 carried by the type 09 for submarine China has tested its most powerful non-nuclear
weapon dubbed as father of all bombs Due to its massive destructive potential,
It is claimed that it could completely wipe out forty five ground targets such as buildings
and defense shelters According to military experts. It is smaller and lighter than its US counterpart The JH-xx is a new generation of supersonic
still warmer Being developed by China as the replacement
for the H-6K and H-20 bomber. It will feature STEALTH technology with the
combat radius may vary between 1000 to 2000 nautical miles. It is primarily designed as a high-altitude
penetrator. The starry sky 2 is an experimental Hypersonic
aircraft design, known as the Wave-rider for its ability to ride on the shockwaves it generates. Once fully developed, it could potentially
penetrate any anti-missile defense system currently available
Due to its speed and maneuverability The J-20 is a single-seat still–the all-weather
fifth-generation fighter aircraft developed for the Chinese Air Force
It is designed as an air superiority fighter, with precision strike capability. The JL-3 is a chinese third-generation intercontinental
range SLBM currently in development It will likely deploy on type 0 9 6 Future
class of submarine, it has a reported range of 11900 km and, able
to reach all around the world. It is expected to carry MIRV warheads, capable
of targeting numerous separate locations The XIAN H-20 is chinese subsonic Stealth
bomber due for enter service in the future it will have a range of at least 12,000 kilometers
and 30 tons of payload capacity, it is expected
to have a high degree of stealth performance with ultra long range and
Supersonic flight and will be able to carry nuclear weapons aswel. The shang yang FC 31 or
J-31 is the fifth-generation multi-role twin-engine stealth fighter aircraft, currently under
development by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation It has a high survivability rate
a low radar signature, advanced electronic countermeasures
outstanding situational awareness and beyond visual range combat capability GJ-11 SHARP SWORD.. The sharp sword is one of the China’s most
high-tech drones with a flying wing body and internal bomb bay, That maximizes its stealth
and range. It could enter service by 2020 and will be
used for reconnaissance and combat missions HSU-001
China has revealed a large unmanned undersea vehicle possibly known as the HSU-001
It will be used for intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance Missions, as well as for
mine hunting Meter wave radar or anti stealth radar system
Chinese scientists claimed to have developed a meter wave radar system capable of spotting
and targeting stealth aircraft It not only detects advanced to stealth aircraft
But also guides missiles to destroy them. It can be deployed on vehicles land and warships the Chinese military is preparing to test
magnetized plasma artillery capable of firing hyper-velocity rounds at
speeds in excess of Mach 6 and strike targets over 100 kilometer away
Its power, range and accuracy would likely offer tremendous advantages on the battlefield. Chinese media claims that it could easily
be installed on tanks and self-propelled guns The Skyhawk is a high-altitude
long-range and high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle
capable of conducting reconnaissance and patrol missions in hostile environments
it can reach altitudes of 42,000 feet and cruise as fast as 460 miles per hour, with
a maximum flight time of 15 hours THE DN3 is known as a direct ascent Anti-setelite
missile that destroys satellites with a warhead that rams into orbiting systems at the high
speed. It is also said to have the capability to
intercept ballistic missiles in flight and can hit the target up to18600 miles. The CH AS X 13 is the air launched ballistic
missile version of DF 21 To be deployed in 2025
It has a maximum range of 3,000 kilometer and is capable of reaching hypersonic speeds
at high altitudes It can be fitted with both conventional and
nuclear warheads, to hit both surface ships and pitched position targets, such as
airfields and military bases Exoskelton.. China is working on the next generation of
military Exo-skelton… It will assist soldiers in a wide array of
tasks Including loading supplies and ammunitions
getting heavy missiles onto airplanes, Repairing ships and so on Lingyun one is the hypersonic scramjet design
currently under development It can travel at more than five times the
speed of sound It would probably carry a conventional payload
and attack a defended target like Ship, port or an airfield The super great white shark is a high-speed
helicopter designed for future digitalized warfare
You can apparently reach speeds of up to 400 miles per hour and can fly up to 20,000 feet
high It’s high speed and stealth capabilities would
give the weapon an edge on the battlefield The ch10 is a new unmanned aerial vehicle
Integrating helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft technology its main mission is to be used
to conduct intelligence missions including reconnaissance
communication delay, search target, identification and relay guidance A-star shadow is a stealthy flying wing unmanned
combat aerial vehicle developed by Chinese company star UAV system
It will have a maximum speed of 698 kilometer per hour and an endurance of 12 an hour with
a maximum takeoff weight of 4,000 kg CH 500 is a small co-axial rotary UCAV
Waiting around 100 to 200 kg it can be used for the search for potential enemy groups
Patrolling and monitoring activities and even to destroy enemy troops and armored vehicles The ch7 is the Chinese high altitude long
endurance Stealth surveillance and strike unmanned combat
aerial vehicle designed for operating under high intensity
conditions It can mount more advanced reconnaissance
payloads and more combat weapons It can perform on-demand missions on high-value
targets RAILGUN…China is expected to begin fielding
warship mounted electromagnetic railgun with the ability to fire high speed projectiles
as early as 2025 It is capable of striking a targets124 miles
away at a speed of 1.6 miles per second It has been one of the Beijing top-secret
military projects.

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