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– (narrator) We’re playing
Rainbow Six Siege in real life with soldiers and gamers,
who will win? – Let’s go!
– I’m ready! – (narrator) Rainbow Six Siege
is up to 70% off and free to play through
November 24th, so join us, jump in,
and welcome to the Siege family. Let’s get into it. We’ve divided you into two teams:
Gamers and Soldiers. – Gamers are gonna win,
because we have pro strats. – We’ve practiced our coms,
like with our team every single day, so I think we’ll have
really good communication. – I think it’s gonna be
relatively easy. I think they’re gonna be
a little bit cocky, based on playing the video game
and actually doing it. – We actually basically play
paintball every day when we train like this
in the Army, we have just a little
different version of it, so I think it’s really
gonna play to our advantage. – We’d be lying if we said
we weren’t even a little nervous. – I’m not nervous at all. – Mouse and keyboard
versus playing in real life will not necessarily
translate the same. – I guarantee you we’re gonna win. We do get the proper training. Yes, they do play video games, but that’s a virtual world,
and this is a real world. ♪ (intense rock music) ♪ – (narrator) We wanna thank
Rainbow Six Siege for sponsoring this episode. Somewhere in this base,
we’ve hidden a biohazard container, just like in the Secure Area
game mode. The attacking team will locate
and hold this area for 10 seconds to win. The defending team
will protect it. If both teams are in the objective,
the timer will pause. If you get shot three times,
you’re out. Whichever team wins the most rounds
will be our champions. – Alright you guys,
you ready? – Let’s go!
– Yeah! – Let’s go!
(Ethan screams) – Let’s go baby.
– Woo! – Yeah!
– Let’s go! – (narrator) Just like in Rainbow Six,
you’ll be playing 5v5. David and Salcido
will be the first two to sit out. In round one, the gamers
will be defending the objective, while the soldiers attack. Your 30 seconds of preparation
starts now. – Alright, so we know
that the barrel is gonna be within the center building. So let’s move in that area,
verify its location, and figure out our defenses.
Let’s move out. – The barrel is
in the center building, on the left side,
second door in. – Guys, look at all the entrances… – So there’s gonna be a lot of,
they have a lot to work with here. – We’re gonna push three this way,
and two of us are gonna go this way. See what you see, let us know,
call it out when you see ’em. Ready, let’s go. – (narrator) It’s time for the first match.
Round one starts now. – Load up!
– Alright, remember the plan. – (narrator) The gamers start
at the defending base. – Okay, wait, wait, wait,
I see them moving, I see them moving. – I saw him, I saw him. Hey move up to the next building,
cover me. – (narrator) The soldiers start
advancing, surrounding the gamers. – Valley side, Valley side! They’re covering fire, someone peek! – You wanna push up a bit? – Yeah, I’m advancing, I’m advancing! Okay, cover, cover! – (narrator) Ethan finds two soldiers,
Gates and Lucas hiding. – I was on the back side
of the houses, going down, and I had caught a glimpse
of one of them moving. I was like alright,
we’re gonna pause right here. I just wanna see what he does. And then we just did some,
little peeks here and there, shooting at each other,
and then I peeked again, and he ended up
getting me a third time. I’m out! – They’re pushing up, Valley side, woo! – I got shot in the thumb, oh my God! – (narrator) With the first soldier
eliminated, the gamers gained confidence. – That hurt so much! – One’s going Hill side,
running towards Hill side! Oh [bleep]!
– Oh my God, you scared me so much! – (narrator) With Gates out,
the soldiers start developing a plan of action. – Double back, fastly,
over to Rose. I’m dead, leave that side,
get to the objective. – Two Valley side,
behind car, left side! – Two Valley! I’m pushing up Hill! – There you go, there you go,
there you go! – One in middle! – (narrator) The soldiers start
to gain some ground, but the gamers are onto ’em. – Valley side, right behind this wall. – They in the house. – I’ve got you cover on your right! – (narrator) Ethan gets a clear shot
of Zhang, and takes him out. – What the?
– I hit ’em! – (narrator) Lynnie gets three
good shots in, meaning only Torres remains. – I got three, I got three!
– Nice dude, I can’t see. – (narrator) A hit to the mask
obscures Tom’s vision. – Oh [bleep]!
Ah, [bleep]! – (narrator) ‘Causing him to fire
at his teammate Ethan. – Ah!
– Oh that’s Ethan, what the [bleep]! – You shot me?
Bitch! – (narrator) Unfortunately,
Ethan is now eliminated. – Yeah, I didn’t even die bro,
you shot me! – I know, that was my bad!
– That’s some bull [bleep]! – (narrator) Torres,
the last soldier standing, sneaks towards the objective, but he doesn’t know
that Kendelle is waiting for him. – Ugh! – Woo! – (narrator) Shots are fired. Torres misses Kendelle,
and she eliminates him. – Yeah, we won that [bleep]! – (narrator) The gamers have won
the first match. – Woo! – Yeah, Lynnie got
shot right in the face. – Ah, I got three of ’em! – We won that [bleep]
with friendly fire! – We won!
– Done! – Woo!
– Let’s go! – Definitely defeated right now, but we’re gonna get revenge
on this next game. – I think we worked out
a lot of bugs that stopped us from being
as good as we can be. – I just had such good teammates. They were doing
such a great job distracting. – Yeah, our strategy was pretty solid. – Our strat was…
– Because they had cover all around, and they had backup all around.
– Yeah. – And then there was me
being by myself as per usual. – It was great! – Definitely a little defeated
on this one, especially, trying to lead these guys
to victory out here. We definitely don’t wanna lose. – We made mistakes,
we learned from them, and we’re gonna adjust fire
and go and win. – I shot my teammate.
– I got shot! – I feel bad.
– (Kendelle) Ah, so nice. – We’re still good,
so I’ll sit out, okay? – Oh, go ahead, shake.
– Ah! – ‘Cause this is his time to shine. – No, we need Tom! (laughs) – Hey everyone, get in here.
Army on three. One, two, three.
– (group) Army! – (narrator) The team switched sides, with the soldiers
now defending the objective. The prep time begins now. – Alright, let’s go,
let’s find this objective. Woo, found it! – That’s a pretty open building. – So right off the bat,
they’re gonna have advantage. – What the heck?
– Alright, I already know. I already have an idea.
– Yeah, I got an idea. – They’re starting off strong
on the right side. That side’s gonna be heavily guarded. – You can’t get around that car.
– Okay. – It’s a wall over there
leading to the fence. I want that, I’ll get that.
– You want that over there? – Yeah.
– Okay. – We’ll hold this side, and then that way,
like when you guys are ready, and if you’re in fights,
like, we’ll try to crunch. – (narrator) For round two,
the gamers are now attacking. The soldiers are defending. David and Salcido
replace Tom and Zhang. Round two begins now. After the last match,
the soldiers step up their game, already advancing
towards the gamers. (paintball guns clicking) – One’s directly behind the middle! – (narrator) Salcido gets
a clear shot of Kendelle. – Woo! – (narrator) He hits her and her gun,
and she’s eliminated. – He took my thing off! – Push up to the middle, alright?
– I’m advancing! – They’re in the middle
in the house, guys! – One’s directly behind
the mid building! – (narrator) The soldiers advance, surrounding the gamers
inside the building. – Hey, there’s one
in that building right there! – Right here, right here
in the middle, in the middle. I have at Hill side! – (narrator) Fortunately
for the gamers, Lynnie takes out Gates. – Ah!
– I got one, I got one! – Ok, one’s directly on the Hill side!
– I’m advancing! – (narrator) Lucas spots David
from across the field, and eliminates him.
– Ugh, down, down, down! – (narrator) There are four soldiers
still standing, but only three gamers.
– Back side good? – I’m good on the back! – Ah [bleep] I’m out.
No I’m not! [bleep] – (narrator) Ethan’s gun jams
and Roseboro moves in. – Damn it, my [bleep] gun jammed! (paintball gun clicking) My gun jammed, I’m pissed! – (narrator) And Ethan is eliminated
once again. Lynnie and Emma Lee
are the only gamers remaining. Lynnie finds herself cornered.
– Behind, behind, behind! I definitely tunnel visioned
on someone, and I’m just like waiting,
and waiting, and then all of a sudden,
she’s like bah, bah, bah! And I was like no way! – (narrator) Roseboro
eliminates Lynnie. – Oh no!
No! – (narrator) This makes Emma Lee
the last gamer standing. – There’s nothing scarier
than being the last person alive and everyone’s just shooting at you!
(screams) – (narrator) Before she can
reach the objective, she’s eliminated. – That’s what I’m talking about, team! – (narrator) The soldiers win
the second round. – Woo! – Good game.
– That was good, that was much better. – I was breaking [bleep].
– I know, that [bleep] was dope, man. – We smashed ’em!
– Destroyed ’em! – We redeemed ourselves pretty much
from our first match. – Before we got out the door,
we were already hearing shots fired. So, next time we’re gonna be
a little more aggressive. Each team had a chance
to feel each other out. First round, they got to see
what we were capable of. This round, we got to see
what they’re actually capable of. So now it’s gonna be really,
who’s better? – Last game, final dub,
is it ours? – (gamers) Yes! – Let’s go!
– Let’s go! – Army on three,
one, two, three. – (soldiers) Army! – (narrator) Going into
the final round, the teams decide
to hold their positions. Gamers are attacking,
soldiers are defending. – Alright, we know it’s in the center,
let’s go find this objective. – Copy that! – Let’s move, we got 30 seconds. – Alright, got it, got it, got it.
– You got it? – Yep, got it, got it. – Oh shoot.
– It’s right there in the corner. – Right in the corner? – Alright, so, me, I’m gonna go
into the building on the left side. You go to the right side, right? – I’m gonna go to the far right, yeah.
– Okay. – So we have to push that so fast. When we push,
we have to watch our sides. – (narrator) On the attacking team,
Tom takes Emma Lee’s place, while Gates swaps out
for Zhang on the defending team. The final round begins now. ♪ (tense music) ♪ (paintball guns clicking) – Oh, that’s one. – (narrator) Tom is the first one
to take a hit. – We got two in mid, two in mid! – Watch your mid, we’re good. – Valley, Valley, Valley! – (narrator) As Salcido guards
the objective, he gets a clear shot of Kendelle. – Woo! – (narrator) Kendelle is eliminated. Ethan approaches the objective,
just to be the victim once again, of friendly fire.
– Oh sorry! – I don’t even know
where that shot came from. – (narrator) Luckily, he’s used to it. – To your right, Tom, to your right! – (narrator) Tom gets closer
to the objective, but Salcido is ready for him.
– I got you Tom. To your left, Tom. – (narrator) Covered by
his teammate David, Tom eliminates Zhang. Torres takes advantage
of the moment to eliminate Tom from the game. – Hey, hey, hey! – (narrator) On a roll, Torres
locates and eliminates David next. Only Lynnie is left standing.
Roseboro has her cornered. The remaining soldiers
plan their next move carefully. ♪ (tense music) ♪ – Ugh! (paintball guns clicking) – (narrator) Lynnie is eliminated,
and the soldiers win the final game. – That’s what I’m talking about.
Good [bleep] team! Good [bleep]!
That’s what I’m talking about. – We got owned. – (soldiers) We dominated! – We got reverse sweeped.
That’s rough, man. – Yeah.
– That’s like the worst feeling. – We didn’t run fast enough. We just have to run faster. – They were good. Like eye-hand coordination,
the physicality of it. – (Emma) Okay, okay.
– They’re respected. – They were definitely good. – First round, pretty impressive.
– Yeah first round, pretty impressive. – Only first round though.
– Yeah. – Only first round. (laughs) – We weren’t sure,
anything else after that. – I was super surprised
by the skillset they had. – Oh yeah.
– It was amazing. – I was surprised at all.
– Me either, I mean… – No, the amount of welts
I have on me. – They’re military, this is
what they do for a living. – I definitely had fun,
it was really cool just talking to a couple of the guys and actually knowing that they
play like the same games that we do, and they invited us
to like their Discord server, so I thought that was really awesome. – Aw yeah. – It’s cool to see a mix of like
real life soldiers and in-game soldiers
playing on the same battlefield. – I definitely had fun,
it was the first time I ever played paintball, and to play against
professional gamers was pretty awesome. – It was fun, I only played
the last two rounds, so technically,
I’m undefeated against them. – Oh no!
– Oh, wow! – Okay.
– Here we go. – I think I’m gonna
stick to video games, I’m not gonna lie. – I mean, I’m willing to go
a couple extra rounds. – We have left over ammo. – Oh, he said!
– Oh! – Who wants to go now? I am so willing to go another round! – (narrator) Invite your friends
to play Rainbow Six Siege for free, through November 24th,
save up to 70% off. Get good for the
Operation Shifting Tides launch with two new operators. – Thanks for watching
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– Bye! – Deuces!

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