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Hasbro Marvel Legends War Machine – Avengers Endgame Hulk BAF Wave Action Figure Review

Hey guys, Paper lens here bringing you my
first ever toy review .Since I’m mostly into toys, I thought why not do a review
and here we are. So this time I have the Hasbro Marvel Legends series War Machine
from Avengers End Game wave 2 Smart Hulk Build-A-Figure. Packaging is pretty
nice. War Machine can be seen filling up the front of the package. On the right
side we see a nice concept art of War Machine. On the back we get another cool
shot of War Machine as well as the other figures from this wave. This figure does
not include any Build-A-Figure pieces and here’s a close-up of the description
on War Machine. If you want read it, please pause now. On the left side we get
the same concept art of War Machine. On the top we get the Build-A-Figure
branding and the blue Avengers ‘A’ logo. At the bottom we have further details along
with the UPC code. So without wasting further time, let’s go ahead and get this bad
boy out. Here is War Machine out of the packaging and I must say this is quite a
bulky figure. His color is not at all film accurate as you can see in the
top left corner since Hasbro might have went with the
initial concept art while making this figure. This figure is sculpted well with
a lot of details. For accessories, he comes with a shoulder cannon and two arm
cannons. Now let’s take a closer look at War
Machine. Like I mentioned before, this figure is sculpted well and the paint
apps looks cool with the gun metal gray color. There is a new updated version of
this figure with the correct red and blue color as seen in the movie and this
figure comes as part of the next wave of figures where you get to build Bro Thor.
You can see peg holes at the bottom so you can fix him on a stand. The side view
looks great, awesome sculpt work on the back and I’m not sure what these are but it
could be missile launchers. The rest of the figure looks great in my opinion. Now
taking a look at the paint details, we have the Air Force logo on the shoulder
pad and the mark version 6 on his chest, which i think is not the accurate
version. I do feel his face looks like he is smiling. Please subscribe to my
channel and click the bell icon to get notified whenever I post new videos like
this. Now let’s get his accessories out of
the way to have a better look at the articulation. The head is on a ball-joint
and we are able to turn the head side to side and get a bit of head pivoting. Head
moves up a little bit, which is not that great. Head can look down all the way
which is really nice. The shoulder pads are made of a rubberized material and
does not hinder the articulation, but I would be more careful on this arm as the
shoulder pads are pushing against the shoulder cannon base piece and the glue
that holds the rubber shoulder pad to the figure may come off over time. The
arms do rotate full 360, there is a bicep swivel. The elbows are single jointed so
they can bend to almost a 90 degree angle. The hands hinge up and down and
fully rotate. There is a diaphragm joint which rotates from side to side, but it
moves forward and backward just a little bit. There is no waist swivel and the legs
move forward this much and backwards this much. You get an upper
thigh swivel, a stiff double-jointed knee and the foot goes up a bit and
surprisingly there is ankle pivot. Coming to the accessories, the shoulder cannon
is sculpted well. It has a ball joint that pops onto the shoulder piece and we
can move it from side to side. Next comes the arm cannon which looks
good as well and there are two of them and each has pegs at the top that ports
to the back of the arms. Let’s put them back on the arms. Now War Machine looks really dope with
all this accessories in place and Hasbro has done a fantastic job for this figure
and you can get great poses out of him. For size comparison, here’s War Machine
next to the Mark 7 Iron Man and both are fairly the same size at about 7 inches.
Adding the Worthy Cap from End Game here and you can see Cap is shorter than War
Machine. Finally here’s War Machine next to the
armored Thanos Build-A-Figure and as expected, Thanos is the tallest which is
also film accurate. That’s it for this quick review. I really like this
figure for the detailing and paint apps. Please do let me know what you guys
think of this video and the figure and whether I should do more of these. Thumbs
up if you liked the video or thumbs down if not. This video was shot entirely on
the DJI Osmo Pocket, so let me know what you guys think about it in the comment
section below. Feel free to see another sample video taken on the DJI Osmo
Pocket by clicking on the top left. If you’re interested in tech, click on the
bottom right video to see my review of the HP Spectre x360
15 inch. Please do subscribe as it helps out my channel and keeps me motivated to
do more and I will see you guys in my next video.

Tony wyaad



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