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How Military No Fly Zones Are Actually Enforced

The date is 1994, and two years after the
breakup of the Soviet Union, the repercussions of the sudden fall of the Iron Curtain are
still rippling across Eastern Europe. In the former nation of Yugoslavia civil war
has broken out, and now several factions vie for power, each seeking to carve out an independent
nation for themselves. With the UN’s backing, NATO has rushed to
contain the fighting and aid the streams of refugees fleeing the violence. With all sides in the conflict targeting civilians,
the UN approved the creation of a no-fly zone over former Yugoslavia. Unfortunately the UN stopped short of allowing
NATO to enforce the no-fly zone with military force, and for six months NATO E-3 Sentry
aircraft flew along the perimeter of the crumbling Yugoslavia and making note of numerous violations
of the no-fly zone. With over five hundred violations, NATO at
last managed to win a vote by the UN Security Council to use military force to enforce the
no-fly zone. Flying from Hungary and skirting the former
Yugoslavian border, a NATO E-3 Sentry uses its powerful airborne radar to penetrate deep
into the no-fly zone and search for targets. All sides in the conflict have been warned
that military force has now been authorized, but it’s unknown if any of the combatants
believe NATO will have the nerve to actually use force. At the same time that the E-3 Sentry is conducting
its routine patrol, two American F-16s enter the no-fly zone en route to provide air support
for UN forces on the ground. Their radars make contact with six unidentified
bogeys, and after the E-3 Sentry repositions itself so the mountainous terrain doesn’t
block its radar, it’s able to confirm the contacts as six Bosnian Serb fighter bombers
with two additional aircraft in tow. The F-16s immediately issue a “land or exit”
order to the aircraft, warning the pilots to abide by the rules of the no-fly zone and
immediately land their aircraft or exit the no-fly zone. The Serb jets ignore the warning and continue
to their target as the E-3 Sentry vectors in an additional flight of F-16s on their
location. To the horror of everyone watching, the Serb
aircraft drop bombs over their target- a military factory and adjacent civilian buildings. The intercepting American F-16s are immediately
given the go-ahead to engage. Knowing they were under pursuit by the American
F-16s, the Serb jets immediately turn back and scream for their base in the north. An American F-16 opens fire with a single
Aim-120 AMRAAM at long range, and in seconds one of the eight aircraft is in flames and
tumbling out of the sky. The remaining aircraft immediately hit the
deck, flying at extremely low altitude and dodging and weaving through the mountainous
terrain to avoid the American radar. The F-16s follow suit, undeterred, and press
the attack, their afterburners easily catching up with the Serbian Jastreb fighter-bombers. The lead F-16, now in close range, fires off
a salvo of two AIM-9 Sidewinders, and each of them find their mark, sending two more
aircraft tumbling out of the sky. The lead F-16 is now low on fuel and out of
missiles though, and so he pulls out of the attack and hands the chase over to his wingman
who has been flying top cover up above. The second F-16 screams down out of the sky
and joins the chase, letting loose with his own sidewinder. The missile detonates a few meters behind
the aircraft and shreds the tail section of the Serbian Jastreb, forcing the pilot to
try and limp back home before eventually being forced to ditch. Both F-16s are now low on fuel though and
are forced to break off the engagement. Unfortunately for the Serbian aircraft, the
second flight of American F-16s has now arrived on-scene. This second flight is also low on fuel but
gives chase, and one of the Fighting Falcons manages to drop in behind a Serbian Jastreb
and put a sidewinder straight up his tailpipe. The F-16s are forced to break off the attack,
leaving the survivors to limp back home, though they will eventually lose five total aircraft
both to the attack and being chased to low fuel by the American F-16s. The previous scenario was the only combat
engagement between NATO aircraft and hostile aircraft operating in the no-fly zone established
over the former Yugoslavia during the war that shook the nation back in the early 1990s. Historically, no-fly zones were zones of control
where a nation’s aircraft enforced their sovereignty over said airspace, and thus they have been
in effect since the first World War. However, no-fly zones as we know them today
are a relatively new development, and meant to be used as a peacekeeping tool or to limit
civilian casualties in the case of war. Air power allows combatants to bring incredible
destructive power against their enemies, and in many cases, against civilians which are
either deliberately targeted, or accidentally caught in the crossfire. In order to limit the scope of destruction
from a conflict, the international community has at times enforced no-fly zones in combat
areas in order to suppress the air power of two rival factions. These no-fly zones are enforced with the goal
of keeping civilian casualties as low as possible, or to prevent one militarily superior faction
from strong-arming another. In a more practical sense for the rest of
the world, they also serve to keep civilian aircraft out of a conflict zone and thus keep
them safe. No-fly zones will primarily be enforced to
keep hostile aircraft grounded, but they can also serve to authorize peacekeeping forces
to use their own air power to neutralize ground forces. During the Bosnia War, the NATO-enforced no-fly
zone also gave authorization for NATO aircraft to conduct close-air support and ground-attack
missions in support of UN forces on the ground, or to eliminate enemy forces targeting civilians. NATO aircraft frequently attacked concentrations
of artillery and tanks, aiming to keep these weapons from being used on the civilian population
which was being massacred at the time. After the first Gulf War in Iraq, two separate
no-fly zones were enforced by the allies. One in the north of the country was placed
to help prevent attacks on the Kurdish population by Saddam Hussein’s regime, which had previously
launched poison gas attacks against Kurdish towns. In the south a no-fly zone was established
to protect Iraq’s Shia population from retaliation by Hussein for their support of the allied
war against him. In response to the Libyan civil war, a no-fly
zone was established in 2011 over the nation, with the aim of stopping the helicopter barrel-bomb
attacks being carried out against the civilian population. These barrel bombs were devastating, and killed
dozens while injuring many more. But how exactly are no-fly zones enforced? One of the key lessons of the Iraqi no-fly
zone is that in order to enforce the no-fly zone, one must have a credible military deterrent
that can respond to air space intrusions. Without Turkey’s support for the northern
no-fly zone, the allied countries found it difficult to enforce the no-fly zone, as there
were simply no air fields local enough to house military assets that could maintain
routine patrols. Thus the effectiveness of the no-fly zone
was questionable, and violations by Iraqi aircraft were frequent. In the south though, aircraft from Saudi Arabia
and US aircraft carriers could easily enforce the no-fly zone. In order to enforce a no-fly zone, the enforcers
require the ability to track and then respond to any unauthorized incursions. This means that the enforcers require the
use of powerful radar capable of covering vast swathes of territory at a time. Though ground-based radar can be used for
the task, ground-based radar can be easily avoided by extremely low-flying aircraft. Thus airborne early warning aircraft such
as the American E-3 Sentry are typically used for the task. These aircraft carry powerful on-board radar
that can scan hundreds of square miles of airspace at a time, and with their high-altitude
vantage point, they can be very difficult to hide from. Though as in our opening scenario, low-flying
aircraft using mountainous terrain can still hide from airborne radar if they know the
location of the early warning aircraft and simply fly low and behind the cover of terrain. For this reason it’s important that your early
warning aircraft be supported by additional units which can fly patrol routes that minimize
the number of blind spots hostile aircraft could hide in. However this can quickly become expensive
as these aircraft aren’t cheap to operate, and thus early warning aircraft typically
fly less-predictable patrol routes so that hostile aircraft aren’t able to consistently
use the same routes to avoid being spotted. In addition to an early warning aircraft,
you then must have the means to physically enforce the no-fly zone, and this means only
one thing: fighter support. In order for the no-fly zone to be credible,
these fighters must be able to rapidly respond to violations and engage offending aircraft
when needed. This means that an enforcer typically has
two options. The first option is to maintain routine patrols
of the air space by fighter patrols, this can be expensive though and require the use
of tanker aircraft to support the fighters by providing in-flight refueling. In certain scenarios this can increase the
risk to aircraft by ground forces using anti-air weapons, as tankers are completely defenseless,
as are aircraft in the midst of in-flight refueling. For this reason, tankers typically operate
from the periphery of a no-fly zone, meeting their assigned fighters for a gas up and then
returning home. This however can also quickly become very
expensive, and unless you have a large pool of available aircraft and pilots, can quickly
fatigue both men and equipment. Each hour a fighter aircraft spends in the
sky typically means three or more hours of routine maintenance to keep that aircraft
operational, and with constant patrols the costs quickly become astronomical. For this reason, the second, and preferred
option, is to house responding aircraft on air fields either bordering the no-fly zone
or within the no-fly zone itself. This way once a violation is spotted, aircraft
on alert can quickly take to the air, rather than keeping aircraft constantly in flight
and on-patrol. This can come with its own risks though, and
an enforcer operating from an air field must constantly work to secure the air bases’s
ground ‘footprint’. This is an area of territory around the air
base from where aircraft taking off or landing are vulnerable to ground-based anti-aircraft
weapons. Typically this footprint extends for a few
miles around the air base, and an additional few miles along the axis of the runway. To secure this area, militaries use routine
ground patrols of infantry or other security forces. In the end in order to enforce a no-fly zone,
you must have the ability to credibly do so, which includes not just the physical resources,
but the political will. This was something that the Serbian forces
in the Bosnia war did not believe NATO had, and led to the incident in our opening scenario. It is also important to have international
support for your no-fly zone, as it’s rare that an enforcing nation will have the territory
to operate from near a combat zone unless it happens to occur right next door. This was a major problem for NATO forces trying
to enforce the no-fly zone over northern Iraq after the first Gulf War, as the lack of Turkish
support meant that NATO aircraft couldn’t use Turkish territory to enforce the northern
Iraqi no-fly zone. Do you think no-fly zones are worth the expense? Tell us in the comments. Then watch our other video “Why Does Each
US Air Force Pilot Helmet Cost $400,000?” As always if you enjoyed this video don’t
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