November 18, 2019
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The reason you’ve never met them is
because they aren’t at their weddings. I’m Ali, that’s Deb and
we’re gonna get married, only not really. I, Deborah, will stand in as
a proxy for somebody I’ve never met. I will also stand in as a proxy for
somebody I’ve never met. Proxies. Here we go. There’s only one place in the world
where you can get married by double proxy. Two people can be you and
get married for you, and that’s the beautiful Flathead Valley in Montana,
right outside Glacier National Park. Already a major wedding destination. There’s two types of wedding
industry in Montana at the moment. The one is the big barn wedding and
the other involves none of these things, because neither you nor
your spouse are actually there. There’s something of like a cottage
industry for proxy marriages here. And by cottage industry, we mean Tom, living out in the woods
with a couple hobbies. Good babies. deer feeder, Come on girls. dog lover, antique collector, retired firefighter, and now successful
proxy marriage business owner. Armed Forces Proxy Marriages,
may I help you. Montana has got this great law that
has been here since the 1860’s, and it allows for us to marry
Armed Forces personnel by proxy. Alright Jason, you’re in Germany now? They could be anywhere in the world and
marry anybody in the world. So if you do get that stuff
to me by the weekend and you make your payment by Monday,
you’ll be married by Thursday or Friday. A very obscure law here in Montana
that’s here for our military. Alright, thank you. I appreciate it. Alright, we appreciate your service, buddy. Thank you so much. It’s no problem. Bye bye. Alright, why does this even exist? America’s military is spread out
over 800 bases in over 70 countries. According to research by Dr. Jennifer Lundquist, America’s military basically operates like a social welfare state with tons of benefits for married
couples, from housing to healthcare. And so double proxy marriage is super handy if you’re on duty, away from your fiance. Our average clients are probably about,
let’s just say 20 years old. I got married by proxy when I was 21. I was 18. The military actually
helped pay to move here. It’s really lengthy,
the assistance that you get. Being in the military, if I would
have gone back home and he was here, I mean it would be really hard
to raise a child like that. I joke that we got married in
Montana and I’ve never been there. Neither of us have! You’ve fallen in love with someone. You’re about to go away for
some over two years. Well, if you marry them now they can
perhaps go with you through Commands sponsorship Without us they can’t do it. You can’t get married that easily
in a foreign country if you’re not a citizen there. We thought that by coming to Montana
we might be able to give the couples who are getting married in this way a chance
to see behind the scenes of this obsure law. And meet the people who perform
hundreds of empty weddings a year, with only framed pictures,
dogs, and deer in attendance. First we went to consult an expert. Say hi, horses! Of the proxy stand-in. I’ve probably done
hundreds of proxy marriages. Tom will call and he’ll say,
we have some marriages to do. It’s pretty simple
considering what we’re doing. It’s a really easy way to give
back to our service men and women. To stand in and just say, be the voice, because they
can’t be present with their loved one. Because they can’t be together,
because they’re serving our country. So how does this proxy thing even work? I find out where they are. Germany, Italy, Great Britain,
South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Estonia, South America, New Zealand, Australia,
Mexico, stateside, doesn’t matter. Wherever they are we then figure it out. Our fee for proxy marriage is $750. We handle everything else from that point. We’ll have you mailed
in five business days. We’ve come together. I will I will. See you later, bye! So, yeah, we did it. We were proxies. So naturally we went to
go take wedding photos Actually, we did more than one wedding. I will. I will. It was really simple. But we had one last question. And the two shall become one flesh. Why even bother doing a ceremony? Legally, I can just sign the documents. No big deal, but they’re getting
something and it’s more personal for me. Will you love her, comfort her, honor and
keep her in sickness and in health. We have time for this. Been retired for years. We love doing it. Therefore what God has joined together,
let no man separate. By the power vested in me. We had some people call and say you’re
not going to tell my parents, are you? No, we can’t do that. This is between you,
your spouse to be, and us. And the great state of Montana.

Tony wyaad