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How to cut your own hair – Military regulation fade haircut

Hi guys, today in this video I’m going to
be showing you how to give yourself a military regulation fade haircut. I’m gonna be using the Wahl color-coded system
and it’s just simple because you can’t get it wrong with all the different colors. They make it very, very simple. Make sure you have a some form of lubricant,
and or protectant for your equipment. I prefer this stuff called “Shaver Guard.” It smells really good, by the way. It just keeps your stuff nice- in a good working
order and this is optional, but I do recommend using a trimmer, something that gets a little
closer than these do, and I use a Remington trimmer for that. Make sure you – uh- just to start out, make
sure you have a nice, um set of mirrors so you can see what’s going on. I use the little one to look into the big
one. I’ll demonstrate that in a second, but um
the reason why I do this is because in the Marine Corps we have to have haircuts every single
Monday and that adds up really quickly. 8,9,10 dollars a week, with just a haircut,
not even including tips- so I bought this pair for about twenty bucks. I’ve had to buy two pairs, so this- this is my second
set in the past four years. So it’s really saved me a lot of money; it
cost my like 20 bucks- um but it’s a good skill because-ya know- I’ll never have to
pay for a haircut again, unless I want some crazy style- but even if you don’t want a
skin-fade, you can still just increase the numbers but go up from there, which that’ll
make more sense after I demonstrate my technique, here. So to start out, you’re gonna have the taper,
if you have it, set all the way as low as it’ll go. So you’re not gonna have any guards, what
we’re gonna be doing first is creating our baseline. That’s what everything is gonna go off of
and that sets the height of the fade, whether you want just a taper, or a low fade, medium
fade, high fade, high & tight, whatever you want. Okay, so when you finish that step you should
have a decently straight line and that is your guideline, your baseline, um i prefer
a medium fade, that’s what I’m doing in this video, but uh again the techniques are the
same no matter what level the fade is. Uh, so next we’re gonna take the Remington
trimmer and we’re just gonna cut everything just below that, so say this is our baseline,
we’re gonna go just right below, you don’t wanna touch it, because you’re gonna mess
up the fade, but if you just go right below it, you’re just gonna get a little bit closer
to the skin and it’s gonna look more like a skin-fade. Alright, so once you finish that step, you
should . . .you should have all the hair underneath the line, all the little hairs that were too
short for the big clippers to get. So, you also wanna have a brush, it helps
keep your equipment nice and clean it even helps when you’re done to get the hair off
your body. So, just a standard um body brush, or clipper
brush, I don’t know what you call it, but it really makes cleaning up much easier. So, the next step we’re going to take the
1. So these, uh these guards are in increments
of on. . uh ones. So, they have inches on there and millimeters,
but um they also have them with just a order number, if that makes sense, so like the one
is 1/8 of an inch, but it’s the number one for the set, if that makes sense. And then ya got the 2, which is 1/4 of an
inch, yeah, the two, which is 1/4 of an inch and 6 mm, but I don’t really- I really just
pay attention to the set numbers, 1,2,3,4. they have two numbers that are in the middle,
they have a 1/2, and they have a 1 1/2 – um this one doesn’t come in the set, someone
gave it to me, it matches the set, or fits it, but um you can also go in-between guards
with the taper so you have a 1 on there and you open up the taper guard, you’re at a 1
1/2. So just uh we’re gonna skip the 1/2 for now,
we’ll go back to it. We’re gonna take the 1, the red one in this
case and you’re gonna have the guards closed again so short as it can go, and your’re gonna
go to about an inch above that line, the baseline you made. Make sure you give yourself room to make the
fade with the 1/2 underneath it. I know when I was first starting out, I tended
to cramp up the lines and that’s uh -because I was scared I guess to go high, but you gotta
have room to do all this, don’t cramp it. So go nice and, nice and high above that line. So as you can see, there’s still a line there,
don’t worry I didn’t forget it. So now we’re gonna take the 1/2, the 1/16
of an inch and we’re gonna erase that line that we just created, the bottom one. Okay, now you’re gonna take the 1 again and
you’re gonna go up to a 1 1/2 so you take the 1 and go up with the taper lever. So 1, 1 1/2. Alright, here’s the final product and by following
these quick and easy steps, you too can be cutting your own hair, so you never have to
pay a barber again. Thanks for watching, and till next time.

Tony wyaad



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