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hello guys as promised a new episode and
this one how to get you military lol T up in tropical Phi we all know about the
random unorganized dysfunctional rebel attacks that happen in tropical five I’m
reading the comments from the videos that I made in tropical five you guys
are displeased with it as much as I am we all know about the random uprising
but unfortunately you cannot even control the military the military just
goes wherever they want so one thing you want to do and one thing you want to
make sure is to have a loyal military because you don’t want them running away
in battles because you can just lose your game just like that and by the way
just a little bonus idea build ton load of guard towers around your Palace
because that’s essentially the place that they want to attack and it’s sad
that you can’t even move your palace where it’s just at I hope they change on
topical sticks and it was good in the video as always let’s take a look at our
military loyalty I actually haven’t looked at this in a while so I’m excited
myself to see where it’s at so my military loyalty is high eighty six
percent and we have 167 soldiers in Ireland which is more enough because
usually rebel attacks are most six or seven they’re not that high this video
kinda has is tied in a little bit with the unemployment video or employment
video that I made previous to this one due to the fact that you need to have
low level workers and the first thing that I’m going to give you that advice
make sure your constitution has arm for our forces no education for soldiers
because even though there might be not be as loyal they might run away in these
attacks you need to have them filled up as you can see here as always I’d like
to show you this is filled up and then you go here where is it there’s some fun
so let’s go here this I closed this because it’s not really just a prison
it’s whatever I to meet all these jobs this is filled up then you look here
this is filled up and then I have them spread out through our dialing so the
first thing is first is a little homework you need to go in here you need
to go in the military and you just need to look at all at all the sources of
soldiers and see kind of their overall happiness where to add if not they’re
not very happy this is tropical after all this is you wouldn’t be in the
position you were if you were in a crookedly
so those guys overall happiness it’s 75 approved was 79 you know what you have
the money bribe this guy boom I’m telling you is a dirty job but somebody
got to do it and this is how you get to me to take a loyalty up one of the ways
obviously other ways is military people are just like everybody else you need to
focus on making sure they’re happy the families are healthy they got good food
good health care I’m not sure on the health care is even down I got ton load
of of clinics and hospitals throughout my league so that’s the first number one
bribe them make sure you even look at the military leaders sometimes they have
like a little icon on top of their heads that tells you they’re like a faction
leader or something like that make sure you bribe them let them know
they’re happy so that’s number one another thing is take care of them sign
edicts that are like military drills that happens once every five years go
ahead issue it go ahead Palermo issue that for me you don’t want to touch
martial law right now and make sure you go in and all these
and all these bases and I know I know it’s kind of takes a lot of time but
make sure you do this upgrade a machine gun in the guard towers on to thank an
army base make sure you have see like this what I going to note that it I
didn’t do it make sure you go and upgrade to reactive armor so that’s
something you need to do give them good food give them good jobs make sure the
family’s taken care of and bribe them go ahead and bribe them see who doesn’t
like you bribe them you need the military on your side in order to win
this game the militarists affection to me is the most important
faction of them all actually if we look at the first one of them I always pick a
general on purpose Oh speaker general is a trait then I
pick a supervisor that’s also for a reason because I want to build an
effectiveness to be increased that’s when my economy is building up this one
doesn’t really matter this one isn’t really matter these last
two doesn’t matter but I always start off with a general because without the
military you are going to kiss yourself goodbye off dial in and you need to have
make sure you have army bases everywhere because if you don’t when a rebel attack
happens and you know we all know we’re all frustrated with it
I can read you guys’s comments when the military wants to come from for example
downtown area all the way to this tourist area it’s going to be so long
and the rebels going to be attacking so much of killing so many people and
destroying so many buildings so you need to have them spread out everywhere I
mean if you cannot look at a quarter of Milan where there isn’t a military base
an army base boom right there boom right there another one another one
it’s not like these are gathered right now but today they’re literally
everywhere is what I’m trying to tell you right here right here
I spread them out because I take no chances I’ve played a game where I spent
hundreds of hours on it to be destroyed by rebels because I didn’t pay attention
in military forget and every other faction the military faction is the one
you need the most on your side the military affection is the one you need
the most and this is how you get your military to be loyal to you in tropical
five I hope you learn something for this video hope you enjoyed it if you did
enjoy it please hit the like button comment below what are some ways you get
your military affection up let me know what other a tropical five videos you
guys want because like I always say my tropical friends on this channel are the
ones to run this channel I play GTA 5 mod videos and all this stuff but you
guys are the most the most ones that are active and let me know what you want so
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Tony wyaad